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What does Razib think of GNXPers?

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 14, 2010

“in my experience as a blogger most “discussion” is retarded and most discussants are barely sentient.” here

Not “in my experience as someone who reads many blog comments”, but “in my experience as a blogger”.  Ouch.  Lol. There’s not really a charitable way to spin this. Razib thinks we’re a bunch of  ‘tards. Oh well, I guess.


18 Responses to “What does Razib think of GNXPers?”

  1. Rex said

    He always seemed kind of arrogant.

  2. Vincent Ignatius said

    Who cares what losers think if they can’t create value for you?

  3. Ex-Wife of a Desi Dude said

    Razib is Desi. That explains his arrogance.

    Oh, and he’s short.

    • fallingup said

      definitely agree. desis tend to be very arrogant. they’re like jews that way.

      some people say east asians are also arrogant, though this hasn’t really been my experience. asians seem to be kind of like the really nerdy northern or eastern euros i’ve known. quiet and self-effacing. almost aspie. i think people often take this extreme shyness and reserve for arrogance. when they seem more fearful than anything. like chipmunks or something. i wouldn’t say that they’re like nerdy southern euro/meds, who tend to be louder and more talkative.

  4. razib said

    weird. i always refer to someone as a “GNXPer” if they have a front page posting privileges, not if they read or have made comments. so the title was a bit shocking to me really. i’ve met in person a significant proportion of those with front page posting privileges and they have the same definition too from the conversations we’ve had.

    but we don’t control that definition obviously, so no worries. just a matter of perspective.

    and perhaps you’re a new reader. i was way more explicit about the fact that comments are open because of the small minority of really valuable ones a few years back. i would abuse the ones at the tail of the distribution to scary people regularly, and even got flogged on the comment boards of other scienceblogs by one guy who was offended that i proposed an implicit IQ threshold for commenting (i was actually being really generous with the threshold). i’ve chilled out since i turned on moderation since i just don’t publish the really stupid stuff anymore.

    there used to be a much more “vibrant” discussion board on GNXP in the early days. and many of you newer bloggers have way more traffic than GNXP aready from the fact that i’m seeing so many referrals from you. but 8 years into running your blog come back and talk to me about how you feel about stupid commenters 🙂

    p.s. i added three dots underneath my profile picture on scienceblogs gnxp to “prove” that this is razib.

    • Taz said

      p.s. i added three dots underneath my profile picture on scienceblogs gnxp to “prove” that this is razib.

      Shouldn’t that be just one dot? For the one on your forehead.

    • PlanetGrok said

      but 8 years into running your blog come back and talk to me about how you feel about stupid commenters

      Fair enough.

      The comments on GNXP seem to provide a reasonably high level of discourse to me, I enjoy reading them. So I was suprised by this post basically shitting on the people who comment on your blogs. I do admit I am a newer reader, so perhaps there’s a lot of stuff on the back end that never gets approved.

  5. razib said

    here’s a classic example i remember of my rant against stupid commenters:

    • PlanetGrok said

      Ok, I see where you’re coming from now. Those were good posts also, I learned some things.

      “And no one better fucking tell me I should be nicer to commenters. In case you didn’t knotice, I don’t blog to maximize a comfortable readership, or foster a sense of “community.”

      For some reason I thought the whole purpose of blog comments, especially on more serious blogs like yours, were to provide a kind of community among the readership. So I was suprised that no one had really taken issue with you calling GNXP commenters barely sentient. But now I see that I had not gotten the memo that hosting a community is not your intention, so go ahead and hammer away at your commenters. I’ll keep lurking.

  6. Spike said

    Dude, come on. You have to agree with that assessment. Reading shit like Half-Sigma and OneSDTV comment rolls make me realize that liberals ain’t the only ones with severe delusions of competence and normalcy.

    I love when Steve Sailer makes a historical or cultural post, reading the comments makes me wonder where the freaking hell half the commentators are pulling this shit from.

    I basically boil it down to the converse of quantitative illiteracy, qualitative illiteracy. Namely once people stop believing in the holy god of academia, they don’t start believing nothing. No, they start believing anything they can slap together. (With apologies to Chesterton).

  7. Mountain Dew said

    He didn’t state all, but most.

  8. ShutUpOrNutUp said

    I have never really cared to comment on Gnxp for that reason. I am smart enough to know when something is over my head. I really do not see what I could say that would interest the great Khan. I love to read Gnxp and I love Razib Khan, but the only interesting things I would have to say would be about those Katz. I just simply do not want to waste the great Khan’s time.

    PS: For scientific interest, my IQ was tested to about 121 at the age of nineteen. Is that below the threshold for commenting on human biodiversity blogs? I will not be offend if it is the IQ threshold for commenting.

  9. Prime said

    Ditto what ShutUporNutUp said. I certainly am past the IQ threshold, but I don’t have a grad. degree in anth/beh gen/cog psyc, etc. to say much of use to the great Khan, though I’ve inexplicably been linked to by him a couple times in his blogroll, my present blog and one i had a few years ago.

    Not to sound like a GNXP fanboy, but Khan is smart enough to earn the right to be a jerk. However, I’ll admit I’ve been a bit uncomfortable with his curt tone with other academics in Bloggingheads “diavlogs”. He does not suffer fools or geniuses gladly.

  10. PlanetGrok said

    LOL @ “The Great Khan”.

  11. Dotted Hindu Male said

    “Men don’t wear dots.”

    Not culturally Muslim men anyway. Razib is an atheist who was born into a Muslim family. But I wouldn’t expect anyone on this blog to know that Muslim men DON’T wear dots but that Hindu men often DO.

    Not the decorative sticky kind that women wear for “fashion” or to signify their marital status. But the “tika” kind that you would get at the temple from the priest after a worship ceremony, which is a powder or ash.

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