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Removing All Doubt

Posted by PlanetGrok on April 2, 2010

One of the downsides of learning and applying the principles of game is that it becomes hard to differentiate between the fundamentally decent girls who happened to succumb to your charms, and the slutty girls who just like banging alphas. Fortunately, the sluts usually out themselves before too long.

Once upon a time, yet not so long ago, I met a sweet, attractive girl from the country and used some day game to get her info. After a few days, I called her, we hung out, and I ended up ram-rodding her pink interior until the morning sun tinted the sky with its tangerine rays of warmth. She seemed embarrassed that we hooked up the first night, and in our tender post-coital moment, looked deep into my eyes with admiration, tenderness, and infatuation, imprinting my retinas with her wistful, wishful look of romantic longing. 

Maybe she wasn’t just another hoe. Maybe… just maybe… I had caught one of the good ones in my webs of wily wizardry. My better judgment told me better than this, but still, you can not eliminate all hope from a man, can you?

We went out again the following night, and connected like old friends. I found myself opening up, telling my fawning admirer everything about my past and my plans for the future. We returned from our outing early to hit the sheets once more. I had told her everything I could tell her about myself – except what I could only communicate through touch. The sex was amazing. By the time I was done laying the law down, I was drenched in sweat and collapsed in a heap alongside her, as my gametes glistened like diamond jewelry across her belly in the dimly lit room. She slowly turned her head and looked at me with those soulful eyes of hers again. I felt a bit of the barbed wire encasing my heart loosen, ever so slightly. She opened her mouth, and held her breath. She wanted to tell me something, words that could only take flight from her lips in the sanctitude and safety of our tender afterglow. For once, I wanted to hear what was on her mind. Maybe, just maybe, there was a brief future for me and her. She smiled meekly, and out came what I had been waiting for.

“I…I’m sorry. What did you say your name was again?”


22 Responses to “Removing All Doubt”

  1. Kiwiguy said

    Heh! Nice.

  2. OneSTDV said

    I can’t believe that.

    She should have just gone with Mulva (Seinfeld reference).

  3. Jamila said

    If this story is true then either one of two things….

    1) She really was a “slut” (GOD! I hate that word!!!) the likes of which is only seen in rare instances like those nearly extinct animals you find on an Animal Planet show…


    2) The sex was terrible and you are kidding yourself. If the sex was amazing she should have been scratching your back and calling your name, like that “Neighbors Know My Name” song by Trey Songz.

    Between slumming it and banging sluts who can’t remember your name I’m starting to wonder about your taste in women….

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  5. Who cares since you’re banging hot girls, right? I mean, it’s not like your fucking average women? 🙂

    • This one was an 8.

      • Congrats, you’re now affiliated with decent looking women and have little to not guilt about it. You sir are an alpha.

      • I was banging some chick a couple points beneath me a few months ago. I got a little histrionic with her after only talking to her for a week, not realizing she only saw me as an FB.

        If she had been hot, I would have never let me guard down so soon and always questioned the slut/game divide. After all, dorky not-hot engineers aren’t supposed to be slutty.

      • Levi,

        Female scientists/engineers trend slutty relative to their SES/geographic peers for the same reason that female lawyers do: high T levels. This enables them to have success in male-oriented fields but it also makes them hornier.


        I appreciate the congrats, but coming from a self-professed omega like you, it does not count for much. Now, if you called me Lord of all Lords, God Among Men, Supreme Architect of the Universe, then I might entertain the notion that your assessment of my alphaness is well deserved. Until then, I shall continue to aspire to reach the uber-alpha levels of Roissy/Chateau/Citizen Renedgade, Napoleon, and Lucifer.

      • I shall continue to aspire to reach the uber-alpha levels of Roissy

        I think you can easily do better than Roissy…

  6. Vincent Ignatius said


    Some girls are better than others, but probably none are good enough for modern marriage.

    • Some girls are better than others, but probably none are good enough for modern marriage.

      I’d argue that only true in regards to betas. Alphas can marry and secure loyalty from their women while they find other women to add to their de facto harems. Marriage is useless for betas whether it’s under the old regime or the new regime.

  7. sparks123 said

    “Fuck you! That’s my name.”

  8. theobsidianfiles said

    I agree, you gotta re-evaluate your target selection. Game operates much in the same way that physical beauty works for us guys, it’s pretty much universal. Good gals and not so good gals respond to it, the same way that an uber hottie makes both Alphas and Betas sit up and take notice. I plan to get into more Game-specific things real soon on my blog. Stay tuned…

    The Obsidian

  9. Arranged Divorce said

    A woman who is determined NOT to sleep with a man due to moral/ethical values, simply will not, no matter how handsome or how much “game voodoo” he does on her.

    She will stick to her principals.

    Heck, I even know MEN who will not sleep with women until marriage (yep, they do exist) or until in a serious relationship (more common).

    I don’t know what kind of moral-less, un-principalled people ya’ll are divining into your life with your witches brew, but it’s not my crowd.

  10. Planet Bullshit said

    I call bullshit.

    Ever heard of getting back what you put out? Newton’s third law of physics? Karma?

    Why do you expect to go out and game women, getting them into bed asap, and THEN when you get what you want – them in bed with you asap, you get all surprised (or disappointed) that they are what you are – a slut?

    Get a friggin’ clue already!!!

  11. PA said

    “I…I’m sorry. What did you say your name was again?”

    You should have morphed your face to that alien creature in your gravatar and croaked out “Planet Grok.”

  12. theobsidianfiles said

    Hi Bag Lady,
    As per usual, wrong. Please actually reaxd some books on the topic instead of adopting umpteen personalities and spamming everyone’s blogs, and then you might actually have something legitimate to contribute. Oh, and please don’t get it twisted, you are still very much banned in the House that Obsidian built.

    Have a nice day! 🙂


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  15. jstele said

    The game makes men like you jaded about women so when a true woman shows up, you won’t recognize it. It dehumanizes women so that you will feel confident in approaching her. At the same time, you forget that she is a human being and just see her as another lay target. You have been victimized by the game as much as you use it to victimize other women. The smart guys know what to learn from the game. They don’t take everything so seriously like you.

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