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Beyond Belief

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 23, 2010

One of the relics from a more superstitious era that manages to poison the debate-wells in our (relatively) enlightened times is the word belief.

A religious person would say he believes in God, or he believes that the Earth was created 6000 years ago with Adam and Eve riding dinosaurs shortly thereafter. These beliefs are a psychological commitment to an assertion, however likely or unlikely that assertion may be.

A so-called “rational thinker” may scoff at the simplicity of a religious person’s beliefs, but they often make the very same fallacy that superstitious people do, resulting in all the same negative side-effects. Here is what happens:

1. Rationalist encounters a hotly contested argument – Argument AB.

2. Rationalist weighs the body of evidence on both sides.

3. Rationalist concludes that Side A has more evidence than Side B.

4. Rationalist decides he is a believer in side A.

This is where things go wrong. Rather than simply remembering that Side A simply had a more convincing case at the point in time whereupon our protagonist reviewed the evidence, Rationalist instead decided to stake belief in the Side he found more likely.

be·lief : 1. The mental act, condition, or habit of placing trust or confidence in another: My belief in you is as strong as ever. 2. Mental acceptance of and conviction in the truth, actuality, or validity of something: His explanation of what happened defies belief.3. Something believed or accepted as true, especially a particular tenet or a body of tenets accepted by a group of persons.

// Synonyms: belief, credence, credit, faith

It often does not matter whether the Rationalist staked his belief in something only 55% more likely than the alternative . The word belief was born and raised  in a black and white world of Good and Evil, Right and Wrong, of intellectual Authority and Submission. Let’s watch what happens next to our Rationalist:

5.  Skeptic presents evidence that counters Rationalist’s new belief  – and may even tip the scales in favor of Side B!

6. Rationalist, now psychologically invested in Side A, has a non-rational, visceral reaction to Skeptic, and foams at the mouth like a Catholic priest encountering the work of Galileo. An unproductive flame war (Inquisition) ensues! (we’ll ignore the fact for now that our Skeptic may just be another kind of believer, and that more often than not, self-proclaimed Rationalists are merely parroting other members of their intellectual tribe instead of actually doing steps 2-3)

It’s my opinion that too many people still think in the old religious manner of belief and non-belief. If we expand our minds to think in a more probabilistic Bayesian fashion, then we can avoid the emotional shock of encountering evidence that shakes our deeply held beliefs – since any such beliefs will become almost non-existant.

I find thinking in such a way allows me to explore the arguments of various unorthodox (and ridiculed) possibilities. What I often find is that while unorthodox Position X is unlikely to be true, I subjectively assess the actual odds of X’s truthiness at much higher levels than someone would who thinks only in terms of 0% and 100%. The implications of this are significant: With 5 unorthodox Position X’s at 20% probability-of-truth, any one of them is still unlikely to be true, but chances are one of them is.

I think we need a new word to replace “belief”. Is there a word out there that conveys acceptance of something found more likely to be true, without all the dogmatic psychological baggage of belief?


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What does Razib think of GNXPers?

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 14, 2010

“in my experience as a blogger most “discussion” is retarded and most discussants are barely sentient.” here

Not “in my experience as someone who reads many blog comments”, but “in my experience as a blogger”.  Ouch.  Lol. There’s not really a charitable way to spin this. Razib thinks we’re a bunch of  ‘tards. Oh well, I guess.

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Controversy in the Comments

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 13, 2010

Some people seemed to take my post “The Racial Tallies Are In” a lot more seriously than I did. David Alexander felt the need to become the Atlas of the black race and wallow in the pits of racial despair yet again. Obsidian chided me for not being DA’s shrink, again. A couple of Hispanic commenters took offense at my joke that Hispanics have no racial strengths (despite the fact that I can almost guarantee these commenters look nothing like the border jumpers) and some White Power guy felt the need to make an ill-informed and offensive rant. I briefly thought about censoring Mr. Stormfront, but then I figured that since I had already let Obsidian call white people “crackers” several times, I would let this comment slide also. The Asian of Reason took the assessments in stride as usual, and contributed to my mission of building more accurate racial stereotypes.

All very interesting.

Vincent Ignatius made a couple of good points that tied into an earlier post, Mr. Kurtz syndrome. He commented that the people who seem to be the most snobby about their intelligence are those ~2 standard deviations above the norm, because those that are much higher have a hard time relating to people in general, even other “smart” people. I think he’s on track here.

Mr. Kurtz Syndrome is most likely going to set in when a person’s idealistic notions of reality come crashing down. When you have an IQ of about 130 or so (top 2 or 3 %), you’ll spend your youth surrounded by other people of about the same intelligence. Many families have an historical mean IQ of 130. I’d wager that this describes the average AP student in a US high school (besides those schools in heavily minority districts where students are improperly tracked into AP classes).  When your IQ gets to ~ 3 standard deviations, it is hard to relate to even the “smart kids”, so you either 1) stop being picky, or 2) don’t develop any friends at all, and fall off the “nerd cliff”. Those who have extremely high IQ’s are thus unlikely to develop Mr. Kurtz syndrome because they are unlikely to develop overly idealistic notions of intellectual equality to begin with.

Obsidian just put up a new post where he seems to think the end result of HBD acceptance is the extermination of black people. That’s silly. But he wisely chose to quote at length the much more articulate David Alexander, which may make his post worth responding to.

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Tales From the Crypt – Slumming It

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 1, 2010

editor’s note – WordPress seems to have fixed the technical issues with this post. comments now open

The game blogosphere is littered with bombastic boasts of brave HB10 conquests. Since you’ve read a million of those already at Roissy’s or Roosh’s, I’m going to hit you with something a little different, and self-deprecatory.

She was a 4. I am a 7 or an 8, depending on who you ask. It had been a month without intercourse, and I had neglected to manually release my soldiers for a few days. Pheromones must have been wafting off my skin like crazy, because she smelled my vulnerability and moved in for the kill.

“Hey, do you want a smoke?”

Me – “I don’t do cancer sticks. ”

“No, dumbass…look”

She opened her purse to reveal a tantalizing bag of white widow (that’s weed). I could smell it through the saran wrap. Strongly. Now, I do not smoke weed anymore, and even when this took place a few years ago, I had not partaken in God’s green incense for a few months. But I was in the mood for something exotic…and different. Little did I know that my greed would set me up for a regrettable situation.

We met in a parking lot at about 9pm, and I drifted into a heavenly place as the car filled with smoke. I’m sure I was coughing – white widow is the strongest shit there is- but I don’t remember that. I do remember looking to my side and noticing that this 4 had really large tits. I wanted to touch them.

She must have read my mind, because her hand slid over to my crotch and began feeling my pocket snake.

“I could so jump your bones right now”, she said.

“I so want you to suck me right now,” I thought.

She read my mind again.

Before I could bust my nut, she stopped. Wise move.

“Let’s get a room and finish this up” she said, removing my hand from her very large, bare breast. My balls hurt now. I was hers.

20 minutes and 30 dollars later, I was knocking this 4 off in some run down, short-stay motel. She was having the time of her life. I was closing my eyes pretending to be doing someone else. I do not think she had ever banged a dude that looked better than a 5. She orgasmed twice in 10 minutes* – at least that’s how long short I think it took, but I was high so who knows- and then I bust a huge nut all over her back. She rolled over, “Supermanning” herself on the sheets and smiled with a look I knew well – the look of love. With my sack completely drained, I looked down at the carnage I had inflicted on my memory. She had a fat tummy, crusty toes, and needed an eyebrow waxing. Her smile revealed crooked teeth.

She started babbling away about how great I was in bed, but I could only hear one thing inside my brain:

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Trying out some new themes

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 24, 2010

Please excuse any issues in the meantime.


Ok, any complaints with this one? A lot of folks did not like the white on black text previously.


Picky crowd here. I did like how the last theme had the “recent comments” widget, but it was rather busy as OneSTDV pointed out. I also didn’t like how comments were pushed to the right. Let’s try the simple grey and black. There doesn’t seem to be much to complain about with this one to me, but if there is a problem I’m sure One Moniker will let me know.

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Mystery not so Alpha

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 20, 2010

This picture illustrates why I remain skeptical about the significance of game:

So there are people who pay money to look like these clowns? These are the top PUA’s around?

Thanks, but no thanks. Basic knowledge of evo-psych and normal social skills will get you laid. These guys are going to ecstasy fueled raves and banging sluts. Not too hard to do.

Mystery displays some serious underclass behavior in this picture by giving viewers of the photo a middle finger. I’ve seen lots of NAMs and WT do this on their social networking pages. I guess being  “Alpha” really is all about devolution to some.

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Atavism in Action, pt 2

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 19, 2010

Obama thinks he can turn the spawn of these fine human specimens into our next generation of rocket scientists, engineers, and software developers.

“Nurture game proper”

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The Medicalization of Maleness

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 14, 2010

What the hell is “sex addiction”? The constant need to have sex? Isn’t it something all men suffer from?

I can’t imagine being a man and not feeling the need to squirt out my ball-juice on a very regular basis. Feminists and the medical establishment seem to have pulled a fast one on the MSM with this “sex addiction” scam. It is apparently mandatory now for every male celebrity caught cheating to check into rehab in order to cure him of his maleness sex addiction. Or else, no more sponsorships for you!

Tiger Woods and Steve Philips, one of you two needs to man up and start protesting this nonsense. This sex addiction scam probably started with a very real form addiction found in women, but woe be it to feminists to suggest that men and women might actually be biologically different! I mean, if a woman sleeps with 20 guys in a month, there’s obviously a problem.  Take, for example, this little chav freak. Obviously a problem there, and she needs some serious counseling. (I’ll volunteer, pro bono.) But I wonder what percentage of young men would sleep with a different woman every night if they had the ability?

Only every single red-blooded young whippersnapper worth his daddy’s O-face!

Women do not produce millions of sperm every day, and take significant time off from fertility to spawn little helions. Men do. We are not sick, we are built for this sex shit.

Now go forth and bang.

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Predictions for Obsidian

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 10, 2010

Obsidian is another snowed-in homesicle with too much time on his hands. He challenges his readers to make 20 predictions for the coming decade. Here’s my shot at tackling them.

1. Looking ahead for 2010-and the decade as well-how do you see the national economy? Will the stimulus package(s) work, and why/why not?

The national economy will be shit due to massive debt and a population rapidly deteriorating in both cultural and genetic demographics.

2. Speaking of areas of the economy, what will be the “growth sectors” in the coming decade? What areas will we see a shrinking or contraction of? Will either hold post-2020? If so/not, why?

Growth-Nanotechnology, genetics, robotics, China.

Decline – Manufacturing, banking.

I expect the trends to continue past 2020 due to the coming Singularity.

3. Over the past decade or so-from 2000 to present, we’ve seen two “bubbles” bursting-the socalled “tech” bubble, and the more recent banking/subprime mortage bubble. Te former wasn’t as bad, some econ-type say, because it was largely an “insider baseball” kind of game; the only people truly effected, were the “players” themselves. Not so with the latter, and I need no reiterate here. My question to you Gents, is what is the next “bubble” to burst, when can we expect it to go down, assuming it does happen over the course of the current decade, and what will be the overall net impact?

The next huge bubble is certainly in higher education and maybe China (speculation will outpace even true progress). Who knows when it will pop, but if you can figure it out, then you could become very rich. The net impact will be disastrous and many companies and people will have to file bankruptcy.  Demand for useless liberal arts and business management degrees will dry up and intelligent people will go for more technical fields.

4. Much has been said about the Walls St/Main St dichotomy; for the former, despite heavy losses and taxpayer funded bailouts, life has largely been good there, wit[sic] top dogs and fat cats at major American banks getting hefty year end bonuses, while Main St suffers a slow and undignified death. Many have observed that the chasm between haves and have nots continues to widen; worse, that the channels, or access, to upward mobility lessen with each passing year. What are your thoughts on all of this in coming decade? Will this trend reverse itself, ease somewhat, or will it continue unabated, a kind of 21st century Dickensian nightmare?

It will continue to widen because of assortative mating. The smart are becoming smarter and weaker and the masses are becoming dumber and more violent. It will take a great culling of either human or natural origin to prevent evolution into a sort of Morlocks and Eloi.

5. All of you are quite familiar with what some has referred to as the Mancession-what I want to ask you all is simply this: how long will it continue, what will be the likely impact and fallout, short term (this year) and long term (over the course of the decade), and where will the Men hit by it go from here? What do you see it most likely to happen?

I see the mancession abating because Men are more capable of the technical expertise that will drive our economy in the future.

6. Continuing on from the preceeding question, not only is little if anything is said about the Mancession on ANY MSM channel, network, website or blog…what are, and will be, the social ramifications for the literal flip-flopping of labor power here, from a majority Male workforce, to a majority Female one? How will this effect us, and in what ways will we see this over the coming decade? Does anyone see anything manifesting itself on the horizon, this year?

I do not think the Mancession will affect intelligent males who can retrain themselves. For the lower IQ sort who can only do easily automated blue collar work…well, who cares about those guys?

7. …With all that in mind, what will the coming decade bring along these lines-more instances of Woods and Orszag-like scandals of heretofore “squeaky” clean imaged Men? What does this mean for social institutions like Marriage?

Of course. And it will be entertaining.

Marriage is here to stay though.

8. As you all know, I am an African American, and as such, I have a keen interest in issues that effects them a bit more than everyone else. When it comes to Men overall, one is hardpressed to think up a subset that has been hardest hit than Black Males. I need not revisit the stats, you all know them. With a Black President in office for the first time in American history, do any of you see President Obama actually doing anything to address the many problems that besiege Black Men particularly, and ironically enough are now starting to plague the wider and Whiter American community, and if so/not, why? Do you see, or don’t see, any significant action or initiatives, taking place on this front in this decade?

When President Obama can raise the average IQ scores of black males, then the disparate impact of negative economic conditions will end. Until then, there is little hope. I do not mean this in a mean spirited way. Smart blacks who have won the genetic lottery and have triple digit IQ should avoid the primitive tribalism that fosters a false sense of camaraderie with dumber blacks. I do not feel any affinity for stupid prole whites. Why should it be any different for smart blacks?

9. Dovetailing the above and previous questions, what are your thoughts for the future of American education?

See # 3.

10. Much of our discussions revolve around Women; last year, Maria Shriver released her much lauded “A Woman’s Nation” report. Given what it says, and your own thoughts on the matter, how will Women fare in this decade? What are the upsides, and downsides, and when do you see each manifesting itself?

Women will maintain their hegemony of American culture as far as I can see. The upside is that women are not afraid to be smart and contribute anymore. The downside is that they are taken out of the breeding pool through obsessive careerism.

11. Given the ever-quickening pace and accessibility of technology, what do you see on the horizon as the next big or even “micro” trends over the next decade? What will be the next “big thing” for the masses? What major pharma or tech-related innovations, discoveries and the like, that’s next to come to market, this year and in the coming decade? How will all of this change the way in which we as humans, as Americans, relate to each other?

A deeper understanding of genetics will cause much despair in certain quarters when people find out they are generally useless, doomed to a low IQ or violent predilections or some other pathology.

12. A tremendous deal has been said about Game over the past few years, and some have suggested that it has gone “viral” or mainstream. That begs the question-will Game ever become a dominant force on the present/modern day American social and dating scene, and if so/not, why? What *is* the Future, of Game, say, circa 2020? How will Women “adapt”-can they? How will Game “evolve”? Will it still be relevant, ten years from now? How? In which way(s)?

Game will always be relevant, but increased exposure will separate the creative from the cloners as females develop their own game. There will be the emergence of a female Mystery.

13. On to the world stage. Let’s begin with the recent “underwear bomber” scare a few weeks back. It appears clear now that we’re no closer to getting a handle on Al Qaeda than we were nearly a decade ago, with Sep 11, 2001. What do you perceive as President Obama’s next move(s) will be on this front, will heads roll in the wake of the current fiasco, and how will all of this effect American lives? Can we install an “El Al” type scheme? If so/not, why? Do you see another major terrorist attack on US soil, and if so, when? Can Al Qaeda be defeated, and if so/not, why? Where do you see the War On Terror moving to next-Somalia, or some other African country? Yemen? Where?

Al Quaida (arabic for “the database” – a CIA computer file) and Tim OSSman are a hoax perpetuated by the powers at be who need an enemy to fight. The war on Terror will move here next when a biological attack is made on US soil. Government complicity will again be “unclear”, as it was in the anthrax mailing attacks that used anthrax developed by the military and culminated in some hapless Patsy scientist’s DC-Madame-esque “suicide”.

14. What are your thoughts of Obama’s plans for Afghanistan, and will they work? If so/not, why? What can it mean for the larger region-Iran, India, Pakistan? What about Iraq?

It’s terrible for the entire region. He has proven to be quite a neo-con. They whole region will be saturated with violence because that is just what you always get with Arabic Muslim countries. The only difference now is that we have CNN and can see it all.

16. Many have suggested that the “emerging” world economies/powers, like China, India, South Korea and Brazil, will overtake the United States in this century. 100 years is a bit far off for my radar and tastes, so let’s just focus on the next ten years. What do you make of all the punditry surrounding these countries? Will they in fact become major players on the world stage by or before 2020, and if so/not, why? Personally, I see many social, political, economic and even environmental problems for all these countries, though to varying degrees depending on the particular country involved. But I put this question to all of you, my friends. Additionally, what do you see ahead for the African continent-what countries look to be up and coming stars on the horizon, and which ones are likely to fall over into the abyss in the coming decade? What role Africa, as a whole, play in the coming decade, and what role, is any, will the aforementioned “emerging powers”, and/or the USA, play in it? What say you?

China will become the 2nd most powerful country in the world, if it isnt already. India is about a decade or two behind China and will be our allies against the Sinos. Africa will languish as it always has largely for HBD reasons but Nigeria and Kenya might do ok by smart trading with the Chinese.

17. Speaking of the environment, what are your views of Global Warming/Climate Change? Will this have particular impact for our nation in the coming decade, and if so, how?

It is greatly exaggerated but not totally false. Whether or not it has impact will depend on the strength of the opposition. We need more exposes and hack jobs.

18. Many of you here are at the least familiar with “HBD”, or Human Bio Diversity, if not out and out supporters of that view. What do you see as the future of said views, over the course of the coming decade? Do you see any evidence from where you sit in Jan 2010, of it becoming more mainstream, or the reverse? Some have suggested that it is the last remaining taboo of the Scientific World.

I think there will be one last big fight over HBD, in which the PC forces will declare victory by tarring and feathering the scene’s more questionable and tendentious characters like Richard Lynn, but they will eventually acquiesce to the basic tenets of HBD and act like they always knew it all along.

19. This question follows the last, in that it has to do with a particular focus of the HBD crowd-IQ. For them, it is the most consistent and reliable indicator and predictor of life measures and outcomes across the human spectrum, from national GDP to personal conscientiousness. Many pundits, like the New York Times Tom Friedman, have made clear that the 21st century belongs to those who have the brainpower to take full advantage of all its wonderous possibilities. Personally, I think IQ is overrated, but I wanted to get the view of Men I consider much smarter than myself, LOL. What do you think? Is there one way to measure IQ, or many?

There are several ways to measure intelligence, and probably different kinds of intelligence, but they are all highly correlated with each other.  I do not think IQ is over rated. I think it is under rated.

20. And finally, the last question-the last ten years has been dubbed “The Lost Decade”. Personally, I would largely agree with that moniker-but I think it will not be the only one. It is my view, based on my astrological researches, that the current decade will not be looked back upon favorably either. But how do you think this decade will be remembered?

I can agree with the “Lost Decade” meme. It was a fairly useless decade for an ordinary person.

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I have landed.

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 10, 2010

This blog marks my virgin foray into the wilderness of the blogosphere. I plan to talk about politics, relationships, and business in an irreverent and random manner.

Do not read if you have the following conditions:

1. No sense of humor

2. A politically correct pacemaker

3. A boss looking over your shoulder.

Thou hast been warned.

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