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The Future of America?

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 30, 2010

Commenter Sagat referred me to a suprisingly good show by the History Channel describing what could happen in the US if civilization fell apart due to some pathogenic plague. The show tries to get you to buy into the swine flu / avian flu pharmaceutical scams, but I think any plague on a civilization-ending scale will be bioengineered by terrorists.

Yes, the show had its liberal moments, but overall it reinforces many bio-con talking points.

The protagonist is a hapless beta provider with an annoying cunt of a wife. Over the course of the show, he gets more and more alpha, and his wife responds by becoming more wifely. He never completely crosses the Rubicon into pure alpha territory, but the harsh conditions force him to move up from almost Omega to Greater Beta status.

The really interesting parts, as Sagat noted, were the thinly veiled HBD and WN references by the woven narrative of talking heads and the statements of fictitious characters. L.A. and other urban areas turn into hellholes of rampaging NAMs. References to Katrina abound. The wife pleads with her husband to move to the known WN haven of Idaho, presumably to escape the savagery of the NAMs in LA.  Eventually the family settles in a small, all-white town with a preacher who proudly claims those “recently from the desert” (mexicans) and “those recently from the jungle” (blacks) are being “winnowed out” (dying off, killed off). A revealing scene is also when the family moves into their previously occupied home and notes the previous family’s “interesting taste in crockery” (yes, History Channel, we get the pun) while unpacking. The part where the beta husband actually shows his wife what is printed on the pot is censored, leaving a frustrating gap. It might have been too much for the History Channels large NAM viewership, which they gave a nod to with every “This is not a real emergency” announcement.

This got me thinking, even if there is only a 1-5% chance of this sort of scenario, it would be prudent to have at least the following in one’s possession:

– a gun and ammo

– emergency 60 gallon water bags to fill up before the water is turned off

– gold and cigarettes for bartering

– medical supplies, 3-6 months worth of canned foods, and seeds

-how-to books on gardening, machinery, and other skills.

I think also think the show is right in forecasting an initial post-apocalyptic takeover by NAMs, since most white males are hamstrung by a beta mentality, like that of our pussified paramedic protagonist, and would get their asses beat. Eventually, however, a resounding pushback by whites to the point of ethnic cleansing would occur.

Boy I hope all of this does not happen.


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Planet Grok’s Positive Eugenics Plan for America

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 16, 2010

Today, at this very hour, the United States is facing a severe crisis of genetic proportions, with millions of our low-IQ, unskilled workers and “guests” breeding like rabbits on Viagra, subsidized by free pellets and easy females. Meanwhile, our most able citizens are opting out of the breeding process, putting our country on a course for demographic disaster. It is time for action. Drastic action. Our country needs a genetic bailout. Here is my six-point plan:

1. Close and secure our borders, and deport every illegal alien we can reasonably find.

2. Everyone with an IQ of 90 or below that chooses to get sterilized receives 4 thousand dollars for every point below 90; provided they also pass a lie detector test verifying they didn’t cheat by answering everything wrong.

3. Every married couple with an IQ above 120 gets 10,000 dollars per new verified child for every point above 120, and a 4% reduction in federal income tax for 18 years per new child.  So a married couple with a combined average IQ of 125 who has three kids under my plan would receive federal grants totaling 30,000 and a 12% reduction in federal income tax.

4. I recognize that there are probably more heritable traits that contribute to productive success than just IQ, so anyone with a net worth of over 5 million dollars gets a 5% reduction in capital gains tax per verified child, a 10% reduction of estate tax per verified child, and a 5 % reduction in income tax per verified child, in addition to the grants.

5. Immigration. While most of the so-called immigration we have seen recently has been harmful, it does not have to be this way. High quality immigrants contribute greatly to our country’s success, as our country’s history with Jewish, German, and Asian immigration has shown. I propose opening our country up to more high quality immigrants from non-hostile countries by slashing the red tape and waiting periods, and granting these aspiring immigrants 4,000 dollars for every IQ point above the minimum of 120 to start a new life here in America. In return for this generosity, they will not be allowed to vote or seek public office for 25 years. No new immigrants with an IQ below 120 will be admitted.

6. Slash welfare benefits. Eliminate the EITC and limit the length of time one can spend on any social safety net to 3 years per lifetime, with 1 year being the limit for Medicaid.

Any questions?

So President Grok, how did you come up with your numbers?

I basically pulled them out of my nearest volcano. An IQ of 90 -120 seems to be a reasonable range for “normals”, so no incentives or disincentives there. But if you’d like to take the time to propose better or harsher incentives and disincentives respectively, you’re welcome to do so. Paulson said he chose 700 billion because it sounded like a pretty big number, so I’m being a little more rigorous than my predecessors.

Won’t this cost a lot of money? Could it bankrupt us?

On a nationwide basis I expect it will cost less than the bank bailout and will be a true investment in our genetic future.

Eugenics? Are you a Nazi?

No. My plan is both race and class-blind, and it does not force anything upon any citizen.

Well what about disparate impact?

If intelligence is malleable (wink), then all minorities need to do is hit the books a little bit using the IQ test information that can be downloaded from There will be equal access to all information about our new IQ tests.

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Power to the People

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 11, 2010

I really, really hate traffic cameras. I have never gotten a real ticket, but those little red light cameras always get me.

When I get a picture of my transgressions in the mail, my vehicle is always in the process of clearing the intersection. I am not running lights that have been red for several seconds or more, I am trying to avoid slamming on my brakes and causing havoc. Besides the annoyance of having to shell out 170 bucks every couple of months, something about the Big Brotheresque potential abuse of these devices just really irks me. I’d fight these tickets in court, but the mandatory “court fee” charge and the time off I’d have to call off from work makes this option unappealing.

Fortunately, citizens have been fighting back:

Voters unplugged Steubenville’s traffic cameras in 2006. Ballots cast in Cincinnati banned the long lens of the law from that city’s streets two years later. Two communities outside of Columbus — Chillicothe and Heath — rejected photo enforcement last November.

Could Cleveland or another Northeast Ohio community be next?

A local campaign to oust cameras may be developing: “We’re prepared to make this an issue,” said Maryanne Petranek of Cleveland, vice chair of the 150-member Cuyahoga County for Liberty. “This is a case where people have to find their voice, stand up and say no.”

An organization called COAST has been behind the anti-camera efforts. Please take your hats off to these patriots in our midst.

If civil efforts fail, I also support those who vandalize these un-American spy devices.

In related government-watch news, Ryan Singel argues that the government has decided it hates the unfiltered freedom of the internet, and wants to clamp down.

Planet Grok is calling it now:  There will be a false flag “cyberwar” hacker attack on the US over the internet, and our government will use that as an excuse to pressure congress into “re-engineering” the internet. Don’t believe the hype.

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More Affirmative Action, Please

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 5, 2010

Much to the suprise of OneSTDV: Another HBD-denialist piece from Newsweek:

Minority Report

American universities are accepting more minorities than ever. Graduating them is another matter.

Well who could have predicted that?

But if the ignorance is not hilarious enough, take a look at the asserted root of all this, and the implicit solution:

But a bigger problem may be that poor high schools often send their students to colleges for which they are, in educators’ jargon, “undermatched”: they could get into more elite, richer schools, but instead go to community colleges and low-rated state schools that lack the resources to help them.

So what we need to do here is prescribe more affirmative action! Let’s make sure LaQuanian (aka “Ca$hmunny”) or Pablo (aka “No Ingles, holmesssss”) don’t go to those community colleges where they won’t graduate – Let’s send them to Harvard where they’ll have the “resources they need”.

Then, once they get there, let’s boost all of their grades by one full letter until the graduation rate is equal to Asian students. Who wouldn’t want to hire one of these fine young gentlemen?

For years private colleges such as Princeton and MIT have had success bringing minorities onto campus in the summer before freshman year to give them a head start on college-level courses. The newer trend is to start recruiting poor and nonwhite students as early as the seventh grade, using innovative tools like hip-hop competitions to identify kids with sophisticated verbal finesse. Such programs can be expensive, of course, but cheap compared with the millions already invested in scholarships and grants for kids who have little chance to graduate without special support.

Jesus Christ. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think a bunch of rappers have any business being within 50 miles of an MIT class, unless there is a nearby prison. Nor will their dexterity in Ebonics assist them in their MIT engineering courses, homie:

Ca$hmunny: Yo what be up wit dat multivariabible calculus, mayne? System dynamism just be too complex fo’ me. Prof Weisenburg be trippin too, wheneva I acks a question.

Pablo: Si

Ca$hmunny: Giving me awl dese F’s an’ shit. I’m finna battle dis fool next time I see him. Werd

Pablo: Si

Me: *Sigh*

Obsidian: “Pull ya pants UP, grimey brothas, put on some AXE products, and let me show you the way to Muhammed”

(sorry, couldn’t resist)

These articles make you wonder what goes on in the minds of delusional liberal creationists. I mean, even before I encountered HBD, I wasn’t that naive.

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Institutional Racism Might Exist- But Against Whom?

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 25, 2010

I’m going to succumb to my own law for a brief time. It is often claimed by academics that racism permeates our very existence, with the aggregate affect being that minority performance and IQ’s are lowered through mystical “stereotype threats” and other such nebulous, hard-to-quantify spooky actions at a distance.

I’ll admit I drank the Kool-aide too, for a time. But then I realized something: Whenever I saw a white person acting poorly (cussing, dirty, loud, aggressive etc) I had no problem instantly pegging that person as an incorrigible idiot and a cretin of the lowest order. But when I saw a black person acting the very same way, I would instantly make up excuses for him, like “I’m sure he has had a hard life” or “If only he had been raised better”.

The academics were wrong. I was not internalizing racism toward blacks. I was internalizing affirmative action toward them.

In other words, society had conditioned me to mentally discriminate against my own ethnicity.

Not any longer.

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Toyota gets with the program

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 10, 2010

This is the latest hysteria the Government has been trying to whip up.  Obama wants to protect his Detroit auto union buddies so his administration is hyping this story to the press and launching a “special investigation”. Where is the special investigation of Ford, Chrysler and GM for the tons of shitty cars they’ve produced?

Toyota has have a much better track record than US automakers, but they are not politically connected so they are held to a different standard.  Fortunately, they have now learned their lesson. Bill Gates learned his lesson with the big antitrust case also. Now he supports a cornucopia of liberal pet projects. Maybe Toyota should start protesting Japanese whaling or something, then liberals in the US might start to like them.

I would like to be able to support US automakers but a workforce of primitive, entitled, low IQ dropouts just do not make the quality product that the Japanese do.  Sorry.

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