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What does Razib think of GNXPers?

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 14, 2010

“in my experience as a blogger most “discussion” is retarded and most discussants are barely sentient.” here

Not “in my experience as someone who reads many blog comments”, but “in my experience as a blogger”.  Ouch.  Lol. There’s not really a charitable way to spin this. Razib thinks we’re a bunch of  ‘tards. Oh well, I guess.


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Controversy in the Comments

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 13, 2010

Some people seemed to take my post “The Racial Tallies Are In” a lot more seriously than I did. David Alexander felt the need to become the Atlas of the black race and wallow in the pits of racial despair yet again. Obsidian chided me for not being DA’s shrink, again. A couple of Hispanic commenters took offense at my joke that Hispanics have no racial strengths (despite the fact that I can almost guarantee these commenters look nothing like the border jumpers) and some White Power guy felt the need to make an ill-informed and offensive rant. I briefly thought about censoring Mr. Stormfront, but then I figured that since I had already let Obsidian call white people “crackers” several times, I would let this comment slide also. The Asian of Reason took the assessments in stride as usual, and contributed to my mission of building more accurate racial stereotypes.

All very interesting.

Vincent Ignatius made a couple of good points that tied into an earlier post, Mr. Kurtz syndrome. He commented that the people who seem to be the most snobby about their intelligence are those ~2 standard deviations above the norm, because those that are much higher have a hard time relating to people in general, even other “smart” people. I think he’s on track here.

Mr. Kurtz Syndrome is most likely going to set in when a person’s idealistic notions of reality come crashing down. When you have an IQ of about 130 or so (top 2 or 3 %), you’ll spend your youth surrounded by other people of about the same intelligence. Many families have an historical mean IQ of 130. I’d wager that this describes the average AP student in a US high school (besides those schools in heavily minority districts where students are improperly tracked into AP classes).  When your IQ gets to ~ 3 standard deviations, it is hard to relate to even the “smart kids”, so you either 1) stop being picky, or 2) don’t develop any friends at all, and fall off the “nerd cliff”. Those who have extremely high IQ’s are thus unlikely to develop Mr. Kurtz syndrome because they are unlikely to develop overly idealistic notions of intellectual equality to begin with.

Obsidian just put up a new post where he seems to think the end result of HBD acceptance is the extermination of black people. That’s silly. But he wisely chose to quote at length the much more articulate David Alexander, which may make his post worth responding to.

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Asian Internet Addiction Really Kills

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 12, 2010

As readers of this blog know, one of the negative traits of East Asians is their propensity to extreme introversion. The average skeptical white American thinks that the Chinese government’s concern with their homeland’s  rampant internet addiction is just an excuse to curb free speech. But there is a good HBD explanation to the Chinese internet addiction problem: East Asians just do not like interacting with real people very much, even when it comes to romance.

This is a serious problem in Asia, where people kill over World of Warcraft.

But the evil of Asian introversion has sunk to a new low:

A South Korean couple addicted to the Internet left their 3-month-old daughter to starve to death while they raised a virtual daughter online during 12-hour bouts at a cyber cafe, police said.

The husband and wife had been on the run since their baby, born prematurely, died five months ago of severe dehydration and malnutrition, police said. They were arrested this week near their home south of the capital Seoul and charged today with child abuse and neglect.

Police say the couple left their infant alone in their apartment and rushed back from the Internet cafe just once a day to feed her. South Korea’s official Yonhap news agency first reported the arrests, quoting police.

WTF, Asians?


Honorable Grokkian and blogger extraordinaire Ferdinand Bardamu points me to another great example of extreme Asian introversion killing someone: A 28 year old Korean man plays video games for 50 hours straight until he dies of exhaustion.

These extreme cases of internet addiction come almost exclusively from East Asian countries, so I’m absolutely certain there’s an HBD explanation here.

Maybe it is a combination of introversion AND lack of creativity? An asian with these traits in extreme might have difficulty enjoying life without the vicarious thrill of existing in a world  made by someone else’s imagination, and little need for social interaction.

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Power to the People

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 11, 2010

I really, really hate traffic cameras. I have never gotten a real ticket, but those little red light cameras always get me.

When I get a picture of my transgressions in the mail, my vehicle is always in the process of clearing the intersection. I am not running lights that have been red for several seconds or more, I am trying to avoid slamming on my brakes and causing havoc. Besides the annoyance of having to shell out 170 bucks every couple of months, something about the Big Brotheresque potential abuse of these devices just really irks me. I’d fight these tickets in court, but the mandatory “court fee” charge and the time off I’d have to call off from work makes this option unappealing.

Fortunately, citizens have been fighting back:

Voters unplugged Steubenville’s traffic cameras in 2006. Ballots cast in Cincinnati banned the long lens of the law from that city’s streets two years later. Two communities outside of Columbus — Chillicothe and Heath — rejected photo enforcement last November.

Could Cleveland or another Northeast Ohio community be next?

A local campaign to oust cameras may be developing: “We’re prepared to make this an issue,” said Maryanne Petranek of Cleveland, vice chair of the 150-member Cuyahoga County for Liberty. “This is a case where people have to find their voice, stand up and say no.”

An organization called COAST has been behind the anti-camera efforts. Please take your hats off to these patriots in our midst.

If civil efforts fail, I also support those who vandalize these un-American spy devices.

In related government-watch news, Ryan Singel argues that the government has decided it hates the unfiltered freedom of the internet, and wants to clamp down.

Planet Grok is calling it now:  There will be a false flag “cyberwar” hacker attack on the US over the internet, and our government will use that as an excuse to pressure congress into “re-engineering” the internet. Don’t believe the hype.

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The Racial Tallies Are In

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 10, 2010

And here are the results:

East Asians

Strengths: Mathematical ability, diligence, high IQ, nonviolent, lack of BO

Weaknesses: Shy, overly cautious, lacking in fully developed sexual organs.


Strengths:  Charisma, athletic ability, sex organs/ability, music (sometimes)

Weaknesses: Violent, low IQ, low class, resentful


Strengths: Wide range of abilities, from athleticism to intelligence. A non-specialized, jack-of-all trades race. More personality, aggression and assertiveness than Asians, with much higher IQs than blacks. (obviously) The happy median.

Weaknesses: A tendency to self-flagellate, lack of ethnic awareness and solidarity.

South Asians

Strengths: Class conscious, hard-working, family oriented, versatile, rich culture

Weaknesses: Putrid B.O., shyness, weak, effeminate men.

Native American Hispanics

Strengths: ?

Weaknesses: Low IQ, violent gangs, Asian-like bodies, fecundity

Well, it looks like someone got the short end of the stick…Mainstream politicians must be better at all this HBD stuff than me, because I can’t see any strengths there.


OT P.S. – For those who haven’t been checking, The Asian of Reason has been posting blog gold lately.

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Mr. Kurtz Syndrome

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 9, 2010

One of the mandatory reading assignments high-school students used to be assigned before the age of political correctness was Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. This haunting novel features as its antagonist a complex, gifted man -Mr. Kurtz- who has “gone native” in the African Congo. He is an ivory trader who is also revered as a god by the native population, whom he terrorizes and rules with an iron fist.

Mr. Kurtz was not always such a bad guy, however. He traveled to Africa with what passed for noble intentions in those days – he was a true believer that exploitative trade with undeveloped natives would bring civilization and enlightenment to them. However, the more he lived with the natives, the more he realized that the natives were actually fundamentally different than him. This jarring collision with reality resulted in a mental breakdown, and on top of his previous liberal writings he scrawled scornful rants, most notably “Exterminate all the brutes!”

While there are obviously racial HBD themes that the book raises, the case of Mr. Kurtz has a broader reach. In the world we live in today, the importance of IQ is downplayed. Employers are not allowed to give IQ tests, and college degrees have become so ubiquitous that they are no longer an accurate measure of having crossed an important IQ threshold. The result of this IQ-denialism is that many more high IQ people are slipping through the cracks, falling into low-paying careers in industries where they often have coworkers and bosses who are much dumber than they are. Many of these higher IQ people were raised to believe that intelligence can’t be measured accurately, that their own scholastic success was mostly a function of personal diligence and effort. Insulated in their childhood with other intelligent children, these lies are easy to accept. But later on in life, when the system fails them, or in tough economic times when they are forced to get a McJob with Bubba O’Malley and crew, their little utopia can come crashing down. Hard. When this happens, they often develop what I call “Mr. Kurtz syndrome”.

The modern Mr. Kurtz is characterized by a misanthropic, disgusted disdain for any groups of people not deemed fit. Those afflicted will tend to retreat into their own worlds, and cut off or alienate friends with their rantings. This attitude comes about when, due to a significant IQ gap, one is unable to connect with a strong majority of people one encounters in daily living. It is just very difficult to connect to, and thus empathize with, people who are 20 points or more behind you in IQ.  Intelligence is the defining feature of humanity, and when one is forced to coexist with those who are significantly less intelligent, it is easy to see them as less human also.

Kurtz’s can be identified readily in everyday life. For example, in the workplace, if a Kurtz has employees to manage, he will engage in extreme micromanagement and make belittling comments about those he does not see as on his intellectual plane. A Mr. Kurtz employee will become lazy and apathetic – he knows that he has the intellect to contribute more than he is allowed to be compensated for by the nature of his position. Both left wing and right wing versions of Mr. Kurtz exist: left wing Mr. Kurtz’s will heap their disdain on Republican-voting white proles. A right wing Mr. Kurtz will do likewise with NAMs.

My prediction is that the more the value and applicability of IQ is denied in the name of radical egalitarianism, the more people will develop Mr. Kurtz syndrome. While most high-IQ people will do just fine, of course, the more that IQ’s inherent value is denied, the more people will slip through the cracks due to the resulting systemic inefficiencies and apply their intelligence in ways that damage societal cohesiveness.

My prescription for remedying this situation is to use real IQ tests, and use them often, to help people fit into their appropriate stratum. When highly intelligent people can mingle with other intelligent people, they are much less likely to develop the extreme misanthropy of Mr. Kurtz syndrome, because they are able to connect with the people they interact with. And when the value of IQ is recognized in such a way by the powers-who-decide-such-things, then the higher-IQ types who already do mingle exclusively together (the SWPL crowd) will also give up their support for naive, money-wasting social policies like amnesty for illegal peasant immigrants, prawns, and future Morlocks (-The horror, the horror!).

*note – this post is intended as a F.U.B.U. post, not in response to a certain commenter bent on showing how much damage people with high IQs inflict on society.

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Atavism in Action

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 7, 2010

Funny video I happened to find. Boxer James Toney (and homies) calling out the UFC:

He got his wish.

What’s amusing to me is that even the ghetto sidekicks seem to be dumbing themselves down to Toney’s level.

If the UFC is too prole for you, it still might be worth tuning in just to see this retarded fucker get his face smashed in. I hope they match him up with a good, solid, ground-and-pound wrestler, and not feed him some easy prey like Kimbo.

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The Sweet Revenge of Man

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 6, 2010

I’m sure commenters here have heard about the Mancession. For those who haven’t, a picture says a thousand words:

Fortunately for the next generation of men, Nature has observed this imbalance and is taking matters into her own hands.

Selection in Utero: A Biological Response to Mass Layoffs,” has just been published in the American Journal of Human Biology. The researchers, led by Ralph Catalano and Claire Margerison Zilko, write that the previously reported health effects of economic insecurity may “represent only the tip of a more fundamental ‘adaptation iceberg.’”Specifically, their research supports the argument that when women receive signals that times are tough, their bodies retain the tendency, shaped over thousands of years through natural selection, to reject offspring less likely to survive.

…Such threats are bad news to small male fetuses because “a relatively large fraction” of them fall near “a critical rank below which gestations spontaneously end,” the researchers explain. If they are born, these small males are more likely to die than larger infants and females of equivalent size.

…they estimated that news of impending mass layoffs “predicted the loss of 3,090 males in utero” during the 61 months (out of the 141 they examined) in which unemployment claims exceeded the expected number.

Wait, you say. How does this misandrist male-baby-killing spree that pregnant women are committing (henceforth known as “The Great Culling”) actually help males?

By skewering the sex ratio in our favor, of course. With fewer males for the ladies to choose from, our sons will be able to be pickier than men have ever been (assuming anyone in this corner of the blogosphere ever gets around to reproducing). Women will clamor around the few remaining males who have survived the Great Culling and they will acquiesce to the demands of polygamy. Bring the Mancession on, I say. Balance must be restored to the Force.

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More Affirmative Action, Please

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 5, 2010

Much to the suprise of OneSTDV: Another HBD-denialist piece from Newsweek:

Minority Report

American universities are accepting more minorities than ever. Graduating them is another matter.

Well who could have predicted that?

But if the ignorance is not hilarious enough, take a look at the asserted root of all this, and the implicit solution:

But a bigger problem may be that poor high schools often send their students to colleges for which they are, in educators’ jargon, “undermatched”: they could get into more elite, richer schools, but instead go to community colleges and low-rated state schools that lack the resources to help them.

So what we need to do here is prescribe more affirmative action! Let’s make sure LaQuanian (aka “Ca$hmunny”) or Pablo (aka “No Ingles, holmesssss”) don’t go to those community colleges where they won’t graduate – Let’s send them to Harvard where they’ll have the “resources they need”.

Then, once they get there, let’s boost all of their grades by one full letter until the graduation rate is equal to Asian students. Who wouldn’t want to hire one of these fine young gentlemen?

For years private colleges such as Princeton and MIT have had success bringing minorities onto campus in the summer before freshman year to give them a head start on college-level courses. The newer trend is to start recruiting poor and nonwhite students as early as the seventh grade, using innovative tools like hip-hop competitions to identify kids with sophisticated verbal finesse. Such programs can be expensive, of course, but cheap compared with the millions already invested in scholarships and grants for kids who have little chance to graduate without special support.

Jesus Christ. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think a bunch of rappers have any business being within 50 miles of an MIT class, unless there is a nearby prison. Nor will their dexterity in Ebonics assist them in their MIT engineering courses, homie:

Ca$hmunny: Yo what be up wit dat multivariabible calculus, mayne? System dynamism just be too complex fo’ me. Prof Weisenburg be trippin too, wheneva I acks a question.

Pablo: Si

Ca$hmunny: Giving me awl dese F’s an’ shit. I’m finna battle dis fool next time I see him. Werd

Pablo: Si

Me: *Sigh*

Obsidian: “Pull ya pants UP, grimey brothas, put on some AXE products, and let me show you the way to Muhammed”

(sorry, couldn’t resist)

These articles make you wonder what goes on in the minds of delusional liberal creationists. I mean, even before I encountered HBD, I wasn’t that naive.

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That Didn’t Take Long

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 5, 2010

Don’t worry, this is the last Obsidian post. In the comments of my first Obsidian post, the Volcanic Glasshole himself finally showed up. At first, he displayed a newfound tone of civility, which pleased me. Maybe there was hope, afterall.

Unfortunately, it did not take long for Obsidian to live up to the worst stereotypes of some HBD commenters by inviting me to engage him in some primitive violence, and using an anti-white, racist slur word in the comment thread. The only other blogger I’ve seen go so batshit insane is another lower-class bigot, Lady Raine.

I was asked to ban him in that thread. I’d rather not, he is doing a good job of proving my point… and, sadly, many other people’s points.

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