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Power to the People

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 11, 2010

I really, really hate traffic cameras. I have never gotten a real ticket, but those little red light cameras always get me.

When I get a picture of my transgressions in the mail, my vehicle is always in the process of clearing the intersection. I am not running lights that have been red for several seconds or more, I am trying to avoid slamming on my brakes and causing havoc. Besides the annoyance of having to shell out 170 bucks every couple of months, something about the Big Brotheresque potential abuse of these devices just really irks me. I’d fight these tickets in court, but the mandatory “court fee” charge and the time off I’d have to call off from work makes this option unappealing.

Fortunately, citizens have been fighting back:

Voters unplugged Steubenville’s traffic cameras in 2006. Ballots cast in Cincinnati banned the long lens of the law from that city’s streets two years later. Two communities outside of Columbus — Chillicothe and Heath — rejected photo enforcement last November.

Could Cleveland or another Northeast Ohio community be next?

A local campaign to oust cameras may be developing: “We’re prepared to make this an issue,” said Maryanne Petranek of Cleveland, vice chair of the 150-member Cuyahoga County for Liberty. “This is a case where people have to find their voice, stand up and say no.”

An organization called COAST has been behind the anti-camera efforts. Please take your hats off to these patriots in our midst.

If civil efforts fail, I also support those who vandalize these un-American spy devices.

In related government-watch news, Ryan Singel argues that the government has decided it hates the unfiltered freedom of the internet, and wants to clamp down.

Planet Grok is calling it now:  There will be a false flag “cyberwar” hacker attack on the US over the internet, and our government will use that as an excuse to pressure congress into “re-engineering” the internet. Don’t believe the hype.


2 Responses to “Power to the People”

  1. Prime said

    I’m surprised no one else has commented yet seeing as how our discussing the topics we do depends on a certain level of internet anonymity. Would I be posting the sort of things I do with my real name attached to them? Helllll no.

    I agree with you about a large-scale false flag operation being inevitable and the ensuing regulation of the net. It might concern defense systems or several large internet commercial or banking sites. Something to push ordinary people over the edge about their “security” online. A huge majority of people online are just there to chat, email, buy stuff, read the news, and look at ‘safe’ porn. They don’t really care about or know much about why anyone would want an unregulated internet. They suppose whatever they are doing it is naughty or unnecessary.

    • PlanetGrok said

      I think the US will cooperate with China to implement tighter Net controls. They’ll make it look like some faceless baddies attacked our infrastructure from China or Iran as an excuse to bring Real ID to the web. Some people in power want internet access to become a “privilege”, not a right, and anyone going online will have to have proof of their identity. There have been rumblings of forcing online merchants and PC makers to cooperate on this front.

      A dystopian hellhole won’t immediately precipitate, of course, but as happened with the Patriot Act, spooks will be able to gather a lot more data on whoever they want to neutralize, like civilian protesters, “right wing extremists”, etc.

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