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Blacks and Hispanics Protest Accurate Art

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 26, 2010

A bunch of snobby blacks and Hispanics in NYC have been up in arms over Sofia Maldonado’s  murals that accurately depict female denizens of the ghetto (and the new Section 8 suburbs). 
You can view some of her work here:
Leaders and activists representing Hispanic and African-American communities of New York City gathered on 42nd Street in Manhattan on March 17th to demand the removal of a mural installed in the area,  around the corner from Times Square.
The mural, a 92 feet long by 12 feet high acrylic on plywood work by Sofia Maldonado is mounted on a construction site fence between Broadway and 8th Avenue in one of the most visited areas of the city. It depicts a group of Hispanic and African-American women.
In an open letter to the Board of Directors of the Times Square Alliance,. protesters claim the mural “is unacceptable” as it “depicts African American and Hispanic women in a negative light”.
While I commend the black and Hispanic protesters for their superior cultural taste, it doesn’t occur to them, strangely, that a good number of their co-ethnics do a great job of depicting themselves in a negative light. And since all cultures are equal, we should be able to find beauty in all of them!
Sofia responds to the protests, in typical batshit feminist fashion:
 “My artwork intends and aims to represent brave, strong, and tough women who have to overcome struggles in their daily lives and sometimes impose themselves in a male-dominated world. In a post-feminist society these women can own their bodies in a powerful way without being depicted negatively.”
Maldonado wanted her work to “represent a female aesthetic that normally isn’t seen in Times Square. Women who dress like this should be respected in society the same way as women with briefcases.”
I  actually support the reality-based work of Ms. Maldonado, although for slightly different reasons (I assume).  Contrary to her delusional fantasies, the dysfunctional “people” depicted in her art will never be respected on the same level as productive professionals of any race. The more her artwork is promoted, the faster the multicultural bubble will pop.  I say we should plaster these murals all over the country to remind other citizens exactly who their tax dollars are supporting in America’s ever-expanding wealth redistribution scheme.
I’m adding Sofia to my blogroll.

10 Responses to “Blacks and Hispanics Protest Accurate Art”

  1. Tarl said

    They ought to be flattered. None of the black females depicted is morbidly obese, so the depiction is not accurate at all.

  2. Phoenixism said

    The murals all look so Ghetto Dr. Seussian.

    Weird shit.

    If I had any mental energy stores left, I’d probably come up with a good “Cat in the Hat” style prose. Instead I’m going to bed.

  3. Vincent Ignatius said

    The people it depicts don’t even give a crap. It’s the “community organizer” types who are causing trouble. The typical exchange in the projects would be like this…

    black girl: Did you see them paintings on 42nd.
    Hispanic girl: uh huh, that’s some stereotype shit.
    black girl: Girl, shut up, you look just like one of those bitches in the paintings.
    Hispanic girl: haha, yeah, that’s true.

  4. Obsidian said

    Planet Grok,
    I see you finally got around to what I call The Divas Doth Protest Too Much issue. You’re late. 😉 I’ve written about this at some length on my blog, you and your readers might wanna check it out.

    As for the whole “assimilation thing, today’s post on my blog asks guys like you a very interesting question. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say.


  5. TAS said

    The city of New York has been angering NAMs a lot lately. Recently, it came to light that a playground in a housing project had a piece of playground equipment painted with bars and labeled “Jail.” Predictably, when the activists got word out, the city had to send someone paint over it and another person to remove it entirely with steel wool and paint remover. I wonder how much that cost.


  6. ShutUpOrNutUp said

    I find a strange beauty in these ghetto people. Not the type of beauty that one would want to stick their dick into it’s numerous and smelly holes. But a beauty which one can appreciate the fact that these ghetto people are able to screw themselves even when given other people’s money. It is almost an art in itself how such a people can survive while consuming money which would be better spent on buying downloads for the latest Call of Duty game. These are a precious people, who make us proud not to be them, but not of ourselves. May they live long and prosper; even though, they will likely live short and seek out the next liberal provider. China, they are all yours for the keeping.

  7. Sagat said

    I just got done watching a really interesting program on the History Channel about the end of civilization. It was kind of unrealistic, but had some thought provoking scenarios. The show follows a White family of three as they try to survive in a post apocalyptic America. The show purposely tries not to show Blacks running amok but after most everyone has died, there’s an interesting scene where a preacher proclaims that God has “weeded out those that have recently left the desert and those that have recently left the jungle”. And then you are shown the image of Whites gathered together. Then at the end, years after the calamity, you see that Whites have rebuilt a Utopian society free any minorities. I was shocked that this show got past the censors.

    You can watch the whole show here if you’re interested in post apocalyptic scenarios:

  8. Shuck Corn said

    I bet you anything SWPL liberals stirred up this controversy. Art like that is very common in the ‘hood.

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