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Tiger Woods, A Beta Among Alphas

Posted by PlanetGrok on April 5, 2010

One picture says a thousand words:

Jordan – cigar chomping alpha with swagger, hat sloppily backwards, not giving a shit.

Woods – slumping beta with perfectly worn hat trying to escape his Asian betatude by hanging out with black NBA stars and sleeping with lots of women like they do.

Tiger probably gets his betaness from his Asian side, the side that gave him his other mental traits, such as good golf-playing ability.  Unfortunately it also makes him much like a nerdy Asian beta. An Asian beta with a tan and money, but an Asian beta nonetheless. If Woods had no golf-playing ability, he would probably lead a life much like David Alexander’s. He knows he is beta, so he tries to compensate by hanging around alphas like Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley.

Tiger’s innate betaness is revealed not only by his slouch, and his pensive, nasal speech, but his text messages to his mistresses. In this exchange, he constantly worries about whether one of his hoes is seeing sleeping with someone else (of course she is!):

Tiger: alone with him that is

Tiger: now that’s hot so who is your new boy toy

Tiger: do you have a boy friend

Tiger: when was the last time you got laid

Jesus Christ, Tiger, stop giving a shit!

This part was funny:

Jaimee: very true … I only watch football

Tiger: Figured you would say that. Big black guys.

Jaimee: u are my first, last and only black guy! U should feel special

Tiger: why do I not believe that?

I don’t believe that either, Tiger, but your insecurities are showing. Call Jordan up again and have him tell you that you really are black. It will make you feel better. Or learn yo’self some HBD so you can take pride in your Asian side.

I think Tiger got burnt by his mistresses because he gave off too many beta-provider vibes. He told them he cared about them, and he acted jealous. Michael Jordan sure hasn’t had hordes of his mistresses and flings come forward to sell their text messages. This is because he is a natural alpha and they all know he doesn’t give a shit about them.


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Removing All Doubt

Posted by PlanetGrok on April 2, 2010

One of the downsides of learning and applying the principles of game is that it becomes hard to differentiate between the fundamentally decent girls who happened to succumb to your charms, and the slutty girls who just like banging alphas. Fortunately, the sluts usually out themselves before too long.

Once upon a time, yet not so long ago, I met a sweet, attractive girl from the country and used some day game to get her info. After a few days, I called her, we hung out, and I ended up ram-rodding her pink interior until the morning sun tinted the sky with its tangerine rays of warmth. She seemed embarrassed that we hooked up the first night, and in our tender post-coital moment, looked deep into my eyes with admiration, tenderness, and infatuation, imprinting my retinas with her wistful, wishful look of romantic longing. 

Maybe she wasn’t just another hoe. Maybe… just maybe… I had caught one of the good ones in my webs of wily wizardry. My better judgment told me better than this, but still, you can not eliminate all hope from a man, can you?

We went out again the following night, and connected like old friends. I found myself opening up, telling my fawning admirer everything about my past and my plans for the future. We returned from our outing early to hit the sheets once more. I had told her everything I could tell her about myself – except what I could only communicate through touch. The sex was amazing. By the time I was done laying the law down, I was drenched in sweat and collapsed in a heap alongside her, as my gametes glistened like diamond jewelry across her belly in the dimly lit room. She slowly turned her head and looked at me with those soulful eyes of hers again. I felt a bit of the barbed wire encasing my heart loosen, ever so slightly. She opened her mouth, and held her breath. She wanted to tell me something, words that could only take flight from her lips in the sanctitude and safety of our tender afterglow. For once, I wanted to hear what was on her mind. Maybe, just maybe, there was a brief future for me and her. She smiled meekly, and out came what I had been waiting for.

“I…I’m sorry. What did you say your name was again?”

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The Future of America?

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 30, 2010

Commenter Sagat referred me to a suprisingly good show by the History Channel describing what could happen in the US if civilization fell apart due to some pathogenic plague. The show tries to get you to buy into the swine flu / avian flu pharmaceutical scams, but I think any plague on a civilization-ending scale will be bioengineered by terrorists.

Yes, the show had its liberal moments, but overall it reinforces many bio-con talking points.

The protagonist is a hapless beta provider with an annoying cunt of a wife. Over the course of the show, he gets more and more alpha, and his wife responds by becoming more wifely. He never completely crosses the Rubicon into pure alpha territory, but the harsh conditions force him to move up from almost Omega to Greater Beta status.

The really interesting parts, as Sagat noted, were the thinly veiled HBD and WN references by the woven narrative of talking heads and the statements of fictitious characters. L.A. and other urban areas turn into hellholes of rampaging NAMs. References to Katrina abound. The wife pleads with her husband to move to the known WN haven of Idaho, presumably to escape the savagery of the NAMs in LA.  Eventually the family settles in a small, all-white town with a preacher who proudly claims those “recently from the desert” (mexicans) and “those recently from the jungle” (blacks) are being “winnowed out” (dying off, killed off). A revealing scene is also when the family moves into their previously occupied home and notes the previous family’s “interesting taste in crockery” (yes, History Channel, we get the pun) while unpacking. The part where the beta husband actually shows his wife what is printed on the pot is censored, leaving a frustrating gap. It might have been too much for the History Channels large NAM viewership, which they gave a nod to with every “This is not a real emergency” announcement.

This got me thinking, even if there is only a 1-5% chance of this sort of scenario, it would be prudent to have at least the following in one’s possession:

– a gun and ammo

– emergency 60 gallon water bags to fill up before the water is turned off

– gold and cigarettes for bartering

– medical supplies, 3-6 months worth of canned foods, and seeds

-how-to books on gardening, machinery, and other skills.

I think also think the show is right in forecasting an initial post-apocalyptic takeover by NAMs, since most white males are hamstrung by a beta mentality, like that of our pussified paramedic protagonist, and would get their asses beat. Eventually, however, a resounding pushback by whites to the point of ethnic cleansing would occur.

Boy I hope all of this does not happen.

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The Defining Trait of a Natural Alpha

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 17, 2010

I spend a lot of my time just watching people and forming new offensive stereotypes taking notes. Those of us who have studied Game material know the importance of dominance in social settings, and how some people are “Natural Alphas”. From my observations, I’d wager that natural alpha males are 1% or less of the general population. When I meet a natural alpha, I observe closely, and I’ve learned some interesting things, but there is one behavior that is an instant alpha marker.

The one trait that all natural alphas share is a complete disregard for another person’s personal space.

When natural alphas walk by, they brush against you. They absolutely refuse to concede any space to you, the beta interloper, even when social norms indicate that they should. Most normal people make a mutual, cooperative effort to avoid close contact. Not alphas. If they are in a crowded club, they walk straight through, bumping drinks and making no apologies. In a movie theater, they walk down the aisle not caring if people tuck their feet in.

And they do all this unconsciously, not seeing anything odd with this behavior.

I’ve tried it myself, and it works. Nobody fucks with a guy who doesn’t budge.

If you meet a  natural alpha, often you do not need to resort to verbal tactics to AMOG him. Invade his personal space and don’t budge one inch when he invades yours. (Yes, you will make contact, and yes it will feel awkward for those of us who aren’t alphas. But do it anyway.) Since this is all an unconscious process for naturals, he will instinctively submit to you when you out-alpha him in this manner.

Calculated effort defeats unrealized potential. All the time.

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The 1-10 Scale

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 27, 2010

I’ll admit that a simple concept such at the HB1-10 scale can confuse me when I read about it online. What exactly is the difference between a 9 and a 10 to most people? Pure personal preference? Well, I have my own guide that I use on women. Being the generous guy that I am, I’d like to share it with you all.

Planet Grok’s HB Scale

1 – So ugly, just looking at her makes you want to puke. You’re not even sure “her” is the right word to use. You do whatever you can to avoid having your brain polluted by the hideous filth.

2 – Very ugly. Fascinatingly ugly. So ugly that you can’t help but stare, as if a passer-by witnessing a genetic accident. You thank your lucky genes that you weren’t born that way.

3 – Unattractive, but the average person can stand to look at her and hold a conversation with her. Often obese, with bad hair or teeth.

4 – Homely. The kind of girl that you would feel icky touching. Many chubbies fall into this category. They are often visited by men “slumming it” at night, and can be promiscuous because they have a hard time finding a man who wants to be seen in public with them. Often have pot bellies and unclear skin.

5 – Plain old average and forgettable. Does not inspire feelings of revulsion per se, but you do not feel the need to pursue sex with these women. But if it happens, it happens. Not fat or chubby, but maybe a little cellulite.

6 – Will have a single cute feature that makes them stand out from average women. It could be a small, delicate little nose or nice tits/ass. Other than the one cute feature, these women are average. They may enter the fantasizing male mind once or twice after an indroduction.

7 – These women have entered the realm of “attractive”. You feel confident being with them in public, but they are not hot enough to brag about to all your friends. These women get checked out by men often. Their bodies are not a turn-off by any means, but they may deviate some from the ideal, causing a double take. For example, the waist-hip ratio may be something strange, the shoulders a bit too wide, or the legs a bit too short.

8-Men who are not skilled with may brag about landing these women. Universally called “pretty”, these women intimidate many betas with their attractiveness. Upon close inspection, they may have a couple small flaws that they are able to hide well with makeup/clothing/hairstyle.

9 – A beautiful woman. Only one minor flaw in her entire essence. The flaw is cute and minor, and can provide a kind of uniqueness to her. So fine that most men would leave their wives for her.

10 – Absolutely flawless in every regard, including personality.  Totally stunning. Able to get whatever and whoever she wants based on her beauty. She looks like she stepped out of an artist’s imagination, or heaven…or God’s imagination. Jaws drop and tongues roll out wherever she goes, creating the impression of walking on rose petals wherever she goes. Rush Limbaugh would donate 20 million to Haiti relief in order to have sex with her. Obama would put up a border fence for her. A true 10 is one in a billion, and able to cause fainting in grown men with the touch of a hand.

Stop the presses. There’s nobody out there like that, you fucking beta. I love how often nobody wants to admit that a chick is a 10, just to try to show they have some kind of “higher standard” than the next dude. Megan Fox is a 10. Scarlett Johansson is a 10. Halle Berry is a 10. Beauty pageant winners are often 10s. There’s plenty of 10s.

11-This is a 10 that you think looks better than another 10 someone else has named. No more no less. It’s just a matter of opinion.

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Women like ass, too

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 24, 2010

That’s right, as much time as we spend looking at women’s derrieres, we can forget that they look at our asses too. When an appropriate specimen passes by, we men mentally simulate the impact-absorbtion capabilities of the ass in question. Females do the same, but they fantasize about the male ass’s thrusting power (this simulation often occurs only in the hindbrain, so they may not be conscious of this). In light of this, I have found that developing a round, muscular ass has increased my sexual appeal significantly.

If you are not black, with little in the way of exercise you are prone to developing “nassatau” syndrome. This is basically when your buttocks atrophies away, and your lower back seamlessly integrates with your hamstrings. Women of any race do not find this appealing.

The best way to grow and maintain a muscular ass is with a steady diet of squats. But not just any squats will do. You need to do them right.

1 Most importantly, don the weight belt and fasten it tight. You are not too tough for one. Not only will you plateau without a belt, but you will definitely injure yourself if you insist on doing heavy squats without one. This is a lesson I learned the hard way.

2 Use a bench or other device to accurately assess (har!) how far down you go with each repetition. You should be, at a minimum, making your thighs perpendicular to the wall. Do not try to guess it by looking in a mirror. Set up a weight bench right behind you to the appropriate height and tap it with your butt on each repetition. What always happens without an objective measurement of squat depth is that over time, as you add weight, you will slowly but surely squat higher and higher untill you are barely bending your knees. Once you realize it, it will be too late and you will have to start over. Your body wants to cheat, don’t let it. Position your feet directly down from your shoulders, and

3. Close your sphincter. tight. Now lift. Repeat 5-8 times, and increase the weight when you can. Supplement with the leg press.

Get out there now and work that ass out 2-3 times per week. Enjoy all the new IOI’s you weren’t getting before. It’s worth it.

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On Harem-building

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 22, 2010

Obsidian’s recent post criticizing Roissy’s Valentine’s Day advocacy of Multiple Long Term Relationships -a true harem- brought to mind experience I’ve had doing just that.

I didn’t even have to lie, as Roissy encourages.

All you have to do is establish relationships with married/involved women. It is easier to do this than build an elaborate mountain of lies to keep girlfriends with too much time on their hands from finding out about each other, and it forces the females do the lying for you. I’ve discovered that married women are most vulnerable several months after the birth of a child, or any time in the first 3 years of life of their second child. It is at these times that they are frustrated by their husband’s withdrawal, and fantasize about either moving up to a better provider beta or getting out of the house for once to have some fun.

Working moms are very vulnerable to affairs, but if you are not confident enough to hit on these women publicly, there’s always Ashley Madison.

A key benefit of boinking married chicks is that you, the shrewd gamer, can replicate your genetic potential with significantly reduced risk of having to fork out child support. The cuckolded beta will take the hit.

The downside is that husbands can get downright nasty if you get caught. I had to change my number and ante up my moving date because of threats from one. But even in these cases, the shamed wife will get the brunt of the anger. Just don’t deliberately inflame the situation, and you’ll be fine. Tell the guy to read up on his Roissy. He’ll thank you in a couple months.

I also do not think this would work well for men who are below-average in looks. You want to at least look better than the other guy.

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Denise Romano – Quixotic Queen of Quackiness

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 21, 2010

Anyone who has read my neophyte blog, or just my previous post,  knows that I have skepticism of what is known as “Game”, and furthermore, skepticism of self proclaimed “PUA’s”. I would now like to take this time to defend Game and the PUA industry from attack, because a lot more than the future of PUA’s is at stake if this crazed,  irrational assault perpetrated by Denise Romano is allowed to gain traction.

Who is Denise Romano?

Denise Romano is a woman who has been trolling Game and MRA blogs of late, most notably by allying herself with blogger  “Lady Raine” (real name: Wendy Schwartz) of “Roissy in DC” notoriety. The crux of her latest crusade is to make “game” illegal by classifying it as coercion or Hate Speech (crimethought) under the law, and thus making men who “game” women into having sex guilty of rape and prosecutable by law.  This sounds absurd, and it is. Unfortunately, thanks to the way laws are worded in our feminized society, her activism seems to be gaining ground. She has stated that she will not stop until she sees people who use game to have sex with women prosecuted, and any business which teaches game (she calls these business “Rape Schools”) to be shut down.

Denise Romano wants the law to control your minds and your everyday actions. She wants to deprive men of developing the social skills required to enjoy romantic relationships, and she advocates a position which reduces women to unthinking animals, unable to resist succumbing to the arousal tactics taught by Game. She is an enemy of freedom and free will in the truest sense, and she needs to be stopped. We must all do our part, because we can not let this kind of precedent be set.

It has come to my attention that Denise is having a book published soon by McGraw-Hill, a major publisher. It would be wise for the denizens of the “game”-o-sphere, and any other freedom loving individual, to provide feedback on the quality of Denise Romano’s writing at the various outlets it is sold. I have provided the following links to where her book is sold at the following online stores:

Barnes and Noble


Please take a few minutes of your time to review Denise Romano’s material. I do not think comments are open yet in Amazon, so mark your calendars. Also,  I shouldn’t need to say this, but read the review policies and write your reviews intelligently so that there is no room for deletion. Thanks.

Planet Grok

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Scotsmen the most ALPHA men in the west?

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 18, 2010

Heh. Scotsmen must be well versed in Dün Moch game.

Violence against women is justified, says pupil study.

Easy there, don’t shoot the messenger.

The majority of the pupils said it [violence] was justified if the woman had an affair, or if she was late in making the tea.

These young Scottish barbarians are obviously picking this “dysfunctional behavior” up from home.  I conclude from this study that the key to a healthy marriage in Scotland lies in timely fucking tea.  And not having married a whore. Not altogether a bad deal.

Scotland also has a very high divorce rate. I blame that on feminism. Feminists are notoriously tardy in the kitchen and are either whores or asexual, or some odd combination of the two. (Like an ugly whore)

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Beta of the Year

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 15, 2010

Paging Roissy

After 15 happy years with his wife, Alan Jenkins decided it was time for the ultimate expression of love.

So, determined to prove his devotion, he had a lifesize image of her face – along with those of their two daughters – tattooed on his back.

But Betas always reap the contempt for themselves that they sow:

Unfortunately for the besotted Alan, it also backfired on a monumental scale after Lisa, 36, absconded with a 25-year-old Latvian hunk she had met at work.

What does the cougar whore have to say for herself?

“I didn’t plan to fall in love with Kaspars – it just happened,” she said.

The Beta is not learning from his mistake:

He could be forgiven for wanting his wife off his back for good, but despite his heartache, he has no plans to have to tattoo removed.

“Lisa may have left me but she’ll be on my back forever thanks to the tattoo,” he said.

“But I’ve still got plenty of room on my chest if I get hooked up again.”

Somebody put him out of his misery now.

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