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That Didn’t Take Long

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 5, 2010

Don’t worry, this is the last Obsidian post. In the comments of my first Obsidian post, the Volcanic Glasshole himself finally showed up. At first, he displayed a newfound tone of civility, which pleased me. Maybe there was hope, afterall.

Unfortunately, it did not take long for Obsidian to live up to the worst stereotypes of some HBD commenters by inviting me to engage him in some primitive violence, and using an anti-white, racist slur word in the comment thread. The only other blogger I’ve seen go so batshit insane is another lower-class bigot, Lady Raine.

I was asked to ban him in that thread. I’d rather not, he is doing a good job of proving my point… and, sadly, many other people’s points.


18 Responses to “That Didn’t Take Long”

  1. OM said

    UGH. I’m sick of seeing “Obsidian” on every blog I follow!

    The guy has SMS, Short Man Syndrome, hence the defensive/offensive tone and threat to “take you on”.

    If there IS a Brown Sugah, she needs to jump to it and “take care of her man” because his hysterics are ruining my internet experience.

    • Do I Have 2 Limit Myself 2 1 Moniker? said

      Further psychological analysis of Obsidian. He’s jealous of the obvious flirtations between you and Jamila, and of your “white-knighting” of her.

      Black men have this push/pull, love/hate, attraction/aversion thing going on with Black women.

      Have you noticed at his blog one of the themes that he would bring up over and over again was that non-Black men are not attracted to Black women and that while Black men are considered “high value” on the sexual market, Black women were “low value”???

      Forget statistics or personal anecdotes to the contrary, Obsidian had it in his mind that he was a “high value dandy” and Jamila and other women like her were “low value” and didn’t have any “takers”.

      Then along comes Planet Grok, White (literally) Knight, taking Jamila’s side and flirting with her to boot! Well, this was too much for the Obs-meister because if he can’t manage to e-seduce her, nobody else dare not to either – especially a “cracker”!!!

      There is so much racial and sexual tension in the above scenario that we could cut it with a knife!

      • PlanetGrok said

        Lmao…You said it, not me.

        It’s not my fault that Jamila and Deery made a fool out of him in every debate they had, forcing him to edit and delete their comments. It must be embarrassing for an aspiring MRA activist to have women dominate you on your own blog! It’s not just the women either, look how Chuck, myself, and now OneSTDV manhandled him in his anti-HBD posts. He’s just intellectually not up to snuff, I feel like it’s arguing with a teenager.

        This post of his still makes me laugh. What a hilariously pitiful and transparent attempt at reverse psychology.

        “Attention all Ladies: I am not available!”

        He was announcing that to what eager throng of admirers, again?

      • Jamila said

        Damn! LOL

        I am granting you an hononary degree in Psychology from my make believe institution, which doesn’t mean anything but *I* place a high value on it.

        Me thinks you are very right with your analysis.

      • PlanetGrok said

        Going back to his short man syndrome, I think the fact that Jamila is tall fueled the flames toward her also – he has made allusions to tall women turning him down before on account of his height deficiency.

        The reason why you can “cut it with a knife” is because he is not actually smart enough to effectively hide the primal motivations behind his opinions, so it is all rather transparent.

    • Yeah, I started my blog mainly to be a reasonable ‘opposition’ to many HBD viewpoints. I like obsidian and I think he makes many great points, but he is not a great debater.

  2. OM said

    Hey PG, have you heard of “Yoni Ki Baat”?

    It’s the Desi version of….. try to guess.

  3. theobsidianfiles said

    Planet Grok,
    I merely called you out on your comment about my lack of size, relative to yours, couldn’t be a factor in my slapping the sh*t outta you. That you punked out when I asked to arrange a meet ain’t my fault.

    As for the supposed “manhandling” by others of me, please. You wish. My posts were solidly written and presented.

    Deery and Jamilla couldn’t hold their own in a debate if they tried. I’ve proven it.

    And please note, you’ve said all kinds of outrageous crap about Islam that was proven false. You also said things about Jesus that was false as well (for example, his quote about not coming to bring peace, but a sword). Very erudite.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. The world needs more stompdown racists like you.


    • Lady Raine said

      Obsidian, you are the only racist I’ve seen around here and although I want to punch Planet Grok in the face and think he’s a misogynistic idiot, he’s right about you (and even though EVERYONE seems to have the same opinion of debating with you, you STILL see your arguments as “solid and well presented”).

      You really DO underestimate female value in general.

      I know exactly what you thought. You figured since Jamila seems to accept some of the PUA beliefs and nonsense, that ALSO meant that she was AFRAID of being alone because the PUAs tell her that since she’s a single mother….she’s fucked.

      The truth is that single mothers and single fathers have no problem getting dates or relationships. You are just too out of touch to realize that and Jamila isn’t “desperate” just because she’s a single mother.

      I’ll bet she’s seen NO decline in how many men want to date her, the quality, the attractiveness, or the intellect of the men who wish to date her. I can “bet” that because I have been shocked over the years at how little my having a child affected my dating life, the men I date, or even my sex life.

      I have never dated a man with children, never dated a man who was previously married, and never dated a single father.

      I actually go ATTACKED verbally for that from a man who said “Don’t you care that maybe men don’t WANT to deal with your child or a woman who has a kid?”

      As if I am somehow FORCING and TRICKING men into dating me and HIDING my son from them.

      Nope. Never. I have always told men up front that I’m a single mom long before the first date and I STILL have only ever dated men who are under 30, over 6’0 (as is my preference because I’m 5’7), and physically attractive (handsome face, muscular body, no pudge or bulge).

      Obsidian probably DOES think that women like Jamila are “hard up” for men because she’s BLACK (and according to Obsidian the Black Women have low value) AND she’s a mother.

      That’s just an example of how “reality” can show itself to Obsidian over and over and over again….and yet he will STILL smile right at the dinosaur and say “There is no such thing as dinosaurs.”

      I don’t think he understands that he has little value to women even for a one night stand because having a conversation with him is PAINFUL physically, he’s apparently short (ugh, my height???), Black, clearly uneducated, older, and possibly jobless and here he is telling JAMILA that he is “not available and she clearly wants him”.

      Dude, seriously…no woman is out there pining for you, nobody is wondering if you are single, and even the Black Women you apparently value so little don’t want you.

      (PS: White Women are typically more cold, snobby, demanding, and high-brow than Black Women. Many White men prefer a Black Woman because they are a little more down to earth than White Women typically are.)

  4. Black women > black men

  5. OM said

    “Black women > black men”

    This is the consensus opinion and it pisses Obsidian off.

    I don’t where he get’s his “black men are the highest value holders” in the sexual market.

    Everyone knows that when non-Black women want to “slum it” they go for Black dudes because of the urban myth of the big penis and they want to try it out as a novelty. They may also find the thuggish ways of Black men to be “cute” or “funny” or “exotic” to them – for a short while, but very few non-Black women think of Black men as LTR material. We just don’t.

    Add to that the fact that EVEN “THEIR OWN” BLACK WOMEN don’t want ’em due to lack of education, money, social status and in Obsidian’s case – height, and no wonder most Black dudes you meet seem to have a chip on their shoulder.

    Sure, Black dudes get laid a lot, but again, they are not taken seriously as LTR material – by anyone. However, I think this works in their favor since they don’t seem to be particularly primed for or interested in LTRs anyway, so I don’t see the need for the chip on their shoulder.

    Even the educated, office worker type of “brotha” is just one step away from turning ghetto or thug on you if you do or say something that triggers that sub-conscious meme.

    I speak from personal experience.

  6. Prime said

    Ditto that “Black Women > Black Men.”

    Whenever I’ve done an HBD post on blacks I always feel kinda bad that I’m implicitly including black women. I’ve made dozens of black female friends over the years, even a few with possible romantic overtones (though it never went there), but I’ve literally not had a black male friend since middle school. And middle school for me was over 10 yrs ago. The only black male I’ve encountered since high school who wasn’t a total turd of a person is gay. I just don’t know any better way to explain the gigantic chips on black males’ shoulders than that they actually believe MTV culture when it says they are God’s gifts to humanity.

    Sure, there are plenty of black females who are horrendous people as can be said about white and Hispanic women, but without black females working two or three jobs, black males would be in an even worser rut.

    I know arguing by anecdote is poopooed, but the five most intelligent black women I know are married/LTR with white men, who are all tall, with a deep voice and educated. Isn’t there data somewhere that educated black females are the least fecund subgroup, and the most likely to be single?

  7. OM said

    Prime, if you check Obsidian’s blog he claims that educated black females are single because

    1. they have “bad attitude”,

    2. are “too picky” (meaning they won’t “settle” for ghetto trash partners),

    3. are so enamored by Black men that they refuse to date white or other men, yet at the same time don’t have the “value” to attract a “quality brotha” with education, money and status because those Black men are sick of the Black woman’s “attitude” so they go for non-Black women, and….

    4. Black women are considered “low value” in the mating market so no non-Black man is gonna want them either, no matter how smart they are or how much money they make

    Obsidian asserts all of this while at the same time claiming that BLACK MEN ARE THE HIGHEST VALUE AND MOST WANTED on the mating market – by women of ALL races.

    Yeah right!

    This “chip on the shoulder” attitude that quickly de-evolves into ghettoish thug behaviour can be found even in the “nicest” of African American men. You saw above how Obsidian was quick to challenge Planet Grok to a “fight”. WTF? That also has to do with the fact that Obsidian is very short and has been put upon by larger males (and most likely females too) his entire life and therefore he has not 1 chip on his shoulder now, but 2!

    Bottom Line: American Black men have major insecurity/inferiority issues and the DSM needs to come out with a medical name and drug for their disorder asap.

  8. Attention Obsidian:

    Here’s a youtube video by a young Black man layin’ it down on just how “prized” he is in the California sexual market place.

    It seems the “decade of the black man” is loooooooooong over.

    Po things.

  9. theobsidianfiles said

    LOL. Not bad, Bag Lady.

    The deal with “OM” is that she’s a once-divorced, and probably several times pumped and dumped, over the hill Indian hag who can’t hack it out on the open sexual marketplace, and so spends all her available time online chasing moi around. She can’t bring herself to admit that she’s got the hots for the Brotha, so she does the “love taps” thing. Aww. So sweet. 🙂

    As for PG, well, being so proudly White and all, he should know well the long American tradtion of challenging each other to a duel; sounds like he’s not far from me – why not? Imagine the bragging rights he would have by whipping me? So, if he wants a go, I’m down – anytime he’s ready, heh heh…


  10. Lady Raine said

    Unfortunately, it did not take long for Obsidian to live up to the worst stereotypes of some HBD commenters by inviting me to engage him in some primitive violence, and using an anti-white, racist slur word in the comment thread. The only other blogger I’ve seen go so batshit insane is another lower-class bigot, Lady Raine.

    That’s weird, I don’t ever remember inviting you to a discussion with me, speaking to you, or ever even hearing of you until you posted about me.

    Sweetie, you wish you were in my “class”. That’s why you’re so angry and hateful all the time.

    *pats on head*

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