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Denise Romano – Quixotic Queen of Quackiness

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 21, 2010

Anyone who has read my neophyte blog, or just my previous post,  knows that I have skepticism of what is known as “Game”, and furthermore, skepticism of self proclaimed “PUA’s”. I would now like to take this time to defend Game and the PUA industry from attack, because a lot more than the future of PUA’s is at stake if this crazed,  irrational assault perpetrated by Denise Romano is allowed to gain traction.

Who is Denise Romano?

Denise Romano is a woman who has been trolling Game and MRA blogs of late, most notably by allying herself with blogger  “Lady Raine” (real name: Wendy Schwartz) of “Roissy in DC” notoriety. The crux of her latest crusade is to make “game” illegal by classifying it as coercion or Hate Speech (crimethought) under the law, and thus making men who “game” women into having sex guilty of rape and prosecutable by law.  This sounds absurd, and it is. Unfortunately, thanks to the way laws are worded in our feminized society, her activism seems to be gaining ground. She has stated that she will not stop until she sees people who use game to have sex with women prosecuted, and any business which teaches game (she calls these business “Rape Schools”) to be shut down.

Denise Romano wants the law to control your minds and your everyday actions. She wants to deprive men of developing the social skills required to enjoy romantic relationships, and she advocates a position which reduces women to unthinking animals, unable to resist succumbing to the arousal tactics taught by Game. She is an enemy of freedom and free will in the truest sense, and she needs to be stopped. We must all do our part, because we can not let this kind of precedent be set.

It has come to my attention that Denise is having a book published soon by McGraw-Hill, a major publisher. It would be wise for the denizens of the “game”-o-sphere, and any other freedom loving individual, to provide feedback on the quality of Denise Romano’s writing at the various outlets it is sold. I have provided the following links to where her book is sold at the following online stores:

Barnes and Noble


Please take a few minutes of your time to review Denise Romano’s material. I do not think comments are open yet in Amazon, so mark your calendars. Also,  I shouldn’t need to say this, but read the review policies and write your reviews intelligently so that there is no room for deletion. Thanks.

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