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Blacks and Hispanics Protest Accurate Art

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 26, 2010

A bunch of snobby blacks and Hispanics in NYC have been up in arms over Sofia Maldonado’s  murals that accurately depict female denizens of the ghetto (and the new Section 8 suburbs). 
You can view some of her work here:
Leaders and activists representing Hispanic and African-American communities of New York City gathered on 42nd Street in Manhattan on March 17th to demand the removal of a mural installed in the area,  around the corner from Times Square.
The mural, a 92 feet long by 12 feet high acrylic on plywood work by Sofia Maldonado is mounted on a construction site fence between Broadway and 8th Avenue in one of the most visited areas of the city. It depicts a group of Hispanic and African-American women.
In an open letter to the Board of Directors of the Times Square Alliance,. protesters claim the mural “is unacceptable” as it “depicts African American and Hispanic women in a negative light”.
While I commend the black and Hispanic protesters for their superior cultural taste, it doesn’t occur to them, strangely, that a good number of their co-ethnics do a great job of depicting themselves in a negative light. And since all cultures are equal, we should be able to find beauty in all of them!
Sofia responds to the protests, in typical batshit feminist fashion:
 “My artwork intends and aims to represent brave, strong, and tough women who have to overcome struggles in their daily lives and sometimes impose themselves in a male-dominated world. In a post-feminist society these women can own their bodies in a powerful way without being depicted negatively.”
Maldonado wanted her work to “represent a female aesthetic that normally isn’t seen in Times Square. Women who dress like this should be respected in society the same way as women with briefcases.”
I  actually support the reality-based work of Ms. Maldonado, although for slightly different reasons (I assume).  Contrary to her delusional fantasies, the dysfunctional “people” depicted in her art will never be respected on the same level as productive professionals of any race. The more her artwork is promoted, the faster the multicultural bubble will pop.  I say we should plaster these murals all over the country to remind other citizens exactly who their tax dollars are supporting in America’s ever-expanding wealth redistribution scheme.
I’m adding Sofia to my blogroll.

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The Racial Tallies Are In

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 10, 2010

And here are the results:

East Asians

Strengths: Mathematical ability, diligence, high IQ, nonviolent, lack of BO

Weaknesses: Shy, overly cautious, lacking in fully developed sexual organs.


Strengths:  Charisma, athletic ability, sex organs/ability, music (sometimes)

Weaknesses: Violent, low IQ, low class, resentful


Strengths: Wide range of abilities, from athleticism to intelligence. A non-specialized, jack-of-all trades race. More personality, aggression and assertiveness than Asians, with much higher IQs than blacks. (obviously) The happy median.

Weaknesses: A tendency to self-flagellate, lack of ethnic awareness and solidarity.

South Asians

Strengths: Class conscious, hard-working, family oriented, versatile, rich culture

Weaknesses: Putrid B.O., shyness, weak, effeminate men.

Native American Hispanics

Strengths: ?

Weaknesses: Low IQ, violent gangs, Asian-like bodies, fecundity

Well, it looks like someone got the short end of the stick…Mainstream politicians must be better at all this HBD stuff than me, because I can’t see any strengths there.


OT P.S. – For those who haven’t been checking, The Asian of Reason has been posting blog gold lately.

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That Didn’t Take Long

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 5, 2010

Don’t worry, this is the last Obsidian post. In the comments of my first Obsidian post, the Volcanic Glasshole himself finally showed up. At first, he displayed a newfound tone of civility, which pleased me. Maybe there was hope, afterall.

Unfortunately, it did not take long for Obsidian to live up to the worst stereotypes of some HBD commenters by inviting me to engage him in some primitive violence, and using an anti-white, racist slur word in the comment thread. The only other blogger I’ve seen go so batshit insane is another lower-class bigot, Lady Raine.

I was asked to ban him in that thread. I’d rather not, he is doing a good job of proving my point… and, sadly, many other people’s points.

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Obsidian – Crazy or Stupid?

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 3, 2010

I’ll admit that Obsidian has a rather entertaining blog. It’s entertaining in the perverse way that watching people in mental institutions can be – the complete inability to perform normal everyday tasks can lead to embarrassing and revealing slip-ups when they try to do something they are incapable of. Obsidian tries to engage in blogosphere debate, but frequently shows himself to be out of his league, like a special ed student trying really hard to walk across the balance beam. He deletes comments which pwn him too thoroughly, argues exclusively by anecdote, and makes frequent ad-hominem attacks.

The only question I ask myself is, which kind of mental patient is Obsidian? The crazy one, or the stupid one?

For evidence, let’s witness how Obsidian holds a discussion. This is excerpted from his “rebuttal” of sorts to HBD:

Obs: “Why can’t you all simply acknowledge that being high IQ has its problems, too? Is that so hard to admit? ”

PG: “Being 2+ stdvs above average in IQ does lend itself to certain problems, which would be interesting to study if you weren’t so focused on denouncing and divining the motivations of bloggers you don’t like.

When you’re 2+ deviations above normal, it can be hard to be around common people without feeling a sense of revulsion, as if you are living with barbarians or even animals. That’s not healthy, I call it “Mr. Kurtz syndrome”. (see: Heart of Darkness by Conrad)”

Obs: “As for the travails of high IQ White Males, cry me a river. If they’re so smart…”

PG: “First you call for us to acknowledge the downsides of high IQ, then when that is done, you say “cry me a river”. ”

Obs: “All you have to do is actually address the post instead of engaging in silly strawman arguments like you so often do.”

When one actually addresses the points Obsidian makes, and obliges with his requests, he will pretend that he never wrote what we can all see he just did, and claim you are making a strawman argument. Does a sane or intelligent person behave this way?

A brief rejoinder, if I may, regarding his anti-HBD post, which ironically uses “Intellectual Dishonesty” in its title – Obsidian is known for harassing HBD bloggers by questioning their motives for writing about HBD. He implies that they are hateful bigots who secretly wish to join the klan or some such organization. Yet Obsidian himself comes closer to endorsing “racist” speech than any HBD blogger he attacks by referencing in glowing terms the anti-white, black-supremacist Elijah Muhammad, of Nation of Islam notoriety. I wonder if he believes in Dr. Yakub also? Can you imagine what a hissy fit he would throw if one of the HBDers he attacks referenced David Duke in such a manner?

Obsidian’s endorsement of the Nation of Islam prompts me to be charitable and strongly consider the notion that he is really just crazy, not stupid.

Humorously, a good portion of Obsidian’s commenters are females who regularly shred him in his own comment section, an embarrassing situation which leads Obsidian to delete many comments. I often do not fully agree with his commenters, but it is rather funny watching him flail so helplessly when trying to hold a debate with people clearly much smarter and well-spoken than him. If his is lucky, the much more intelligent Fifth Horseman swoops in to save him.

I do kind of feel bad for Obsidian, because it seems he has not ventured out much beyond the lower-working class stratum. He can not see what is low-class about wearing Axe products, for example, and often uses Ebonics like “Holla Back” or “sistah” when typing, apparently ignorant of the fact that no one takes people who talk like that seriously. But his overall nastiness and abrasiveness do a good job of erasing any pity I might have for his malnourished environment.

So now it is time to ask, what do the rest of you think – is Obsidian stupid or crazy?

Or something else?


Leave a comment.

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Indians at the Gym

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 3, 2010

As I’ve noted before, the gym is a great place to observe HBD. Perhaps the most peculiar people group are the Asian Indians. They come into the gym in packs of 10-20 people, and engage in very questionable exercises and humorous (if barely comprehensible) banter.

Older men usually get on the treadmills and walk at very slow paces while watching TV. By “slow”, I mean about 1 mph. Seriously. About half of the younger men will hit the treadmills also, and run at a very frenetic pace. But they look strange running, for their backs are stiff, and their arms sometimes flop around in a rather feminine manner. Sweating profusely, these lanky young men soon fill the gym with the stereotypical aroma of spicy Indian B.O. The smell is very unpleasant, and the ruder members of the gym start whispering loudly amongst themselves about the stench, while others go home and blog about it.

When young Indian men aren’t running from imaginary tigers on the treadmill, they are lifting iron. Small amounts of iron. Very small. Someone has apparently been selling extremely bad workout advice in the Indian community.

Attention all Indian men: curling 5 pound dumbells will not make you strong, no matter how many times you do them. The other day (I shit you not) I witnessed two skinny young men taking turns bench-pressing the Olympic bar. Just the bar, with no weights. And they were spotting each other. Yeah.

I’ve read at Razib’s that Southeast Asians have the highest % body fat of all the people groups. I wonder if this is an adaptation to the vegetarian diets popular down there, and I wonder if that explains their unusually low muscle tone also.

Nevertheless, as I am not a prejudiced man, I frequently push aside these peculiarities to engage the Indians in conversation, and in return I am treated to a fascinating new world of inter-caste conflict and alliances. There is apparently a big civil war brewing between southern Dravidians and northern Indo-Aryans.  They do not like each other one iota. And nobody seems to like the Patels, except for the Patels, who like themselves very much. (Is it a sign that I pay too much attention to Indians when I can now usually identify a Patel by looking at them?) There has been one new Patel who does not travel in the Indian packs and seems comparatively normal – he lifts normal man weights, and I can’t smell him from across the gym.  I tried to chat with him, but he replied to my friendly overtures with a snobby grunt and went about his business. I was really offended at first, but then I realized that the rest of the gym was filled with white proles, and he had mistaken me as one of their associates. He’s since realized his mistake and tried to reach out to me again, but I’ve rebuffed him so far. I don’t like being mistaken for a dumb prole.

One cool thing about Hindu or Sikh Indians is that they are passionately anti-Muslim, and very pro-Western. I wish there were more jobs to support new citizens like them, they are vastly preferable to the immigrants from south of the border. But I do realize that they are deflating wages and often not allowed to truly immigrate, they just get sent packing when their time is up. I say if we are going to bring them here, then at least let them stay and contribute for generations to come. Otherwise, don’t bother bringing them here just to deflate wages for 5 years before sending them back to Bangalore.

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Planet Grok’s Law of HBD Blogs

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 23, 2010

OneSTDV has a new post up in which, inspired by Sailer’s Law of Female Journalism, he christens his own rule,

OneSTDV’s Law of Black Intellectualism:

An inordinate share of almost any black intellectual’s work will pertain to black racial issues.

Seems spot on to me. But in the comments that follow, he takes some heat from a few sensitive fellows for including Thomas Sowell in his list of those who evince his rule. I don’t think that is fair. Sowell’s most cited works are those that deal with blacks, and 25% of his intellectual output being devoted to the well-documented shortcomings and pathologies of American blacks seems to me a bit much.

What I want to know is when will we get a Dr. Miles Dyson. The movies keep promising us this event but it never seems to get here. That is a shame, because unlike some bloggers who frequent the HBD-o-sphere, I rather like the black people I encounter. It makes me sad when I am disappointed.

I am saddened frequently.

This brings me to my own contribution to the ever expanding body of blog physics, the…

*drumroll please*

Planet Grok’s Law of HBD Blogs

On any HBD blog, an inordinate amount of time will be spent discussing black people.

I feel it is necessary to codify this law for progeny, because the most salient issue that HBD truth impacts does not have to do with black people.

Hello, immigration?

Our country has done just fine with its small, stable black minority. While HBD may address the finer details of education policy (something I will post on soon), let’s be honest, affirmative action for blacks is just not affecting the United States that much. Yet it seems that the comment thread of every single HBD blog entry seems to come back around to blacks, even if the topic of the post has nothing to do with them, or even anything to do with HBD!

So what is affecting the United States? The masive influx of low-IQ peasants from mexico, who breed like rabbits. That is an issue that will be felt like an asteroid collision 10 to 20 years from now, as our national average IQ drops to the upper 80s.

But HBD-o-sphere prefers to harp on blacks, a people that we unfairly brought here, and have been with us for the whole grand ride to superpower status. Ok. I guess the topic can be fun. But it is of little consequence, in the grand scheme of things.

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Scotsmen the most ALPHA men in the west?

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 18, 2010

Heh. Scotsmen must be well versed in Dün Moch game.

Violence against women is justified, says pupil study.

Easy there, don’t shoot the messenger.

The majority of the pupils said it [violence] was justified if the woman had an affair, or if she was late in making the tea.

These young Scottish barbarians are obviously picking this “dysfunctional behavior” up from home.  I conclude from this study that the key to a healthy marriage in Scotland lies in timely fucking tea.  And not having married a whore. Not altogether a bad deal.

Scotland also has a very high divorce rate. I blame that on feminism. Feminists are notoriously tardy in the kitchen and are either whores or asexual, or some odd combination of the two. (Like an ugly whore)

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New play explores impact of IQ enhancing implants

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 17, 2010

From Wired:

Wirehead goes live Saturday astride an intriguing premise: When an intracranial implant that boosts human intelligence becomes available to anyone with the money to pay for the surgery, rich people get superbright while poor folks get left in the dust. The IQ divide leads to the brink of civil war between resentful normals and the artificially enhanced “wirehead” class of geniuses.

Isn’t there already a significant IQ divide? The issue is not what a bunch of poortards will do (since they are dumb and not capable of much) it is whether smart people will feel guilty about being smart or not. I don’t think dummies watching Plies music videos will notice much if people already much smarter than them get even smarter.

Could IQ implants be proposed by white limousine-liberals for slavery reparations? Then just rich white folks and blacks will benefit, and the white masses will be screwed over…again. But at least racial acheivement gaps could be conquered!

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Pwnage from the Past

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 16, 2010

They don’t even ‘diss’ like they used too! It’s well worth your time reading how Mark Twain epically pwned some snake oil salesman.

My favorite part was this:

The person who wrote the advertisements is without doubt the most ignorant person now alive on the planet; also without doubt he is an idiot, an idiot of the 33rd degree, and scion of an ancestral procession of idiots stretching back to the Missing Link.

I love the esoteric Masonic code in that excerpt. Paging Dan Brown….

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Beta of the Year

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 15, 2010

Paging Roissy

After 15 happy years with his wife, Alan Jenkins decided it was time for the ultimate expression of love.

So, determined to prove his devotion, he had a lifesize image of her face – along with those of their two daughters – tattooed on his back.

But Betas always reap the contempt for themselves that they sow:

Unfortunately for the besotted Alan, it also backfired on a monumental scale after Lisa, 36, absconded with a 25-year-old Latvian hunk she had met at work.

What does the cougar whore have to say for herself?

“I didn’t plan to fall in love with Kaspars – it just happened,” she said.

The Beta is not learning from his mistake:

He could be forgiven for wanting his wife off his back for good, but despite his heartache, he has no plans to have to tattoo removed.

“Lisa may have left me but she’ll be on my back forever thanks to the tattoo,” he said.

“But I’ve still got plenty of room on my chest if I get hooked up again.”

Somebody put him out of his misery now.

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