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The Defining Trait of a Natural Alpha

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 17, 2010

I spend a lot of my time just watching people and forming new offensive stereotypes taking notes. Those of us who have studied Game material know the importance of dominance in social settings, and how some people are “Natural Alphas”. From my observations, I’d wager that natural alpha males are 1% or less of the general population. When I meet a natural alpha, I observe closely, and I’ve learned some interesting things, but there is one behavior that is an instant alpha marker.

The one trait that all natural alphas share is a complete disregard for another person’s personal space.

When natural alphas walk by, they brush against you. They absolutely refuse to concede any space to you, the beta interloper, even when social norms indicate that they should. Most normal people make a mutual, cooperative effort to avoid close contact. Not alphas. If they are in a crowded club, they walk straight through, bumping drinks and making no apologies. In a movie theater, they walk down the aisle not caring if people tuck their feet in.

And they do all this unconsciously, not seeing anything odd with this behavior.

I’ve tried it myself, and it works. Nobody fucks with a guy who doesn’t budge.

If you meet a  natural alpha, often you do not need to resort to verbal tactics to AMOG him. Invade his personal space and don’t budge one inch when he invades yours. (Yes, you will make contact, and yes it will feel awkward for those of us who aren’t alphas. But do it anyway.) Since this is all an unconscious process for naturals, he will instinctively submit to you when you out-alpha him in this manner.

Calculated effort defeats unrealized potential. All the time.


22 Responses to “The Defining Trait of a Natural Alpha”

  1. Chuck said

    The various offshoots of Game, including its bastard children – Sick Game, Hangover Game, Asshole Game – all try to recreate the natural alphas self-centeredness. And it works to a degree. Of course, there have to be some other characteristics that go along with it i.e. body language, eye contact, a chin.

  2. And they really don’t know how to react when a woman doesn’t budge for them.

  3. Here’s an interesting HBD observation about nostril size and vocal tone that I never thought of before;

    It’s a short vid and the nose thing comes at about the halfway point.

  4. Luvsic said


  5. Tuttle said

    Be careful what neighborhood you try that in. I’ve seen fist fights (and worse) started over that sort of thing.

  6. Obsidian said

    One of the traits of Alpha Males is that *they touch people*. ALL Alphas do this.

    When I’m at a party or some other function, I make like I’m the host and make the rounds, shaking hands with the fellas and hugging all the ladies. I put a hand on shoulders (major Alpha move) and brush very slightly against people.

    I ask them how they’re doing, if they’re having a good time; I’ll introduce them to the lady on my arm, make lots of eye contact, bust it up, and keep it movin’. The vast majority of guys just post up in the corner, drinks stuck to their chest. Such a move draws their energy back into themselves; they make themselves “smaller” by doing that, and that triggers “fear” in the minds of ladies especially. Hence why so many giuys go home emptyhanded at the end of the night.

    So yea, what you’ve observed is correct.


    • Alte said

      Hmm… That’s interesting.

      Yes, my husband does this as well. Very “touchy” and socially aggressive. If we show up someplace, he immediately starts showing me around and introducing me to people. Or he’ll scope out someone interesting and strike up a conversation. Even if he doesn’t know anyone there, he’s often surrounded by a group of listeners by the end of the evening. And he has an amazing knack for remembering peoples names, faces, work, etc. and asking them about it directly. It makes them feel special, I think.

      He guides me physically a lot. If we cross the street, he’ll move me to the side furthest away from the road. Or if he catches me kneeling back at Mass, he’ll silently pull me back up to my knees (he thinks it’s disrespectful and lazy of me). Or he puts his hand on the small of my back and steers me when we walk, and ushers me through doors.

      And he does plow a bit through crowds, dragging me along in his wake.

      Interesting post. I’d never thought about that before.

  7. Spike said

    Guess someone here hasn’t read Notes From Underground.

    Here’s a hint. From a third person standpoint it doesn’t look like the guy holding his ground is alpha. He looks like a fucking crazy person. Get someone to record it happening in a bar or something like that. It just looks really awkward and weird. The antithesis of Game. The natural moves first is in fact the natural reaction/damage control.

    • PlanetGrok said

      I guess it could look awkward and weird if your other mannerisms give off that vibe. The same way that trying to pick up HB’s in the bar can often look awkward and weird, yet that’s what people use Game to do.

      • Spike said

        This is nigh impossible to pull off for a non-natural or someone who isn’t running high level game with years of experience not only picking up girls but influencing people in general. Really, from a third person standpoint 95% of the time it’s just awkward, though no one will actually comment on it.

        Let’s not get so wrapped up in Game theory that we forget to take other social reactions into account.

      • PlanetGrok said

        I’ve used it myself to successfully AMOG. If I can think of a good way to cloak the story so it does not reveal more information than I want to disclose, then I’ll make another post about it.

  8. PA said

    As Spike and others noted, this only works of ther is congruence: his intrusiveness is accompanied by gregariousness and confidence. Otherwise he’d be mistaken for an oafish aspie or a foreign exchange student from a country that has different sense of personal space.

    • PlanetGrok said

      I agree with you PA, although Spike did not note that. You don’t want to be a real dick when using any AMOG technique, although asshole natural alphas do exist, and they have the same disregard for personal space. Hence the common thread between different varieties of alpha, the jist of this post.

      Asshole Alpha only works reliably if you have a genuine status advantage.

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  12. sestamibi said

    You mean like John Travolta in the opening scene from Saturday Night Fever?

  13. namae nanka said

    it’s a bittersweet symphony….though the girl in the car doesn’t appreciate the alphaness.

  14. Reginald said

    “normal people make a mutual, cooperative effort to avoid close contact.”

    They do?

    With me other people get out my way enough for me to avoid knocking them down, making such cooperation completely unneeded.

  15. NotProgressive said

    So what happens when you are 99.5 percentile in height and weight. I have to be careful not to crush people. Just a missplaced Elbow can send somebody flying. Michael Jordan is still below my radar. If an asshole Alpha tries to brush up on me he’ll probably land on his butt just from striking a much larger mass. I did have a boss do that brush up trick once, and he got moved sideways. That guy was a status conscious jerk from India, and I just thought it might be a consequence of their caste system. He didn’t do it again. I didn’t realize alpha’s played this game.

    One of the things I like to do is scan crowds for predators. I usually find one or two that will briefly challenge me. They usually leave the area soon after realizing that I’m watching them. I think there is probably a difference between alphas and predators. The world of regular people is interesting.

  16. Selo said

    The writer; how old are you 13?

  17. zanderpan said

    I think there’s a lot more to it. I don’t know if it’s always a natural alpha trait, because some people who realize they’re like that COMPLETELY change their behavior afterwards. Being an alpha is also a mindset, and if someone is comfortably and consistently alpha even while thinking clearly and understanding what’s happening, that would be a true alpha.

    I think being invasive is more often related to a lack of social boundaries and only shows the signs of being an alpha unintentionally. Because setting the right boundaries is also an alpha trait.

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