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Planet Grok’s Law of HBD Blogs

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 23, 2010

OneSTDV has a new post up in which, inspired by Sailer’s Law of Female Journalism, he christens his own rule,

OneSTDV’s Law of Black Intellectualism:

An inordinate share of almost any black intellectual’s work will pertain to black racial issues.

Seems spot on to me. But in the comments that follow, he takes some heat from a few sensitive fellows for including Thomas Sowell in his list of those who evince his rule. I don’t think that is fair. Sowell’s most cited works are those that deal with blacks, and 25% of his intellectual output being devoted to the well-documented shortcomings and pathologies of American blacks seems to me a bit much.

What I want to know is when will we get a Dr. Miles Dyson. The movies keep promising us this event but it never seems to get here. That is a shame, because unlike some bloggers who frequent the HBD-o-sphere, I rather like the black people I encounter. It makes me sad when I am disappointed.

I am saddened frequently.

This brings me to my own contribution to the ever expanding body of blog physics, the…

*drumroll please*

Planet Grok’s Law of HBD Blogs

On any HBD blog, an inordinate amount of time will be spent discussing black people.

I feel it is necessary to codify this law for progeny, because the most salient issue that HBD truth impacts does not have to do with black people.

Hello, immigration?

Our country has done just fine with its small, stable black minority. While HBD may address the finer details of education policy (something I will post on soon), let’s be honest, affirmative action for blacks is just not affecting the United States that much. Yet it seems that the comment thread of every single HBD blog entry seems to come back around to blacks, even if the topic of the post has nothing to do with them, or even anything to do with HBD!

So what is affecting the United States? The masive influx of low-IQ peasants from mexico, who breed like rabbits. That is an issue that will be felt like an asteroid collision 10 to 20 years from now, as our national average IQ drops to the upper 80s.

But HBD-o-sphere prefers to harp on blacks, a people that we unfairly brought here, and have been with us for the whole grand ride to superpower status. Ok. I guess the topic can be fun. But it is of little consequence, in the grand scheme of things.


50 Responses to “Planet Grok’s Law of HBD Blogs”

  1. not too late said


  2. Blumenthal said

    True for the US, but in Europe it is an issue. Look at the asylum seekers going to Ireland, Italy the UK or France.

  3. OneSTDV said

    I have a feeling I’m going to really like your blog, but I have no fricking clue what it’s about and this light writing on dark background is horrible.

    I saw this on your first post:

    “I plan to talk about politics, relationships, and business in an irreverent and random manner.”

    But that’s extremely vague. Judging from your blogroll, it seems you’ll be an un-PC commentator.

    Anyway, I look forward to reading more.

    And thanks for the link.

    • PlanetGrok said

      Format issues noted. I prefer white on black, but it seems most popular blogs are black on white because most people have a different opinion than I. I will have to shop around for a better format when I get a chance.

      The blog’s not really “about” anything other than what I feel like talking about, hence the vagueness…but the most frequent topics will probably be HBD and game/relationships.

      Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned….

  4. One Moniker said

    Are there any Black HBD enthusiasts?

    I know illegal Mexican immigration is a problem. But they are such a sweet, humble and family oriented people, for the most part, and I really empathize with them wanting to leave their country to make a better life for their families. They work hard for little and send the money back home to their aging and sick parents.

    I think there needs to be a program in place to educate that country in English and create jobs for them there, so they don’t have to leave. Instead of outsourcing everything to India, which is soooooooooooooooo far away, jobs could be outsourced to Mexico instead.

    • mike said

      “they are such a sweet, humble and family oriented people, for the most part”

      Don’t believe the hype, homes. I’m guessing you don’t live in the southwest. And remember that regardless of their parents values, the later generations assimilate to underclass anti-white anti-American values. I too wish that third world people could enjoy our quality of life, but the way things are going they’re more likely to turn the US into Mexico than the other way around.

    • PlanetGrok said

      I don’t know if David Alexander is an “enthusiast”, but he is an HBD believer.

      The 1st gen immigrants do not seem too bad to me either, but the problem is that they unfortunately have low IQs, which they pass on to their children. They have a lot of children. And their children adopt the worst underclass behaviors to complement their low IQs. America has always had an underclass, but the ranks are really swelling due to illegal immigration.

      • I’m not an HBD enthusiast, but for lack of a better explanation, it’s certainly the last hurtle to dealing with the perpertual underperformance of those of Sub-Saharan African orgins. The problem is that if you’re black, but acknowledging the truth of HBD is rather depressing given that you’re left feeling like a fluke that doesn’t particularily fit in anywhere. Then you’re worrying about your friends and family members that are average for the racial norm, and you’ll wonder if your children will be normal or above average, and if they’ll have the opportunity to be middle class or if they’ll be headed for welfare or incarceration. Given the slow spread of HBD, I’d argue that any black person with an above average IQ should not have children given that HBD will make it increasingly harder for them to live successful, integrated (with white people) lives. Even having mixed race children won’t spare them from such a fate.

      • PlanetGrok said

        I gotta hand it to you DA. You’re one pessimistic motherfucker.

      • I gotta hand it to you DA. You’re one pessimistic motherfucker.

        I think it’s the only realistic means of dealing with the future given the knowledge that we have. On a day to day level, I can be relatively optimistic and in terms of saying rail transport advocacy, I’m somewhat optimistic presuming the Democrats maintain some power, but other wise, with the passing of my dad last summer, I have admittedly become increasingly pessimistic on a medium to long-term basis.

        Returning to the topic at hand, I think HBD is a different problem for blacks and whites. For whites, it doesn’t necessarily mean much for them as the gap between East Asians and whites is narrow enough to paper over given the high development in East Asian and white countries. In contrast, HBD for blacks is essentially a sign that we will never be able to share in that high development. There will never be a majority black, large black nation that isn’t propped up by off-shore banking or high resource extraction. There will always be less professional blacks vis à vis their white and East Asian counterparts. In the case of this country, once you remove Affirmative Action, you’re essentially left with a rump population that will never be able to fully enjoy the American dream, with it’s smart fraction at best living lower middle class lives. If you’re a black nationalist, to a certain extent, it’s a dream world since you’ll have a bunch of angry low IQ types that are easily exploited, but if you’re a black person that wants to be around white people, HBD is the worst thing to happen given that you’ll always be labeled stupid by whites (or everybody will think you’re a fluke), no white person (or any other race/ethnicity) would ever want you dating their children, and even if you did magically luck out, your kids will have the useless genes of what’s essentially a useless race. Even if there was some way to make a black person into a physically white person, that mental inferiority will always exist and never go away. It makes little sense for me to bring children into the world that will experience that issue for the rest of their lives.

      • In short, if I have children, they will either be ghetto miscreants that will live in poverty, breed poorly, require state subsidy or incarceration, and be the scorn of other smarter races and ethnicities, or they’ll be too smart to associate with average blacks, unemployable, and too scared and uncomfortable around average whites who may not want black friends in an era of widespread public HBD knowledge thus leaving them isolated from society.

    • Biochem guy said

      There, there, David Alexander. Cheer up.

  5. JB said

    “affirmative action for blacks is just not affecting the United States that much.”

    Umm…Obama, anyone?

    • PlanetGrok said

      Question: Has he really done anything any other Democrat wouldn’t do? Other than not do much of anything?

      • JB said

        Any other Democrat probably wouldn’t have been able to attack dissenters as racists or (as is likely to happen) blame racism for the failure of his administration.

        And that is the fundamental reason why affirmative action for blacks is harmful for society: when all your failures and shortcomings can be blamed on racism, society is further divided and destabilized, harsh truths are further ignored and suppressed and the rot festers further.

        Which is a good reason to bring this up on HBD blogs.

      • PlanetGrok said

        I don’t say affirmative action is NOT harmful to society. I just don’t think the negative impact is all that its made out to be. But that’s not even my main point of this post, which is than an HBD blogger could write a post about how nice the weather is, and the comment thread will be full of comments about blacks. That is odd to me.

  6. One Moniker said

    The Mexican immigrants in my part of the USA are all hardworking, humble and kind people. Regarding low IQs, not everyone needs to be an Einstein. There is a need for employees that can do low IQ work. In fact, the basic laborers are a majority of ANY population. If we have a nation of CEOs and inventors, who’s going to do the labor required to keep society moving?

    There are right now a million ways in which “green” jobs could be created for legal American citizens. If we made everything recyclable, like it used to be in the old days, there would be millions of jobs from administrative levels down to drivers for every sub-division picking up glass milk bottles to refill and recycle.

    If only plastic had not been invented and every town had it’s own dairy farm……. like in the old days.

    Also, the hue and cry over illegal immigrants getting government welfare. Exactly how does that happen? You can’t even get seen at a “free clinic” unless you have a social security card.

    • PlanetGrok said

      Go to California or Texas to see what those nice low IQ workers will bless the rest of country with in a few years.

      With the unemployment rates what they are, I think there is more than enough low skill work for our present underclass. Black unemployment for example, is through the roof. Why import more low skill workers?

      Illegal Immigrants get government welfare when they have precious little “American” baby citizens. And when amnesty comes, the ranks will swell even more.

      Private industry (Republican establishment) supports illegal immigration because they only care about short term profits for their businesses, not long term national health. Democrats support it because they are the party of underclass transfer payments, and they know future generations of Mestizos will vote for transfer payments because their low IQ’s and anti-white sympathies will leave them unable to compete in a 1st world economy.

    • JB said

      Economics fail.

      Make-work doesn’t add anything to the economy. “Green jobs” = subsidies coming out of taxpayer hide and regulations passing costs onto consumers.

  7. Eric said

    Black text on white background is greatly preferable for reading.

    • PlanetGrok said

      Thanks, I’ll be changing it soon, since you’re the 3rd or 4th person to say that. Since Lady Raine has alerted me to the fact that I am using her theme, I’ll choose a new one today or tommorrow. I certainly do not want to share any of her interests.

    • PlanetGrok said

      to me, black screens are easier on the eyes because they reduce glare. But it looks like most do not agree.

  8. One Moniker said


    Why would green jobs have to be subsidized by tax payers money? We already have all the technology needed to put them into place. In fact, before the invention of plastic, THEY WERE ALREADY IN PLACE. I gave the milkman as an example.

    We already have the technology for solar operated EVERYTHING including cars. The sun is a resource that will never fade. If you think we are lacking in anything, any resource or any technology, then you’ve drunk the kool-aid.

    There is no reason for anything to be paid for by tax payers money, in fact, taxes themselves are even not needed, if return to a resource based economy.

  9. One Moniker said

    “Any other Democrat probably wouldn’t have been able to attack dissenters as racists or (as is likely to happen) blame racism for the failure of his administration.”

    When did Obama blame racism for the failure of his administration?
    Youtube link?

  10. OneSTDV said

    I probably agree that 1st generation NAM immigrants are usually hard working and decent people.

    The problem is their kids and there’s many of them.

  11. ONE MONIKER said

    Well, are their kids any worse than non-immgrant white or black kids growing up in today’s America?

  12. andy said

    Black on white is the worst nightmare of many HBD believers.

  13. […] Planet Grok’s Law of HBD Blogs […]

  14. One Moniker said

    Planet Grok, aren’t you Black, or half and half?

  15. One Moniker said

    Well, if the influx of uneducated Mexicans continues, it might be a great boon for our middle class, enabling us to live like Kings and Queens, like the middle classes in India and other countries do. They all have housemaids, drivers, cooks, gardeners, nannies, etc, at very cheap rates. That’s because those countries have a large population of poor and uneducated people who are willing to work as “domestic help” in other people’s homes for a very reasonable price.

    Your cup is either half full, or half empty. You choose.

  16. One Moniker said

    Well, by working for fair wages these poor people can become middle class too.

    Here’s some videos to watch;

    • PlanetGrok said

      I don’t think so. Not as the work low IQ people can do becomes increasingly automated.

      Yeah, I’m aware of the Venus Project. Cool ideas, but the “planetary archons” that profit from the current structure would never let a massive overhaul like that go through.

  17. One Moniker said

    Driving a car, cooking a meal, cleaning a house and caring for kids cannot be automated.

    And, as more and more businesses close down, and as more and more families cannot afford to eat out, and as more and more families wake up to the fact that eating processed food is unhealthy and causes obesity, these middle class families will return to COOKING.

    The Mexicans can be hired as family cooks, maids, nannies and so on.

    A family can “adopt” a Mexican to live with them and do this work, and they will learn English through “immersion”.

    This system is already in place all over India. In fact, many poor children get cared for and educated by the families that they simultaneously work for. When they grow up they can then leave the family for another job, if they want, and then their 12 year old “cousin” from the village comes and works for the family and the cycle continues.

    • PlanetGrok said

      “Driving a car, cooking a meal, cleaning a house and caring for kids cannot YET be automated.”

      Fixed that. See this

      You’re naive if you think our meddling elites will tolerate a permenent destitute minority serving the middle class. They want to make the world flat. Everything equal. To do that, they push the middle class down and lift the poortards up through transfer payments.

  18. One Moniker said

    But the meddling elites themselves have cooks, maids, drivers, nannies.

    I don’t think a time will come, anytime soon anyway, when technology replaces human endeavor.

    My prediction is that we are going to go BACK to living more naturally, as is happening now, than living by sitting on our butts all day while machines cook and hold our babies for us.

    And even if for sometimes machines DID do that for us, that is in a long distant future. In the meantime we have poor immigrants coming here who need employment.

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  20. Actually, Black fertility rates mirror Hispanic fertility rates. Blacks just abort.

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  22. NotProgressive said

    Black population at the end of the Civil War was about 4 Million. The numbers have since increased to 40 Million, and this rate of 10X increase exceeds the white average. Please explain to me how blacks have been highly supressed in America? The population figures belie the narrative. The increase rate exceeds white despite European immigration and high abortion rates for blacks.

    Mexican female immigrants have 4.1 kids on average. If each birth is 30K cost to the taxpayers, and lets assume $10K per year per kid for schooling. Then (30K x 4)+ (13x10Kx4) = 640K. This is only for birth and school, then add in extra hospital visits, and welfare, and now you are talking AT LEAST a million dollars. Then, hopefully, the kids are high IQ enough to become useful to a ever more complex technical society. With the high immigration rates and the high birth rates, the future is not looking rosy. Demographics is destiny.

    Read the book,IQ and Wealth of Nations, by Lynn

  23. NotProgressive said

    It only takes 10 generations to have genetic drift. If, for example, the Aztecs killed off their best and brightest as an offering to appease their Gods, then the population can become dumbed down in a dysgenic cycle. This scenario is not far fetched when you consider that Amerindians are related genetically to Asians. Evidence of high IQ exists today in some Amerindian areas, and there is evidence of it in the past. For example, the Mayan pyramids, and the Aztec engineering to stabilize marsh lands.

    Since blood is the most precious gift, then the best gifts given to the Gods were human sacrifices, most likely their best and brightest.

    In 1850 the first federal census in Texas counted only 14000 citizens of Mexican ancestry. Only 14,000. Almost all Hispanic and Mexican immigration has occured AFTER Texas became a state in 1836. The Apache in Arizona hated the few Mexicans that were there. Mestizo formation started in the 1500’s and the white/Aztec people had different behaviors than the Apache. The reconquista claims of La Raza are as nauseating as they are untrue.

    The Mexinvasion and its subsequent genetic impact to the U.S. is significant now and will be even more so in future. All populations end up DNA mixing. Jews mix with Europeans and create Ashkenazi. Blacks and Whites are mixing and making coloreds in South Africa. High birth rates of Hispanics, and high outmarry rates, mean that the future of America means much Aztec and Iberian DNA will find its way into and become a large part of our gene pool. Is it a good thing? I consider it to be a social experiment on a colossal scale, and it is unnecessary at best.

  24. NotProgressive said

    With regards to having low IQ subgroups in your population, such as that of India, then why is that a good thing? Does India have a smooth low conflict society? High IQ monoethnic societies seem to function well. Good examples are Japan and Finland, as well as other Scandinavian countries. Who picks up the trash and does the “jobs nobody else will do” in Japan. We’ll clearly it is Japanese citizens who most likely have high IQ’s.

    The 1965 immigration act changed the demographics of America. The U.S. was about 90% white in 1965 and will be less than 50% white in 2050 given current immigration trends and birthrates. What effect does this massive influx of new DNA do the the quality of the population?

    It is interesting that liberals are the first to state that the races are all the “same”. They will be the first to defend evolution too. Yet, their illogic will not admit that tens of thousands of years of evolutionary pressure can select for intelligence, or stamina, or music ability, or any number of characteristics. It is important for us to understand the Mestizo DNA as it is soon to be a big part of America.

    The mexinvasion may turn out OK, but why did our elite pass the immigration bill in 1965. Who was behind this when the majority white ethnic 90 percent of America did not want it? It is tribal group known for manipulating populations throughout history. This particular tribal/religous group wants to swim in a multiethnic world so attention is not drawn to them.

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