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The 1-10 Scale

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 27, 2010

I’ll admit that a simple concept such at the HB1-10 scale can confuse me when I read about it online. What exactly is the difference between a 9 and a 10 to most people? Pure personal preference? Well, I have my own guide that I use on women. Being the generous guy that I am, I’d like to share it with you all.

Planet Grok’s HB Scale

1 – So ugly, just looking at her makes you want to puke. You’re not even sure “her” is the right word to use. You do whatever you can to avoid having your brain polluted by the hideous filth.

2 – Very ugly. Fascinatingly ugly. So ugly that you can’t help but stare, as if a passer-by witnessing a genetic accident. You thank your lucky genes that you weren’t born that way.

3 – Unattractive, but the average person can stand to look at her and hold a conversation with her. Often obese, with bad hair or teeth.

4 – Homely. The kind of girl that you would feel icky touching. Many chubbies fall into this category. They are often visited by men “slumming it” at night, and can be promiscuous because they have a hard time finding a man who wants to be seen in public with them. Often have pot bellies and unclear skin.

5 – Plain old average and forgettable. Does not inspire feelings of revulsion per se, but you do not feel the need to pursue sex with these women. But if it happens, it happens. Not fat or chubby, but maybe a little cellulite.

6 – Will have a single cute feature that makes them stand out from average women. It could be a small, delicate little nose or nice tits/ass. Other than the one cute feature, these women are average. They may enter the fantasizing male mind once or twice after an indroduction.

7 – These women have entered the realm of “attractive”. You feel confident being with them in public, but they are not hot enough to brag about to all your friends. These women get checked out by men often. Their bodies are not a turn-off by any means, but they may deviate some from the ideal, causing a double take. For example, the waist-hip ratio may be something strange, the shoulders a bit too wide, or the legs a bit too short.

8-Men who are not skilled with may brag about landing these women. Universally called “pretty”, these women intimidate many betas with their attractiveness. Upon close inspection, they may have a couple small flaws that they are able to hide well with makeup/clothing/hairstyle.

9 – A beautiful woman. Only one minor flaw in her entire essence. The flaw is cute and minor, and can provide a kind of uniqueness to her. So fine that most men would leave their wives for her.

10 – Absolutely flawless in every regard, including personality.  Totally stunning. Able to get whatever and whoever she wants based on her beauty. She looks like she stepped out of an artist’s imagination, or heaven…or God’s imagination. Jaws drop and tongues roll out wherever she goes, creating the impression of walking on rose petals wherever she goes. Rush Limbaugh would donate 20 million to Haiti relief in order to have sex with her. Obama would put up a border fence for her. A true 10 is one in a billion, and able to cause fainting in grown men with the touch of a hand.

Stop the presses. There’s nobody out there like that, you fucking beta. I love how often nobody wants to admit that a chick is a 10, just to try to show they have some kind of “higher standard” than the next dude. Megan Fox is a 10. Scarlett Johansson is a 10. Halle Berry is a 10. Beauty pageant winners are often 10s. There’s plenty of 10s.

11-This is a 10 that you think looks better than another 10 someone else has named. No more no less. It’s just a matter of opinion.


12 Responses to “The 1-10 Scale”

  1. Good clarification of the old 1-10 scale and I like how your lower numbers 1-5 are actually representative of ugly women out there that belong in that range. I think there are way too many guys (betas) out there that are giving ugly women more credit than they deserve, for instance giving a fat girl a rating of 7, which is ridiculous… although lately, my own scale tends to be a simple question of “Would I bang her or not?”

    • PlanetGrok said

      It’s kind of strange, isn’t it? Guys will inflate the upper end of the scale when debating celebrities, but give the kind of women they date a major boost. lol. convenient.

  2. One Moniker said

    Your rating system is harsh. By this one I might have to rate myself lower than I ordinarily would, just because my skin is not 100% blemish free.


    Anyway, here’s a question: if guys are so visual, as they all claim, then you would think they would have a refined for interior decoration and clothing, which they often DO NOT.

    So I don’t really see how guys are all that “visual”.

    Afterall, there living spaces are not all that aesthetically pleasing, and I won’t even go into how they dress themselves.

    • PlanetGrok said

      So what would you rate yourself according to my scale?

      Men are visual, but in different ways. Women pay attention to how colors and patterns affect them emotionally, but men do mental 3-d simulations and try to be objective.

      • “mental 3-d simulations”

        I think I get your drift…elaborate…

      • PlanetGrok said

        Well, for example, instead of ascribing adjectives to an attractive woman (like tall, dark and handsome), we objectively imagine ourselves banging her and gauge assorted variables while doing so (how far will her breasts hang in the doggystyle position, etc).

  3. TMI!

    This blog is ruining my faith in MANkind.

  4. One Moniker said

    Well, I got my eyebrows waxed the other day so that probably increases me by a point. In the summer I’ll go up another point by waxing my legs and armpits, if I FEEL like it, that is. People tend to expect that of you when you go sleeveless for some reason. Or am I just projecting?

  5. Jeremy said

    This scale is definitely the closest to my scale. I’d say that since noone is absolutely perfect, a 10 is a girl whose unbelievably gorgeous and ALMOST perfect. 10s are really 9.7s and 9.8s but they’re just so close that I just have to say 10. Tens are rare. I don’t consider any of the women you mentioned about 10s but that’s just me. I’d say that Rachel Bilson and Brooklyn Decker are both tens.

    • Randy said

      Same for me, 10s are rare, but so are 1s. I think with this rating you need to follow a normal distribution bell curve.

  6. Ton Press said


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