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New HBD blog

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 5, 2010

Grokkian inhabitant Levi Johnston has decided to enter the HBDosphere with a new blog of his own. Judging from the first couple of posts, it looks like it will focus on HBD from more of an environmental standpoint than a genetic one, and it should be well worth reading. Visit his blog, give him a welcome, and consider what he has to say about possible environmental impacts on IQ.


6 Responses to “New HBD blog”

  1. One Moniker said

    These HBD blogs always spiral down into anti-intellectual redneck style racist hate fests. Even someone like I, who is genuinely interested in the similarites and differences amongst the World’s peoples, and am not psychically bound by politically correct propaganda, find them unbearable.

    • PlanetGrok said

      I don’t think Levi’s blog will be anything like what you describe. Did you even click on it before you let off that rant?

    • Sorry, I already needed to invoke PG’s law of HBD blogs to get people interested. It’s completely light-hearted

      For the most part, I hope to be the ‘opposition’ to some genetic determists in the HBD crowd. So yeah, no malicious hate there.

  2. OM said

    Even here, you saw the comments that arose on the “Indians at the Gym” thread, talking smack about Black people. Same thing has happened over at The Asian of Reason’s blog.

    I’m just not beat for negativity, unless it’s geared towards Desi guys, then it’s all good.

  3. PlanetGrok said

    Any website that has comments can attract ugly statements. The HBDosphere is a lot cleaner that the comments on most local newspaper websites.

  4. OM said

    PG, I’ve stalked you on some other blogs and came to know of your promiscuous ways. I’m disappointed.

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