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The Sweet Revenge of Man

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 6, 2010

I’m sure commenters here have heard about the Mancession. For those who haven’t, a picture says a thousand words:

Fortunately for the next generation of men, Nature has observed this imbalance and is taking matters into her own hands.

Selection in Utero: A Biological Response to Mass Layoffs,” has just been published in the American Journal of Human Biology. The researchers, led by Ralph Catalano and Claire Margerison Zilko, write that the previously reported health effects of economic insecurity may “represent only the tip of a more fundamental ‘adaptation iceberg.’”Specifically, their research supports the argument that when women receive signals that times are tough, their bodies retain the tendency, shaped over thousands of years through natural selection, to reject offspring less likely to survive.

…Such threats are bad news to small male fetuses because “a relatively large fraction” of them fall near “a critical rank below which gestations spontaneously end,” the researchers explain. If they are born, these small males are more likely to die than larger infants and females of equivalent size.

…they estimated that news of impending mass layoffs “predicted the loss of 3,090 males in utero” during the 61 months (out of the 141 they examined) in which unemployment claims exceeded the expected number.

Wait, you say. How does this misandrist male-baby-killing spree that pregnant women are committing (henceforth known as “The Great Culling”) actually help males?

By skewering the sex ratio in our favor, of course. With fewer males for the ladies to choose from, our sons will be able to be pickier than men have ever been (assuming anyone in this corner of the blogosphere ever gets around to reproducing). Women will clamor around the few remaining males who have survived the Great Culling and they will acquiesce to the demands of polygamy. Bring the Mancession on, I say. Balance must be restored to the Force.


11 Responses to “The Sweet Revenge of Man”

  1. OM said

    You do know about fetal gynocide (sex selective abortion) in India, right? How that’s skewing the sex ratio in a few states there and creating a crises and reverse dowry system???

  2. OM,

    it also happens to a very small extent with Asian Americans:

    Though perhaps they consume more high-energy diets than others:

  3. You should get TFH’s opinion on this. I wonder if this’ll play any role in the popping of the Misandry Bubble.

  4. theobsidianfiles said

    Eh. I’m not impressed. Even if what you say is true and happens perfectly, the big question right now is how to deal with the current situation, which will be in play for at least the next decade, if not two. Simply put, we have a Male Surplus RIGHT NOW, and we have not been brutally honest as to how we’re going to deal with it.

    Why am I not surprised?


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  7. sestamibi said

    On the other hand, I have been reading reports about the proliferation of environmental pollutants that mimic female hormones. This has resulted in lower sex ratios at birth in locations where such pollution is highest.

    My own opinion is that we should target a sex ratio of about 91-95. This is low enough so that even the most pathetic of betas can have a shot at a mate (or at least getting laid), while not too high as to allow cunt to accumulate too much political power.

  8. OM said

    Sestamibi, there are sterilization drug residues in our drinking our tap water.

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  10. Lady Raine said

    So you are pissed if women stay home and you have to pay for them…..

    And you’re pissed if they go to work.

    Why don’t men just be better at keeping their jobs like women are?

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