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Best of the Blogroll

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 19, 2010

I’m a little late with some of these, but better late than never. I’ve been busy recently so here’s some web browsing fodder to keep you all occupied while you await my next armchair crank theory. Here are what I found to be the most interesting posts by those on the PG blogroll:

Beta Revolution- Word of the Day: Autocannibalism

Chuck Ross on fatties

HalfSigma’s posts on value transference here here here here here and….well, just click on the front page for the rest.

Ferdinand on the absurdity of paying for online news articles.

Levi Johnston, Infant Mortality and Race

Jamila on that overhyped, absurd theory entertained by some MRA guys that men will leave sex with women for hi-tech blow-up dolls in the near future.

OneSTDV takes on David Shenk‘s stupid new book. Shenk responds in the comments.

Steve Hsu on cognitive thresholds.

The Asian of Reason illustrates Asian math standards vs. American standards in his post The Quantitative Advantage.

Vincent on White Knighting.

Enjoy. There’s other great posts on these blogs, and I didn’t link to those blogs where reading every post is obviously mandatory, like Roissy, Razib on Scienceblogs, and Steve Sailer.


2 Responses to “Best of the Blogroll”

  1. Camlost said

    That fatty is hideous, but even if she reaches 2,000 pounds she’ll still have a line of black men chasing her…

  2. 2 Yr Old 156 IQ said

    Here she is

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