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New play explores impact of IQ enhancing implants

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 17, 2010

From Wired:

Wirehead goes live Saturday astride an intriguing premise: When an intracranial implant that boosts human intelligence becomes available to anyone with the money to pay for the surgery, rich people get superbright while poor folks get left in the dust. The IQ divide leads to the brink of civil war between resentful normals and the artificially enhanced “wirehead” class of geniuses.

Isn’t there already a significant IQ divide? The issue is not what a bunch of poortards will do (since they are dumb and not capable of much) it is whether smart people will feel guilty about being smart or not. I don’t think dummies watching Plies music videos will notice much if people already much smarter than them get even smarter.

Could IQ implants be proposed by white limousine-liberals for slavery reparations? Then just rich white folks and blacks will benefit, and the white masses will be screwed over…again. But at least racial acheivement gaps could be conquered!


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The iPad will go bust

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 11, 2010

I don’t get it.

What exactly does the iPad offer that you can’t find in the iPhone?

This whole excitement over it being used as a electronic reader is dumb, because e-ink is only reason the Kindle works as a reader. The iPad will have the same glaring backlit screen as the iPhone.

I think it would be cool if it had a miniature projector. Then it could be used in business for presenting Powerpoint slides, and recreationally to watch movies in makeshift home theatres. But who knows if that’s possible or would even be as cool as I am envisioning it.

So far Apple has navigated the economic downturn shrewdly. I had not expected a company that makes discretionary consumable products to fare so well.  But all good things come to an end, especially improbable ones, and I am hereby predicting the iPad will end Apple’s winning streak in convincing fashion.

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