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Atavism in Action

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 7, 2010

Funny video I happened to find. Boxer James Toney (and homies) calling out the UFC:

He got his wish.

What’s amusing to me is that even the ghetto sidekicks seem to be dumbing themselves down to Toney’s level.

If the UFC is too prole for you, it still might be worth tuning in just to see this retarded fucker get his face smashed in. I hope they match him up with a good, solid, ground-and-pound wrestler, and not feed him some easy prey like Kimbo.


27 Responses to “Atavism in Action”

  1. Camlost said

    No light heavyweight will attempt to stand and punch with this guy. He’ll be taken to the mat immediately, where his sorry conditioning and huge gut will be a gigantic liability, especially considering his lack of true grappling experience. Even your standard 3rd-tier journeyman fighter should have no problem dispatching this guy easily.

    However, for the sake of his creditors and baby mommas, I hope the guy actually wins a preliminary fight or two.

    As Don King would say – “Only in America!!.” The US must truly be a great nation when guys like this can make a large amount of money, despite their obviously low IQ. I can’t think of anything else on the planet that he is fit to do…

    • theobsidianfiles said

      I don’t get all the animus against Toney, what gives? Moreover, what is the draw about UFC and White guys? I understand that there’s a big wrestling component, is that it? And why do you consider it “prole”? What is a proper full body contact sport that the upper classes indulge in?

      Please explain? Thanks.


      • PlanetGrok said

        There is a racial aspect to MMA’s appeal. White people do tend to like sports where they can see more people like themselves – see hockey, NASCAR, etc.

        I think a good match for Toney would be against Jon Jones, who’s been on a tear recently. Putting him against Kimbo is just a freak show.

        Toney is an annoying, illiterate dumbass, that’s why I don’t like him.

        “What is a proper full body contact sport that the upper classes indulge in?”

        They don’t indulge in any fight sports. Young upper class boys who want to play rough will play lacrosse or football.

  2. OneSTDV said

    I’ve always been a boxing fan. Can’t stand UFC. Just two guys rolling around on each other. (I know you’ll just tell me I don’t understand.)

    There’s a reason why they call boxing the “sweet science”. It’s chess to the checkers of UFC.

    • PlanetGrok said

      I think it’s the other way around. MMA is very technical these days – in most weight classes.

    • PlanetGrok said

      I can’t stand watching boxing because it looks nothing like a real fight. jab jab clinch…jab jab clinch…

      If someone tried to clinch me in a real fight I’d bodyslam his ass.

      The groundwork aspect of MMA does take getting used to, but once you know the moves and what they are trying to do, it’s a lot more interesting.

      • tuttle said

        “I can’t stand watching boxing because it looks nothing like a real fight.”

        I dunno, Epic Beard Man’s fight on the AC Transit bus was pure boxing–and very effective.

        Despite the MMAers’ assertion that 99% of all fights end up on the ground, most of the street fights I’ve seen ended pretty quickly, with only one guy going to the ground–the one who got KTFO.

  3. PG, what do you think of this:

    I was 11 and the girl was 13. She had every board game you could imagine. I liked board games. We was playing Win Lose or Draw and on the board she wrote, “F*ck me.” Now I was 11, and I didn’t even know it meant “intercourse.” I just knew it was a cuss word, so I was like, “Why is she cussing herself out?” She said, “Do you want to play ‘Press Your Luck’? Well, the game is in my closet.” She had a walk-in closet, so she said, “Go get it, it’s right to the right….” When I walk to the closet she came in and cut the lights off and took off my pants, and I remember my ass was cold up against the wall. I was like, “What the hell!?” When I tried to push her off me, I felt that she was naked also, so I just stepped back and let her do what she do.


    The story hits really close to home for me personally, cause I actually lost my virginity when I was seven and playing Candyland, and the girl (nine) was like “How would you like to come over here and get stuck in MY gooey gumdrops?” and I was like “ummmm, no, obviously – I don’t want to have to wait until I draw a yellow card to move again. What a stupid question.” Then I drew Plumpy and got really mad and when my concentration was thrown for a split second she took my pants off and had sex with me. At least I can laugh about it now.



    1.Can kids “rape” kids?
    2.Can little girls “rape” little boys?
    3.Is this why Lil Wayne’s music is so messed up now?

    • PlanetGrok said

      1. yes. But no examples here
      2. yes. But no examples here
      3. no. I think there’s an HBD explanation for this.

      • theobsidianfiles said

        Planet Grok,
        Yes, I think you mentioned this in a sidebar discussion on Hip Hop on my blog. At first glance it seems to work, but upon further reflection the theory kinda falls apart.

        But I want to hear more of what you have to say about this. Please continue…


  4. Sagat said

    I’ve never understood why stand up tournaments like K-1 haven’t caught on in the States. It’s huge overseas. The one thing about MMA that takes away the enjoyment for me is the ground fighting. It’s just boring as hell to watch. Keep the fighters on their feet and MMA would explode in popularity.

    Watch this short clip of K-1 fights and tell me you don’t want to see that here in the States.

  5. Lil Wayne said

    PG, I guess my comment didn’t go through because of the links???

  6. theobsidianfiles said

    Rarely do OneSTDV and I actually agree on something, but yup, I’m a fan of the Sweet Science, too, and I detest anyone trying to touch me. I pride myself on being able to bring a Man down with his own rage, anger and oafishness – speed, precision and graceful, finesse moves are where its at. White boys like all that wrasslin’ in the mud, like pigs or something, LOL.

    Anyway, PG, uppercrust boys box, too.

    So, why is UFC prole? You’ve never explained.

    And, if you don’t like people as smart as yourself, get set for a very disappointing, depressing life, because there have always been a limited number of very bright people. Seems to me they might have to learn to cultivate tolerance.


    • PlanetGrok said

      Smart people do often struggle with depression. That is true. The isolation can turn inward causing self destructive behavior, or it can turn outward, causing Mr. Kurtz syndrome.

      The UFC is prole because its audience and participants are prole – they are tattooed, inarticulate brutes. (Exceptions to this would include Shane Carwin the engineer and Chael Sonnen who is running for a state office.) Dana White ranting and cursing like a sailor doesn’t help either.

      • theobsidianfiles said

        There are other notable aspects of being too smart, such as a diminished libido, a tendency towards cowardice, and an inability to deal with people effectively in social settings. Also, atheism.

        You have recently coined your own “law” wrt HBD blogs, that regardless of the topic, somehow and someway, African Americans will take centerstage in the discussion. For my part, I have found that no matter what the putative topic is HBDwise, what I’ve just noted above – the very real downsides of being on the right end of the Bell Curve – seems to be avoided by the HBDers like the proverbial plague.

        Why do you think both situations persist, Planet Grok?


      • PlanetGrok said

        I don’t think the alleged small downsides of higher IQ are being avoided like the plague. Posts on game and the absurdity of superstition are commonplace.

  7. Lil Om said

    PG, in Lil Wayne’s case he expressed confusion and also a little fear. Now if this case where with two adults and the reverse was true (male on female rather than female on male) a case for “sexual assault” could be made.

  8. theobsidianfiles said

    Yes, that’s true – however, there are two very important things to note here. One is that non-HBDers came up with Game and teach it; and two, Game isn’t couched in “problem” terms. You see, I think the reason why the problems associated with being an extreme rightender is rarely if ever discussed, is because those who do the loudest talking about HBD and therefore NAMs ARE the extreme rightenders – and its human nature to not to take a look in the mirror. That would be perfectly cool, except for the fact that the HBD crowd fancies itself dispassionately scientific; such raw and naked self interests don’t jibe well with such things.

    Your thoughts?


    • PlanetGrok said

      My thoughts are the problems of being an “extreme rightender” are almost nonexistant compared to everyone else. Most of the problems of being smart lie in having to deal with the pathologies of those who aren’t.

  9. OM said

    I’d much rather have the negative side effects of being too smart than those of being not smart enough.

    As far as “social skills” and getting laid, that only matters now that we are living in a time and place that is OVERSTIMULATED with sexual imagery and being brainwashed by the media as to the “importance” of getting laid.

    Basic social skills can be learned and the high IQ people I know do have them, even if sometimes they do come off a bit “arrogant” — who cares?

  10. Obsidian said

    OK PG, exactly how and in what ways do you have to deal w/the “pathologies” of those not as putatively smart as you? Let’s start with a popular trope in HBD circles, “Black crime”, OK? Now, as I’ve said several times in as many venues, I have more to be concerned about being robbed or killed than you do along those lines. So, with that said, is this a concern for you and if so, why?

    Perhaps there are other ways the lesser cognitively gifted offends thee. Please explain how?



  11. icr said

    This guy has some good criticisms of MMA:
    Even the spectacularly effective throwing techniques of Greco-roman wrestling and judo are rendered moot in MMA, because of the soft springy floor.
    The oft-repeated forumula, that MMA “combined the best of all martial arts”, that is joke. MMA is contradiction in terms, since it is NOT a martial art, although it is a sport that mixed some techniques from previously separate sports. The fact is, the first few UFC competitions changed everything, by firmly establishing that ju-jitsu style submission techniques dominated the striking-only arts.

    Early MMA also proved that the striking arts are MOST effective at breaking hands, not winning fights. Countless fighters ended tournaments with broken hands, broken while hitting their opponents’ heads. The gloves they use now are to advantage those boxing techniques. In short, boxing needs multiple subsidies to survive in a competitive environment, in the form of gloves, sprung floors, and no clothes.

    • PlanetGrok said

      That guy lost all credibility when he said “If you want a real martial art, that also combines the effectiveness of sparring, study judo.”

      Judo is even more of a sport than MMA! It is NOT a martial art at all, although it can be applied in combat scenarios. I’d agree that someone training in MMA is learning a sport, not a martial art, but MMA is a lot more technical than this guy claims.

      • icr said

        These days all non-clandestine organized public exhibitions of human combat are sports-except maybe in prison. Anytime you arrange contests of this type they can’t have the intent-or implied intent- of permanent maiming or killing. That would break numerous state and local-and these days probably federal-laws. He’s posing the question of which combat sports have the most real-life utility.

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