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Denise Romano – Quixotic Queen of Quackiness

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 21, 2010

Anyone who has read my neophyte blog, or just my previous post,  knows that I have skepticism of what is known as “Game”, and furthermore, skepticism of self proclaimed “PUA’s”. I would now like to take this time to defend Game and the PUA industry from attack, because a lot more than the future of PUA’s is at stake if this crazed,  irrational assault perpetrated by Denise Romano is allowed to gain traction.

Who is Denise Romano?

Denise Romano is a woman who has been trolling Game and MRA blogs of late, most notably by allying herself with blogger  “Lady Raine” (real name: Wendy Schwartz) of “Roissy in DC” notoriety. The crux of her latest crusade is to make “game” illegal by classifying it as coercion or Hate Speech (crimethought) under the law, and thus making men who “game” women into having sex guilty of rape and prosecutable by law.  This sounds absurd, and it is. Unfortunately, thanks to the way laws are worded in our feminized society, her activism seems to be gaining ground. She has stated that she will not stop until she sees people who use game to have sex with women prosecuted, and any business which teaches game (she calls these business “Rape Schools”) to be shut down.

Denise Romano wants the law to control your minds and your everyday actions. She wants to deprive men of developing the social skills required to enjoy romantic relationships, and she advocates a position which reduces women to unthinking animals, unable to resist succumbing to the arousal tactics taught by Game. She is an enemy of freedom and free will in the truest sense, and she needs to be stopped. We must all do our part, because we can not let this kind of precedent be set.

It has come to my attention that Denise is having a book published soon by McGraw-Hill, a major publisher. It would be wise for the denizens of the “game”-o-sphere, and any other freedom loving individual, to provide feedback on the quality of Denise Romano’s writing at the various outlets it is sold. I have provided the following links to where her book is sold at the following online stores:

Barnes and Noble


Please take a few minutes of your time to review Denise Romano’s material. I do not think comments are open yet in Amazon, so mark your calendars. Also,  I shouldn’t need to say this, but read the review policies and write your reviews intelligently so that there is no room for deletion. Thanks.

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42 Responses to “Denise Romano – Quixotic Queen of Quackiness”

  1. Denise said

    You’ve completely misrepresented my positions on everything in your post, and you’ve obviously not read my blog.

    I do not seek to make game illegal, and I do not seek men who use game to be found guilty of rape.

    I have also never stated this: ” She has stated that she will not stop until she sees people who use game to have sex with women prosecuted, and any business which teaches game (she calls these business “Rape Schools”) to be shut down.

    What you’ve published above is libel. You really should read my blog before you misquote and libel me here.

    I suggest you cease and desist and edit this post as it is libelous as it currently stands.

    What I HAVE said is that not all men who use game are sexually assaulting women and that not all game methods are problematic.

    However, most PUA “schools” are recklessly negligent in addressing crucial issues of consent and lack of consent as well as what constitutes sexual assault and rape.

    The concepts of ASD and LMR are seriously problematic and teach men that “No” does not mean no despite a rape epidemic in the US.

    Most PUAs I’ve heard from have told me very directly that they do not care about or feel beholden to any ethics, that they do not care about the women whom they bed, and that all they care about is getting laid.

    My research of “game” includes having read at least 8 books written by men who claim to be “master PUAs”, subscriptions to several PUA blogs and forums where comments are left by PUAs, and additional research into the MRA community.

    The PUA community does seem to be disturbingly (mis)informed by the reigning MRA beliefs about gender, women, power, society, family, and freedom.

    I have repeatedly acknoweldged that there are about seven or eight men involved in the PUA or MRA community who have echoed my concerns about “game” and who have in fact spoken out against LMR, the misuse of hypnosis and NLP, and other methods that do meet the defintiions of psychological and/or physical coercion under sexual assault and rape laws.

    My goal is not to put anyone in jail or to shut anyone down. Before I began blogging about this topic, I did write to several PUA “school” leaders and I gave them an opportunity to respond to concerns that many men and women have about their methods.

    The response I got from LoveSystems was that they did not care if anyone was concerned.

    In fact, the PUA language is hate speech, and the methods used by most (not all) PUA schools are very similar to those used by “high control groups” (also known as cults).

    The FBI’s monograph on hate crimes and hate speech is on my blog if you care to read it. Hatred based on gender is just as destructive as hatred based on race, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, etc.

    Additionally, Steven Hassan is a cult expert. I volunteer for the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services Cult Hotline; I’ve been helping those whose loved ones have joined cults for years. Steve Hassan’s infromation about what makes a group a benign or destructive cult can also be found on my blog.

    The purpose of my blogging on this topic is clearly stated on my blog (which you clearly have not read).

    I hope to pressure the “PUA” industry to operate in an ethical manner and to responsibly teach men useful skills that do not harm themselves or others.

    I also hope to educate women, men and parents about the PUA industry so they can protect themselves and their children from the predatory and often assautive methods used by these men.

    I also hope to alert the authorities to those groups and blogs which frequently use hate speech, incite violence, and recklessly teach men “techniques” like LMR without addressing issues of consent and sexual assault definitions.

    I don’t know where you got your mischaracterizations of my goals and statements, but you really should go directy to a source before quoting someone.

    And, if you’ve been to the spearhead or roissy, you should know that both of those blogs have been caught cutting and pasting comments from Lady Raine, me and others to make it appear that we’ve said things we actually haven’t. So, I recommend that you not use those as sources of information regarding what anyone has said.

    Denise Romano

  2. Anon said

    Denise Romano,

    For someone who is not attractive enough to draw the attention of men, you sure are worried about Game and seduction.

    I assure you, no man will run Game on you.

    Problem solved.

    Plus, Roissy is still posting away happily. Your attempt to shut him down failed, and he even got more visibility from The Weekly Standard.

    • Denise said

      I did not attempt to shut weidmann down.

      Your comments on my appearance are ridiculous and only prove that you have no argument of substance.

      In fact, I’m happily in a relationship, but this is not about me.

      And, you may want to let Tupac and other idiot PUAs who have come on to me on LR’s blog know how “unattractive” I am.

      • Anon said

        You think Tupac came on to you?

        You actually think that?


        I didn’t think you were THIS delusional…

      • Anon said

        Oh, you did attempt to shut ROissy down by calling the DC police.

        You only deny it now because you failed and were humiliated.

        Your fat ass and pendulous swingers ensure that you will never have to worry about a PUA talking to you. So what is your problem?

        And if PUAs are ‘idiots’, why are you so worried about them?

      • PlanetGrok said

        Yeah I would like to see just where Tupac came on to her. I meant to call her out on that but my head spins every time I read her drivel.

    • Lady Raine said

      Yes, all women who think that intimidation and sexual assault are “bad” are “ugly” or fat, right?

      What are you, 12 years old?

      One could also say that the only men who need game are ugly, small-dicked, self-loathing Rapists, too by that rationale couldn’t they?

      The fact of the matter is that long before Denise, the educated women and men of the Medical and Psychological Community have already assessed, considered, and condemned Game as “unethical” and often “illegal” or running on the fine line of illegal.

      Denise did not magically invent this concept. New laws are based on the opinion of actual credible PROFESSIONALS in those fields (like Denise) and what their educated opinions on related matters are.

      Psychologists long ago discovered and made it clear that Game is abusive and sometimes criminal. That is something that is obvious to anyone who understands the law or the human mind.

      Fraud is a crime. The constitution does NOT include your “right to lie” and thus defrauding a woman out of her resources (sex) using willful and malicious intent (Game) is a crime.

      How could anyone argue that point?

      You are smart to be “concerned” about the opinions of Professionals like Denise because they ARE the ones who influence the Lawmakers on what is acceptable and lawful and what is not (in regards to the human mind and related matters, of course).

      If you do a little research you will find that MANY MANY Psychologists and Doctors both male and female have the SAME interpretation of Game methods and ethics as I do and as Denise and so many others do.

      Odd that you don’t find ANY Professionals who argue FOR Game, huh?

      Okay, no it’s because no professional would recommend “brainwashing a woman into sex and committing fraud, sexual coercion, and intimidation to have a healthy sex life”.

      They’d be laughed out of the Courthouse, the Doctor’s Office, and be stripped of their medical licenses and tossed in a looney bin.

      The only reason PUA’s have gotten away with it this long is because most people assume it’s a small minority of freaks and nerds who are using it and don’t realize that there are woman-haters (MRAs) and Misogynists who are following this like the BIBLE to wage war on anything that was born with a uterus.

      Misogyny is unacceptable and I doubt any men would be “cool with” a large group of women selling “Take His Money Faster” materials including Hypnosis and Intimidation to do so by any means necessary.

      Perhaps some women SHOULD do that to see the same shrieking schoolgirls that support PUA/MRA nonsense cry “foul” when a group of women do the same thing.

      Shit, I’d like to line my pockets in Gold off of stupid and desperate people like PUA Salesmen do! After all, we all know how easy it is to brainwash the masses…..just look at the US Government!!!

      Maybe I’ll start that group and take a slice of that pie 🙂

      • iktikn said

        >The constitution does NOT include your “right to lie” and thus defrauding a woman out of her resources (sex) using willful and malicious intent (Game) is a crime.

        Are you a comedian by any chance, ’cause this really made me laugh.

  3. Cannon's Canon said

    god, her comments are unreadable. how the fuck could someone make it through a whole book penned by this buffoon? ugh.

  4. Jabberwocky said


    Libel? OOOOhhh, scary! Lets just censor the whole mano-sphere! That won’t help motivate our side in the least! Good luck with that. What people say to each other, how they say it, and what the underlying intent is, cannot be stopped you legally midget minded misandrist. I think its protected by a law I’m even familiar with, whats it called again, the first something? An amendment maybe? What is it called again

  5. Anonymous said

    She misses the whole point of Roissy’s trying to get decent guys to have a chance with how shallow and selfish things have become today.

  6. La Matadora said

    Nice try at bullying, guys. From attacks on Denise’s appearance to snide little untruths about her writing style, everyone here has STUPIDLY AND DELIBERATELY missed the point of what she was saying on her blog and elsewhere. Cute little attempts at devaluing the messenger, especially for being a non-compliant female…but you ignore what she’s saying at your legal peril.

    You can tell yourselves all you want to that Denise is “quixotic,” “quacky,” “unreadable,” (BULLSHIT–the above post has a lot of short, blunt sentences that a 6th grader could read–did you finish kindergarten?) or anything else you want to. Keep the Scarlet O’Hara level of self-delusion up, guys, because it’s only a matter of time before the chickens come home to roost on this one.

    Labeling Denise an “enemy of freedom” while PUAs and other men reserve the right to limit women’s choices and resistance with nasty, manipulative, secretive techniques is the most hypocritical garbage I’ve read in a long time. This tells me where your real sympathies lie: with tyrannical, control-freak predators hell-bent on getting their conquering ways, no matter how dirty their methods are. So be it, your masks are all off.

    Freedom of speech does not extend to yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater; it does not extend to speech intended to incite riots or sedition; it SURE AS SHIT does not extend to con-artist games, nor does it cover hate speech that incites others to defraud and/or assault a targeted group. Denise is *more* than onto something, and I for one have real plans to listen to her…AND buy her book. Plus I’ll be sure to tell my friends!:D

  7. manticore said

    “My goal is not to put anyone in jail or to shut anyone down.”

    Denise, you sure about that. If you describe someone as promoting ‘hate’ then i suppose the repercussions are something that they brought on themselves. You just applied the label repeatedly.

  8. Denise said

    manticore – yes I’m sure about that. What I”m doing is exactly what the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League have been doing for decades: tracking and exposing and watching hate speech to see that it does not escalte to hate-actions.

    The hysterical reactions in response to what I’ve written are really well, hysterical.

    These blogs and “schools” claim the freedom to say that men have the “right” use the following methods to get laid by any means possible (which is false) and have the “right” to engage in hate speech (The PUA “language” for example) and the more extremist MRA blogs repeatedly express their right to say that women should not have the right to vote.

    The answer to hate speech is MORE speech. And that is what I’ve done.

    So these shrieking schoolgirls (those who have been hysterically shrieking about what I’ve said very clearly) can dish it out but can’t take it.

    When I and others criticize their rampant misogyny, hate speech, and hate actions, WE are called the “enemies of freedom”, are misquoted, libeled, and personally attacked.

    Last time I checked, those of us who criticize this hatred have not tried to limit anyone’s legitilate freedoms.

    weidmann’s sick little blog should continue; this is the USA. What cannot continue are those posts that he was forced (yes forced) to take down – and that happened for a reason.

    And the rest of you should remind yourselves that just as weidmann and others spewing hatred on the web have the right to do that, I and others have every right to counter their hatred and call them out on it.

    Furthermore, just as weidmann and others have the right to spew their hatred, they will be monitored so that the moment they begin crossing the line of what is legal, the appropriate authorities will contact them.

    If more Americans monitored hate in this way, we’d have less “frustrated men” murdering women with guns because such men couldn’t get a date and less neonazis killing security guards working at museums.

    Both of those murderers had their own online hate tirades which predicted their violent killings of innocent people.

    They are only the most recent examples.

    And, if weidmann has truly done the things he “brags” about having done to women, he has already crossed the line, which is why he is being watched.

    The many extremist MRA blogs which provide instruction to men on how to control the women in their lives are perpetuating and encouraging violence that is criminal.

    I’m sure you will now say that the laws that exist are invalid and anti-male, but the truth is they are neither.

    For those of you who cannot read above a 9th grade readling level, I will now translate:

    1. PUAs and MRAs have freedom of speech; so does Denise.
    2. This blog post says many untrue things about what Denise has actually said and written.

    3. Freedom of Speech does not cover all forms of hate speech.

    4. Denise has not tried to shut down weidmann’s blog.

    5. Denise is doing exactly what the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League do, which is to monitor hate speech and hate actions.

    Since this libelous blog post has still not be corrected, I suggest all readers here visit my blog to see what I’ve ACTUALLY said:



  9. PlanetGrok said

    Denise, the only way I could have misrepresented your position would be because you change it so often. You start out by saying that you’re not trying to shut anyone down, blah blah, but then escalate your rhetoric to reveal your true intentions – namely to make aspects of game that use NLP illegal, and have advocates of such techniques prosecuted for “Hate Speech”, an Orwellian term if I ever saw one.

  10. manticore said


    Who appointed the ADL and SLPC as policeman of ‘hate’? I have given them no authority to do so on my behalf. They are organizations with a political agenda – not the disinterested arbiters of right and wrong, love and hate.

    Actually – i feel you make some valid points. I despise exploitation. But your willingness to use the ‘newspeak’ term of ‘hate’ to close down debate undermines your case. Make your arguments – and win some of them – without denying other views and labelling them as ‘hate’. The problem with this concept is that it can be used in any fashion. We don’t like what you say – it’s hate – shut up.

    You are perfectly entitled to ‘hate’ roissy and the pua’s. And to freely debate them and make your case in the strongest terms. But to get the quasi-legal ‘hate’ label applied is wrong.

    “I believe in the right to free speech – but you must take our opinions into account”. Josef Goebbels.

  11. manticore said

    I enjoy Plantet Grok’s writing very much – but i don’t feel that spamming Denise’s book on Amazon is appropriate. Reviews should be honest – humorous if needs be – but honest. Debate – without one side appealing to imo biased authorities – is the way to go.

    I was disappointed that Obsidian didn’t debate Planet Grok on his – it could have been great. Hmmh and LOL aren’t arguments. Maybe Planet Grok – and Obsidians – views would have developed from the debate. Shame.

    • PlanetGrok said

      Thanks for the compliment.

      Do you think Denise’s habit of spamming Game and MRA blogs is appropriate? Why not fight fire with fire?

      And I did not encourage dishonest reviews, for the record. For instance, once could note that Denise Romano has demonstrated a very poor knowledge of legal matters in her plethora of online writings, which is true. Look how she throws around “slander” and “libel” around, and even uses them interchangeably, obviously ignorant of their meaning.

  12. manticore said

    Hey – i enjoy your prose!

    Re Denise. Maybe ‘dishonest’ was the wrong term. I’m just not sure that fighting fire with fire is the way to go. Man-sphere bloggers can’t go the ADL and expect a hearing!

    OT – re your tutoring of a AA kid. Obs had a point re relevance – how do you get a kid to see that something initially obscure and complex is utterly relevant to their life. For Maths – how about using the Matrix as an analogy. The fundamental reality – or logos – is number. And how the Matrix is being created via computer games. Maybe use the golden ratio as example of how an Platonic Idea is embedded into the fabric of reality and Beauty. The golden ratio can tie together geometry, algebra and numbers.

  13. luvsic said


    1 stars!

  14. Lady Raine said

    Oh! And so that you’re “prepared”, Denise and I already have a large group of well known bloggers, professionals, and some Feminists planning to form our OWN seminars, books, e-books, and classes to instruct AGAINST PUA’s and educate men and women on what they are REALLY teaching and what they are REALLY buying.

    You can thank idiots like Roissy and The Spearhead Psychopaths for making it a more pressing and immediate issue to be thwarted.

    (I’m prepping in advance for my smug “I told you so” posts when the law against Pick Up and “Game” Sales are outlawed and these pervs are sitting behind bars where they belong).

    Honestly, Roissy is the least of our concerns. He’s already two steps away from Prison and he is one of the people who is offering his psychotic advice for free. Essentially, we all know he is nobody in the grand scheme of the world, men, and Game (and that he is one of those people where you apply the expression “Give him a long enough rope….and he’ll hang himself” because he will destroy himself much faster by being pushed and prodded than by being attacked directly).

    Much like the “Make them go insane slowly” tips mentioned in my “Revenge Tips” post I did awhile ago. It’s true and works the same for people of his sort.

    Wipe out the Big Dogs and the little lapdogs die with them. It’s a simple concept and works the same in every group.

    Besides, Roissy rolled over and died the moment I posted about him ONCE after his 8 months of obsessive “Lady Raine” posts and constant stalking, obsessing, and attempts at slandering me (or upsetting me….I’m not sure WHAT he was trying to accomplish) and sent Chuck Ross to “Intervene” and email me begging for me to “take the posts down” and that Roissy was “really sorry” and all that Beta, pussy-whipped nonsense.

    He’s not a contender for me and as far as I’m concerned he’s done. Mark those words, darling….you’ll see more and more of it every day as the quickly sinking ship lets out it’s last creaks and groans as it slips under the water where it will deteriorate and be forgotten much like Roissy’s dick since the late 1970’s when he last got laid 🙂

    It was like kicking a puppy. Poor thing.

  15. Lady Raine said

    PS: To Manticore–

    Please remember that “hate” is NOT being used loosely in terms of the bloggers/sites we are specifically mentioning like Roissy’s or The Spearhead. Go read there and decide for yourself if they are “encouraging hate and violence against women”.

    The definition of a “hate crime” or “hate speech” is described as speech that imposed on the FREEDOM of OTHERS (the people you are speaking about).

    You can speak freely all day, but if your “free speech” is taking away a group, religion, races “freedom” to live and speak as freely as you do, it is NOT protected by the Constitution and is NOT considered part of “Free Speech”.

    Furthermore, the 1st Amendment does NOT include your “right to lie” and hate speech is considering “dishonest/lying”. Thus the Constitution does not protect against it in THAT way, either.

    A person who encourages and demands that men abuse and hit women, disrespect women, and even sexually assault women in the form of “Laws, Rules, Maxims, Guidelines, and Commandments” is pretty clearly encouraging “hate and violence against a particular group or groups” and therefore is guilty of Hate Speech and any crimes resulting are Hate Crimes.

    It is not difficult to see how one could assume Roissy is inciting violence against women. What would you call his post “Hitting a Woman Turns Her On”. Doesn’t sound like an “opinion” or a “Maybe” to me…..sounds like an Absolute. A law. A definite. An opinion that is he PUSHING on people as truth, law, rules, and advice for men to follow. There is NO DOUBT what he is trying to do.

    Also, one of his bits of “advice” that a man should “Cum in her mouth and hold it shut and FORCE HER TO SWALLOW”.

    Please tell me WHAT about that statement is NOT a crime? Is NOT sexual assault? Is NOT abuse? Is NOT “hate speech”?

    Would you feel that a crime had been committed if a man read this at Roissy’s and then turned around and did that to your daughter?

    Would you say that Roissy was NOT to blame for TELLING men to do these things? Would you say that it was an “isolated incident” that no one could have forseen?

    Or would you say that some asshole blogger is TELLING men to do illegal things to women to abuse them and men who are not smart enough to know it’s illegal will do it???

    Not to mention that a man who follows his advice and actually DID something like that has a VERY good chance of getting stabbed, attacked, or his dick violently removed in self-defense by the woman he tries that on. And she’d be well within her right.

    Now do you blame the dumb person who took Roissy’s advice as “Laws and Maxims” or do you blame the blogger who made it a “man law” and Defrauded and lied to his readers?

    Do you blame the Drug Company for putting out the bad drug or the trusting patients who swallow the pill?

    I think it’s pretty obvious and I don’t see how anyone could see it any other way.

  16. Lady Raine said

    Let me ask you, after Roissy posted the porno you starred in, did you cast one of your Pagan spells on him?

    Except that anyone with functional eyeballs could see that the woman in the video didn’t even resemble me. She also had completely different tattoos covering her that I DON’T have and also the date of the video would have made me approximately 14 years old when I would have been “starring” in that video.

    I sincerely hope that was meant as a joke since I would never consider doing porno or letting a man even film me nude, take nude photos, or make a ‘porno’ with me in it. That’s something that stupid women do when they’re not smart enough to know that you cannot trust anyone with nude photos or videos of yourself.

    Are you really delusional enough to believe that was ME in that porno? If so, then I must assume you are both blind AND retarded because even Roissy himself didn’t think anyone would fall for it.

    Cast a “pagan spell” on him? What is this a movie? I practice Kemeticism…..which if you were educated you would know is the Ancient Egyptian Religion that both Christianity and Judaism are DIRECTLY descended from.

    Way to go, dude seriously. Not that I think you were serious, but typically in order to “cast a spell” on someone you’d have to actually have MET them at least once…..or spoken to them personally at least. And since I have never ever spoken to Roissy outside his comments section at his blog, then I think it would be rather difficult (and pointless….he’s easily thwarted as it is).

    And if you really believe that Roissy did NOT come crawling to me, why don’t you go ask Chuck Ross? I still HAVE all the emails he sent me begging me to remove the Roissy posts and apologizing FOR Roissy.

    If Chuck Ross gives the go ahead, I will gladly post to you each and every one of his emails that proves every word I just said is true. I highly doubt that he’d flat out lie and deny it.

    Go ask him yourself.

    • PlanetGrok said

      I didn’t see the video in question, just heard through the grapevine, so I’ll withold judgement of whether that was you or not.

      I thought Kemeticism was started in the 70s by a bunch of hippies. Since you support fascism, do you find many kindred souls in the movement?

    • Columnist said

      Kemeticism?! You do know the Ancient Egyptians invented clitoridectomy and infibulation?!

  17. Lady Raine said

    And Denise is much kinder than I am about “wiping out” people like Roissy and MRAs….she may not want to “wipe them out” but I think a little “social cleansing” is in order for them and this “Feminist America” is the EASIEST place to do it 🙂

    You know….make the Law work FOR you and not against you, right?

    I don’t believe that all people are equal and there’s no reason why woman-hater and abusers like them should be treated at a human level deserving of human rights. They are criminals and trust me, if I was in charge….criminals would ALL be “one strike you’re out” in relation to Rape, Violent Crimes, Sex Crimes, and ANY crime involving children. I’d impose required Death Penalty for any and all criminals convicted of a violent crime or sex crime. Period.

    They are the most heinous crimes and I’m not as Liberal as Denise. I have no problem being labeled a “Fascist” because I DO believe that the United States is in need of a good, solid Dictator to clean up the mess, kick out the trash and start all over again.

    I don’t have to cover my ass legally like Denise does (because her professional job is attached to her blog) …..mine isn’t. I don’t have to be politically correct or “fair”.

    I think that since PUAs and MRAs promote “by any means necessary” that in return we should wipe them off the earth by using EXACTLY the same means.

    *shrugs…either way….they lose*

    • iktikn said

      >I have no problem being labeled a “Fascist” because I DO believe that the United States is in need of a good, solid Dictator to clean up the mess, kick out the trash and start all over again.

      As always the most fervent advocates against hate and in favor of equality(SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS) are the real fascists and not the freethinkers and freedom lovers they espouse they are.

  18. PlanetGrok said

    “I don’t have to cover my ass legally like Denise does (because her professional job is attached to her blog) …..mine isn’t. I don’t have to be politically correct or “fair”.”

    Translation – burger flipper or welfare mom.

    From what space can you really criticize Roissy? I mean we all saw your house when he posted the picture…it’s not on my side of the tracks, that’s for sure.

  19. One Moniker said

    Planet Grok, Lady Raine has a totally Alpha job that the likes of Obsidian, Roissy, Roosh and that Desi mama’s boy TFH can only dream about (because it would get them real live chicks and they wouldn’t have to make up blog stories or masterbate at sperm banks and try to pass the sperm off as “caucasian”).

    As far as “welfare”, Roissy’s cushiony government paper pushing job is subsidized by MY TAXES.

    Those jobs need to be shaved off. The buck stops here and this is where I become a tea-bagger.

  20. rob said

    Lady Raine,

    There is no legal category of ‘hate speech” in the US. Freedom of speech does indeed cover most speech that you think is hate speech.

  21. iktikn said

    After reading the comments by Denise & Lady Raine I won’t bother to keep reading their nonsense in their blogs.

    P.S. It is kind of tiring to read the same thing over and over again.

  22. Ms. Romana complains about “fraud” in Game. Isn’t a woman’s promise to stay married (if only until she is bored of her mate) a form of fraud?

    We all create an image of ourselves for public consumption. Game-players who embellish their life stories are not engaged in fraud if they fib to make themselves sound more interesting. See Roissy’s recent post about how to describe a Caribbean vacation: (a) factual and fairly dull, (b) spiced up with fantasy details.

    As the Romans said so economically, “Caveat emptor” or let the buyer beware. If you are involved with someone, don’t sleep with that person until you have a better understanding of that person. Read WHEN IN DOUBT, CHECK HIM OUT, available at and other outlets.

    Don’t say “women are strong” on Monday, then “women are helpless victims and must be protected” on Tuesday!!

  23. Prime said

    “What I’m doing is exactly what the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League have been doing for decades: tracking and exposing and watching hate speech to see that it does not escalate to hate-actions.”

    So you’re trying to cultivate a niche progressive exploitation machine to rile up fear and loathing from easily frazzled liberals, herbs and females? Sounds lucrative. Ineffective re: the intended goal (to see that it does not escalate to hate-actions), but that’s really inconsequential to your ‘good’ work. Good luck turning yourself into the Abe Foxman or Morris Dees of Game.

  24. Denise said

    Wow, I haven’t been here in awhile. As I work on a new book and need a break, it’s an interesting change of scenery to see what’s been said here.

    There was a quote earlier about the right to have opinions – yes, well that applies to those of us who define Game as engaging in hate speech.

    It is not my definition, but the FBI’s definition of hate-speech to which we refer. And, as for defining fraudulently-gotten sex by PUAs as sexual assault and rape, that is also not our own creation, but from actual US laws. The links are on my site and all over Lady Raine’s blog.

    No, I’m not “trying to cultivate…..” anything.

    I am merely speaking out about something that I find reprehensible and extremely harmful to all people, including children, and to society in general. That is my right.

    And, planetgrok, the fact that you don’t check your facts before making statements is really disappointing – Lady Raine has never been in a porn anything – and that was not her on weidmann’s site – that was yet another weidmann-libel/slander move, which he has done to many people, and so have his commentors. One of his commentors posted a video that he said was me, and it was not me.

    So, you should really do your research and go directy to the source before you continue making a fool of yourself and posting things in writing based on what you’ve heard and seen intentionally misstated on other blogs, like The Pinhead.

    Oh – and I’m not making any money off of speaking out against Game. I’m doing it because it’s important.

    My book is about ethics in the workplace, not about Game.

    But, I wouldn’t expect you to understand what the word “ethics” means. You may want to ask the male role model who raised you to be such a genius for a dictionary. Given your inability to be intellectually honest, employ reality-testing or critical thinking skills, and read at a basic high school level – I can only imagine that you still live in your parents’ basement and are dependent upon them for anything you need.


  25. Denise said

    time for another break – here is the section of LR’s blog where the idiot, Tupac, came on to me and I promptly vomited:

    Tupac Chopra Says:

    January 14, 2010 at 1:45 AM
    What scares you ladies the most is that men are now congregating to exchange shared information in the manner you women have done for centuries. We are on to you now, and you just can’t handle it.

    But you’d best get used to it.

    Denise A. Romano, MA, EdM Says:

    January 14, 2010 at 1:48 AM
    Nullpointer – i just saw the comment on mystery’s book notes. That’s right. I’m busy. I will finish posting on what is unethical about the rest of his book when I have time.

    tupac: I don’t think you’ve read anything we’ve said!

    Both LR and I both have said we happened to be cheerleaders who went for the nerdy smart guys!

    (just an odd coincidence) – but seriously – we’re NOT the only ones like this in the world…

    there are many quality women who seek quality men.

    When i read your post about how you’ve given up on enduring love and how women don’t deserve fair play, I hear a man in enormous pain.

    I hope you can process the pain, realize that not all women are alike and try to have hope in love again, because it’s most definitely possible to find.

    and, I think your assessment of what women want is inaccurate.

    i really do.

    Denise A. Romano, MA, EdM Says:

    January 14, 2010 at 1:56 AM
    Nova –

    I think we all agree here that both men and women need to have really excellent sex education and it needs to be kept up to date.

    We were SHOCKED to learn how many men were writing on this blog who had no idea that condoms do not protect from all STDs, who had no idea that women more easily contract HIV and other STDs than men do (b/c of anatomical differences) and that many men didn’t even consider the risks of HIV and other STD transmission as a result of:

    when someone cheats
    not using condoms

    When we see men blog about fucking as many women as possible, cumming in her mouth and forcing her to swallow it, refusing to wear condoms, and not telling women they’re sleeping with other women –

    this is sexual ignorance as well as abusive and violent.

    As for giving sexual pleasure, nobody is saying men have to be women’s robots. What we’ve said is both partners should please each other.

    We’ve HARPED on the concept of MUTUALITY here.

    I think the ONLY reason that comment focused on men was because it was a list of what we’d like to see taught to men in game.

    but, of course women should do all they can to please their partners as well.

    I love the books She Comes First and He Comes Second by Ian Kerner as well as The Guide to Getting it On.

    There are ALOT of men and women who did not get adequate sex education ever and that’s just unnecessary.

    Tupac Chopra Says:

    January 14, 2010 at 1:58 AM
    When i read your post about how you’ve given up on enduring love and how women don’t deserve fair play, I hear a man in enormous pain.

    “Eckhart saw Hell too. He said: ‘The only thing that burns in Hell is the part of you that won’t let go of life, your memories, your attachments. They burn them all away. But they’re not punishing you,’ he said. They’re freeing your soul. So, if you’re frightened of dying and… and you’re holding on, you’ll see devils tearing your life away. But if you’ve made your peace, then the devils are really angels, freeing you from the earth.’” – Jacob’s Ladder

    Denise A. Romano, MA, EdM Says:

    January 14, 2010 at 2:01 AM
    Tupac –

    this is NOT about thought-crime.

    this is about real crime:

    Denise A. Romano, MA, EdM Says:

    January 14, 2010 at 2:03 AM
    Tupac and others;

    Nobody has the right to use deception, coercion, or manipulation to get someone to have sex:

    – The US Government:

    Tupac Chopra Says:

    January 14, 2010 at 2:09 AM
    Deception is an inherent part of life.

    Grow up, Denise.

    Tupac Chopra Says:

    January 14, 2010 at 2:13 AM
    Denise –

    You have nice hair, pretty eyes.

    What’s your BMI?

    I might actually do you.

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