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Obsidian – Crazy or Stupid?

Posted by PlanetGrok on March 3, 2010

I’ll admit that Obsidian has a rather entertaining blog. It’s entertaining in the perverse way that watching people in mental institutions can be – the complete inability to perform normal everyday tasks can lead to embarrassing and revealing slip-ups when they try to do something they are incapable of. Obsidian tries to engage in blogosphere debate, but frequently shows himself to be out of his league, like a special ed student trying really hard to walk across the balance beam. He deletes comments which pwn him too thoroughly, argues exclusively by anecdote, and makes frequent ad-hominem attacks.

The only question I ask myself is, which kind of mental patient is Obsidian? The crazy one, or the stupid one?

For evidence, let’s witness how Obsidian holds a discussion. This is excerpted from his “rebuttal” of sorts to HBD:

Obs: “Why can’t you all simply acknowledge that being high IQ has its problems, too? Is that so hard to admit? ”

PG: “Being 2+ stdvs above average in IQ does lend itself to certain problems, which would be interesting to study if you weren’t so focused on denouncing and divining the motivations of bloggers you don’t like.

When you’re 2+ deviations above normal, it can be hard to be around common people without feeling a sense of revulsion, as if you are living with barbarians or even animals. That’s not healthy, I call it “Mr. Kurtz syndrome”. (see: Heart of Darkness by Conrad)”

Obs: “As for the travails of high IQ White Males, cry me a river. If they’re so smart…”

PG: “First you call for us to acknowledge the downsides of high IQ, then when that is done, you say “cry me a river”. ”

Obs: “All you have to do is actually address the post instead of engaging in silly strawman arguments like you so often do.”

When one actually addresses the points Obsidian makes, and obliges with his requests, he will pretend that he never wrote what we can all see he just did, and claim you are making a strawman argument. Does a sane or intelligent person behave this way?

A brief rejoinder, if I may, regarding his anti-HBD post, which ironically uses “Intellectual Dishonesty” in its title – Obsidian is known for harassing HBD bloggers by questioning their motives for writing about HBD. He implies that they are hateful bigots who secretly wish to join the klan or some such organization. Yet Obsidian himself comes closer to endorsing “racist” speech than any HBD blogger he attacks by referencing in glowing terms the anti-white, black-supremacist Elijah Muhammad, of Nation of Islam notoriety. I wonder if he believes in Dr. Yakub also? Can you imagine what a hissy fit he would throw if one of the HBDers he attacks referenced David Duke in such a manner?

Obsidian’s endorsement of the Nation of Islam prompts me to be charitable and strongly consider the notion that he is really just crazy, not stupid.

Humorously, a good portion of Obsidian’s commenters are females who regularly shred him in his own comment section, an embarrassing situation which leads Obsidian to delete many comments. I often do not fully agree with his commenters, but it is rather funny watching him flail so helplessly when trying to hold a debate with people clearly much smarter and well-spoken than him. If his is lucky, the much more intelligent Fifth Horseman swoops in to save him.

I do kind of feel bad for Obsidian, because it seems he has not ventured out much beyond the lower-working class stratum. He can not see what is low-class about wearing Axe products, for example, and often uses Ebonics like “Holla Back” or “sistah” when typing, apparently ignorant of the fact that no one takes people who talk like that seriously. But his overall nastiness and abrasiveness do a good job of erasing any pity I might have for his malnourished environment.

So now it is time to ask, what do the rest of you think – is Obsidian stupid or crazy?

Or something else?


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59 Responses to “Obsidian – Crazy or Stupid?”

  1. Vincent Ignatius said

    Maybe he’s using ebonics ironically.

    We can’t be sure how he argues in person, but when arguing in front of a mixed crowd, the anecdotes tend to win over the females, even if they are garbage.

    • PlanetGrok said

      Haha, no, it is all too authentic. Click on the links and see for yourself. (You were probably being sarcastic with that statement but it’s hard to tell online)

      Also, witness how well his female commenters are persuaded by his barely relevant anecdotal arguments. They’re not, much to his dismay. It’s not just that he argues by anecdote, which we all do to some extent when arguing informally, it’s how bad and ill-informed his anecdotes actually are that is revealing.

  2. Mr. Anon said

    I vote both.

  3. Eric said

    This picture is worth keeping in mind:

    • PlanetGrok said

      LOL, paging Sarah Palin…shame on you!

      When you are arguing online with smart people, it can be educational and productive. But I do agree with the old maxim that says when you argue with a fool, nobody can tell who is who.
      When I do comment on his blog, it is to make a point I feel urged to make when confronted by ignorance, akin to scratching an itch. I’m not terribly concerned with actually convincing him one way or the other.

  4. Prime said

    Hey Grok, welcome to the HBDosphere. Good job on ol’ Jim here. I like the Indians in the gym post. We need more “True Life” posts/writers like that.

    • PlanetGrok said

      Thanks Prime

      I’ll try to do more HBD-in-real-life posts, I enjoy making those sorts of observations and speculations. IQ is certainly interesting, but so is everything else.

      I’ve never read your blog before, I’ll have to check it out.

  5. iktikn said

    Maybe Obsidian should have in mind this quote from Mark Twain “It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt”.

    If you can’t properly argue in favor of your ideas you shouldn’t express them until you can.

  6. Jabberwocky said

    I posted this over at Obsidian’s, but I’m not sure yet if it posted, so I’ll repost here.

    “Silly wabbits. No one single answer can explain such a complex psycho-social phenomenon like black crime. Crime is not associated directly with IQ. Intelligence does not a moral compass make. Economics, culture, and emotional regulation are bigger factors. Don’t blacks have a different receptor system for testosterone or something. In my geeky opinion, blacks are just prone to anger easier due to some bio-chemical mechanism exaserbated by a cultural and economic overlay. That bio-mechanical reason for blacks propensity towards anger (not made easier their environment) is what needs to be discussed, and I say this as a bit of a rage-aholic (white trash genes) who see’s anger as a useful tool when it is properly channeled. It is feminist who think anger, aggression, and fighting are some type of horror of all horrors, when they are simply useful human behaviors, masculine ones at that. The fact that the average black person has a lower IQ than the average white person is insignificant in that A. Black male outliers still exists, and it is the outliers who matter in the context of IQ. B. IQ is only a measure of a specific set of mental capabilities, not all of them, and arguablly not the most important ones. C. IQ is somewhat flexible (by 10-30 pts) based on non DNA factors. D. High IQ has downsides. E. IQ does not have a strong correlation with financial success (except in certain fields).

    That said, affirmative action, although arguably needed at one point, is now largely morally wrong. I would also like to say that as a high IQ geek, we do have it rough, and to try to deny us our talents by creating an educational system that does not cater to our needs is morally wrong and self defeating. That said, many peoples intellectual needs are not met by our school system.

    I don’t force beautiful people to wear masks, charismatic people to wear gags, musicians to break their fingers, and I would likewise expect everyone else to allow me learn at my own pace and in my own prefered fashion, and not to have tests scores “hidden” and/or “normalized” because others might be jealous or feel inferior. If you deserve to be on the cover of fashion magazines and fuck the cheerleaders, than I deserve to build rockets for NASA and invent fighter jets for the Airforce. And leave me alone about my “social”, I mean “animal instinct”,inadequicies. Human nature isn’t exactly logical, that makes it a bit hard to follow sometimes, especially with all the nuance, hypocricy, obfuscation, and lies. It takes all types to make a society run smoothly. Let us excell at our part, black geeks and nerds included.”

  7. One Moniker said

    That retardcentral site and “joke” about special olympics is really offensive.

  8. mike said

    Frankly, I think he’s just stupid. And not stupid in the regular sense, like you’d refer to your grocery baggers, but just incredibly overmatched in this particular niche. So he trots out his tried-and-true arguments, which are accepted unquestioningly in his blue-collar black community and unchallenged by the mainstream white community, and blindly charges ahead like a rhino against any dissent. I realized pretty quickly that he’s not worth arguing against, because he simply has nothing interesting to say but is more than willing to regurgitate thousands and thousands of words of what is essentially PC boilerplate to wear out his opponents.

    He simply doesn’t understand the difference between legitimate arguments and logical fallacies, including ad hominem attacks, straw men, arguments ad absurdum, et cetera. The problem is not that he is an insane ideologue, it’s that his circle (real and virtual) accepts his opinions and assertions without challenging them on any logical basis. I think that he is a good-hearted, civic-minded man who has unfortunately been mislead by the prevailing delusions of our time.

    • PlanetGrok said

      I wonder if his offline personality deviates significantly from his online one. I can’t imagine someone who acts as he does online having many friends in real life.

      • mike said

        “3. What is wrong with grocery store baggers? ”

        Did not mean that as a general insult, but most of the grocery store baggers in my area are downs syndromers who can’t do anything else. I’m actually really happy that our local supermarkets have found a useful job for these otherwise unemployable people.

  9. One Moniker said

    PG, a few questions:

    1. You said you don’t like to be thought of as “prole”… what do you mean by that?

    2. Where can I take a legit IQ test, for free?

    3. What is wrong with grocery store baggers?

    My social circle consists of creative, artistic and “spiritually minded” people who often take easy, temp jobs, like bagging or whathaveyou, just to be able to pay their minimum bills while pursuing their passions.

    They are very intelligent people who are just not invested in the post-modern urban rat-race and all of it’s materialistic “rewards”.

    They’d rather be poor but “free” in terms of how they spend the majority of their time and energy.

    • PlanetGrok said

      One Moniker,

      1. “Prole” is short for proletariat, which has varying definitions depending on who is using the word. In this corner of the blogosphere, it refers to mainly to working-class people of average intelligence who enjoy low-brow entertainment. There are varying degrees of prole-ness, from “trailer trash” (low prole) up to oil-rig worker (almost middle class), for example. Beneath the proles are the lumpenproletariat, and above them are the college educated middle class.
      It sounds like you and your friends are “hipsters” rather than actual proles. It’s not strictly an income thing, its more cultural.

      2. Online IQ tests are not as reliable as real ones, so I’ve heard. You can get a real one for about 40 bucks from Mensa. But if you take several online ones and they give you the same value, then that’s probably about right.

      3. Nothing is “wrong” with them. But people of that station in life tend to exhibit more dysfunctions than people in higher stations.

    • JB said

      “2. Where can I take a legit IQ test, for free?”

      International High IQ Society has the most accurate online tests.

  10. Jamila said

    Obsidian just wrote another post to me. I replied to him until he edited one of my posts without noting that it had been edited. More rank dishonesty. I said everything I had to say and then left.

    Every so often he has good stuff, but mostly its garbage and he refuses to admit when he’s wrong.

    • PlanetGrok said

      Yes, I saw him slapping away in that little comment thread catfight, lol. He has no idea how intellectually outclassed he is whenever he tries to argue with someone.

      I love his little trump card he always wheels out after a barely relevant/believeable anecdote:

      “so you were saying?”

  11. OM said

    OH GOD!

    Obsidian spent the ENTIRE DAY today commenting over on Lady Raine’s blog, doint the same thing to her AND Denise that he’s doing to Jamila. You know the..

    OBS: blah, blah, blah
    LR: yada, yada, yada,
    DR: blah, blah, blah …. thing.

    Starting here and continuing for a very long time;

    • PlanetGrok said

      He needs to stay over there so they can both drive each other even crazier.

      • Lady Raine said

        Um, Grok you can “hate on me” all you want, but Obsidian has been told over and over to NOT come to my blog because he openly LIES, makes up “facts”, references WIKIPEDIA and Mainstream media for “science” and for his opinions.

        You can think I’m “crazy” all day, but Obsidian makes my brain hurt because he’s SO STUPID that I can’t even comprehend what part of his mind is inventing these “facts” and “issues”.

        Honestly, Grok there isn’t a SINGLE BLOGGER who knows ANYTHING about me, my intelligence, my “craziness”, or my lifestyle and for you or any of these other idiots to make ANY comments about me personally.

        It’s bad enough that bloggers who I’ve never spoken to or debated with blog about me as if they know me….or worse yet come to my blog like Obsidian and keep advertising his OWN blog.

        For god’s sake he told me he gets “50,000 hits per day”. That’s pretty fucking amazing in my opinion for a dude who can’t even speak the English language.

        He is not crazy.

        He genuinely thinks that the things he says are intelligent, factual, and even rational. He thinks that he really IS engaging the minds of great thinkers and preparing brilliant retorts.

        It’s not that he’s arrogant, crazy, or even “ignorant”. I think he’s genuinely academically stupid in every way and doesn’t realize that no one engages him because his arguments are SO far-fetched and SO imaginary, that even answering requires losing IQ points and “dumbing it down”.

        Either way do NOT encourage him to come to MY blog because I am sick of deleting his many links and trackbacks to his own blog, his own posts, and every comment he’s ever made on OTHER blogs that he thinks are brilliant.

  12. Prime said

    Obsidian obviously has no life.

    • PlanetGrok said

      A blue collar trade worker who has all day to spend online? I think he is on disability. He did mention he walks with a cane also.

    • Lady Raine said

      Actually, much like the many people who say “LR spends all day online and is a MOTHER???”

      When in truth I spend approximately 2 hours maximum actually ON a computer.

      The rest of the time I’m posting from my Blackberry application on my cell phone.

      I don’t know whether Obsidian is employed or not, but I know that he posts often from his cell phone (because of the IP numbers starting with “2–” are typically cell phones.

      I don’t know how he stands it, though because even when I use the WordPress app to answer comments, it doesn’t allow you to edit your own comments or anyone else’s and it’s just too much trouble for me.

      In my opinion, though he has no job because he’s been asked many times and has always avoided the question which means he has no job. He also always seems to be “sleeping in bed with his woman” while posting which also makes no sense.

      I cannot imagine ANY woman who’d date a teeny-tiny Black man….on disability….no job….who speaks freaking EBONICS….and blogs about Game????

      Um, yeah….guys like that don’t get laid. Ever.

      I know there’s women who don’t mind short guys, but all his other bad points REALLY make his shortness WAY more of an issue.

      *Ugh, I’d never date a man who I have to look DOWN at to argue with*

  13. Blue Goddess said

    Hee. Hee. The cane.

    I remember when he mentioned that he was a “dandy” and walked with a cane. No doubt about it, he is an old, rotund “uncle” type.

    Brown Sugah exists only in his mind. Just like my Indo-Arabian yogi-prince-god.

    He’ll have to settle for a Sexbot and I’ll probably have to settle for some ordinary white dude.


  14. Obsidian has a small dick said

    Both. Clearly both. Obesedian believes in astrology. That tells you right away lots of things are wrong with him. I bet Obesedian’s NOI homies don’t know about his astrology obsession. (We should tell them.)

    Obesedian likes starting arguments and he found a bunch of women who want to argue with men. He is outclassed by you, PG, but not by the women which is why he enjoys arguing with those women. They are as stupid as him.

    If I ran the Spearhead, I would get rid of Obesedian for being a kiss ass to women.

    • Lady Raine said

      Um, The Spearhead is a site where psychotic men gather to plot crimes against women.

      You think that somehow Obsidian could class them DOWN??? Or any woman posting there?

      Those guys are a bunch of sick fucks who delight in hating, harming, abusing, and raping women and honestly even Obsidian being an idiot and being non-existent on the female radar for dating….he is STILL too classy for The Spearhead.

      There are HBD and sites for intellectuals. Trying to pass off any poster or anything about “The Spearhead” as intellectual is just ridiculous.

      I still think about that hilarious post where they talk about all the “free stuff and tax breaks single mothers get and men DON’T get” when in actuality that entire post was patently untrue because there is no such thing in the United States as any Welfare that is only for women other than WIC (Women, Infants and Children) and that only provides cheese and milk in EMERGENCIES to women who find themselves suddenly on the streets with a baby. It’s not Welfare, it’s literally a short term handout of cereal and cheese.

      That’s it. Every other “tax break” and “freebie” they mentioned being “laws” in the United States were totally false, patently untrue, and entirely IMAGINARY.

      It’s pretty bad that a site full of posters like that one really DOESN’T have even ONE PERSON who understands anything about U.S. Law, taxes, or anything else.

      They still mention laws that have been GONE and wiped away for YEARS now.

      Please don’t pretend like The Spearhead has anything to offer an intellectual mind….or a sane one.

      Criminals and Rapists congregate there. Even Obsidian is too good for them.

  15. Fridolin said

    His What have atheists ever done for anybody and the corresponding comment section are also hilarious. Much to my dismay, however, my comment “What have the blacks ever done for us?” has been deleted. He can be such a poor sport …

    • PlanetGrok said

      lmao…If you dish it out, you’d better be able to take it also.

    • Jamila said

      We invented Jazz, among other things. And I have seen plenty of non-black people at Jazz concerts. 😛

    • Dwayne Mayor said

      Why he deleted it is rather strange because that question is easily answered. The forced labor of the Negro produced over 100 trillion dollars in wealth (adjusted for inflation) in the international textile industry, building, and tobacco, and provided the basis of capital for funding the Industrial Revolution in New England. Post-slavery, the Negros provided a massive source of cheap, exploitable labor for factories in the North, chain-gains engaged in road-building and railroads in the mid-west, and sharecroppers in the South among other things. Their music traditions (spirituals, work songs, ragtime, jazz, blues, R&B, Negro gospel, etc.) are the richest of any produced in America, without which, we would all be spiritually the poorer. In other words, they have contributed much material wealth, as well as cultural wealth (particularly in music) to which Jamilia below alludes. He could have easily asked you what have the Irish ever done for us, which is virtually nothing (that goes for both Britain and America) beyond providing a source of revenue for the liquor industry? The question you ought to have asked, Fridolin, is what have blacks ever done for the INTELLECTUAL culture of the West?

  16. The NOI thing is somewhat understandable.

    As Bill Cosby noted, those NOI guys in the hood are the well-dressed blacks who keep to themselves and don’t commit crimes. Unlike mainstream Islamic fundamentalists who channel their energy toward hatred of the West, NOI blacks channel their energy toward hatred of White American Christian conservatives; though it would be nice if they were like Mormons and focused on self-improvement instead.

  17. OneSTDV said

    @ OM, comment #11:

    Obsidian spent the ENTIRE DAY today commenting over on Lady Raine’s blog

    Awhile back, I picked a random comment thread that was posted on a weekday. I counted 67 comments from Obsidian in 13.5 hours, which amounts to 1 comment per every 12 minutes. And that doesn’t include reading others responses, thinking of his own arguments, and then typing them.

    • PlanetGrok said

      “…thinking of his own arguments…”

      heh. Projection? Somehow I think we can cut that part out of the equation when discussing Obsidian’s psychology. The man doesn’t think when commenting, he just bangs on the keyboard.

  18. One Moniker said

    Obsidian already stated he is not part of NOI. I take it he is an “orthodox” Muslim of some sort, at least philosophically, because in his practical life he is obviously not practicing the Islamic ethics 100%.

    • PlanetGrok said

      Black muslims rarely do.

      I think he is a convert to traditional Islam from the NOI.


      Mohammed was a warmonger pedophile so fuck him, his religion, and all its little offshoots.

  19. One Moniker said

    As far as I’ve read Prophet Mohammed only started his “warmongering” AFTER he and other Muslims had been attacked. As far as “pedophilia”…. let’s face it, many of our grandparents, great-grandparents and ancestors would be accused of the same today because up until not too long ago, it was not uncommon for men in their 20s to marry young girls under the legal ages of consent that we have today.

    You have to take into context the time and environments when looking at history.

  20. Obsidian said

    One Moniker is correct-both wrt my own theological background, and wrt Prophet Muhammad’s history. His military campaigns were largely defensive in design.

    Planet Grok: it seems that I’ve put quite a bee in your bonnett. And its quite clear that you’re nowhere near as interested in the actual topics I’ve written about, but about *me* in particular.

    So, what’s on your mind? Why all the focus on lil ole moi?



  21. PlanetGrok said


    Aisha was six years old when the crazed cultist married her, was she not? That’s pedo in any culture.

    Jesus never started warmongering at any time, even after he was “hit first”. Sounds like a better guy, who started a better religion, to me. But I have no horse in this race, so feel free to defend Islam further all you want.


    When you debate so dishonestly on your own blog by not acknowledging points you ask your commenters to make and by deleting and editing comments that show your errors, you can’t expect somebody not to call you out on your pettiness and vapidity. That’s all this is. Don’t flatter yourself, I’m not interested in *you*.

    Why not go comment on Lady Raine’s blog some more? You two seem made for each other.

    • Lady Raine said

      “Why not go comment on Lady Raine’s blog some more? You two seem made for each other.”

      Oh hell no!! Thanks a lot, now he really HAS been trolling my blog since last night because of you guys!

      Come on, he’s a dude! Take him back, he’s one of yours….not mine!!!

      (Made for who? I don’t date guys who are shorter than me, stupid, OR Black.)

  22. Obsidian said

    Of course, Jesus was a pacifist. Are you a Christian? Maybe I can slap the sh*t out of you.

    And no, OM is correct, you have to examine people within their historical and cultural context. Just like we would with say, *slavers* like Thomas Jefferson or George Washington.

    As for how I choose to run my blog, unfortunately there’s nothing you can do to change that, and all your post does here is give me more props AND proves just how petty and vapid *you are*. That you never actually addressed my post topics, and instead chose to major in the minors, really says a good bit about ya, *home slice*. God, I can’t believe you actually said that, LOL!

    Anyway, I see this is the highest commented on post here. Obsidian’s good for business, eh?;)

    Holla back


    • PlanetGrok said

      No, I’m not a Christian. And I have about 8 inches and 65 pounds of muscle on you, so I doubt your little slaps are doing anything. lol

      • Lady Raine said

        Look, I’m not a Christian either…..but I was when I was a kid and being raised by Bible-Banging Lutherans….and I can honestly say that even Jesus Christ himself (were he not an imaginary sky-fairy) would come down here and ho-slap Obsidian just as hard as we would.

        Even a deity can only take so much.

  23. One Moniker said

    PG, as far as I’m aware Aisha was 9 when they officially married, I don’t know at what age she consumated the union. 9 year olds are pre-pubescent and often just a few years away from their first menstrual cycle. In the old days in many cultures a girl was considered “mature” after the first period. Marriages in India were often arranged in childhood and when the first period came, the girl would leave her parent’s house to live in the house with her husband and in-laws.

    I’M NOT DEFENDING THIS, but this is historically what has been done.

    We are now more scientifically aware of the human body and how it develops and we now know that a young girl’s body is STILL not “mature” at the first menstrual cycle (not by a long shot), that she needs more years to develop and for her internal organs to develop to the point of carrying a baby to full term safely.

    But there was no such science back then so people just kind of followed “nature”.

    Islamic “evidence” suggests that Aisha felt “honored” to marry the Prophet (Alpha Male of his era and environment, as well as a “man of God”) and she became his most enthusiastic PR person. So I’m sure she was treated with love and respect that was congruent for a man to show his wife FOR THOSE TIMES.

    I’m not a follow of any of the Abrahamic faiths so I don’t have an agenda here.

    PLEASE don’t let your blog become another one where I have to scroll down for one hour to get to a decent comment, because Obsidian has posted a thesis paper.

    Just ban the dude.

    MESSAGE TO OBSIDIAN: dude, just inform LR, PG, Denise and Jamila by email or something that you have posted questions to them at your site and invite them to engage you there. If they CHOOSE NOT to come to your blog, accept that graciously and don’t beg for scraps like you have been doing. It’s unbecoming to a “dandy” such as yourself. Please do not ruin these peoples’ blogs.

  24. Obsidian said

    Oh, and PG,
    Let’s actually deal with the issues at hand, and put petty personality differences aside, hmm?

    Now then…

    You take issue with my quotin Elijah Muhammad, but you never actually examine the quote in the light of my overall post. I was simply making the case for Women, in this case, Black Women, being treated better by Black Men, something one would think you could get behind. What are your thoughts on this?

    Second, I was speaking to the simple fact that the HBD crowd doesn’t seem as interested in discussing incidences of Smart White folks commiting crime, ala Bishop, Stack and the mass looting in Chile. You never actually addressed that point, PG. Will you do so now?

    Now, I figure we can start here. I know you have a bone to pick with us Brothas, but unfortunately, that’s your problem to solve, not mine. So, I’ll not be explaining why I write the way I do, or qualifying myself to you in any way. Deal with the issues, or be Man enough to admit that I get to you.

    Your response?


    • PlanetGrok said

      I didn’t intend to reply to the main point of your post, regarding Chile, Bishop, Stack, etc. As you can see by reading the comments above, I was replying to your comment underneath your post, not the post itself. I did so logically, and you responded with dishonesty and pettiness, the same dishonesty and pettiness you displayed when censoring other commenters who disagreed with you. Thus, I’ve called you out on it. If you acted this civil on your own blog then not only would you be better liked, but you might attract even more commenters. Playing the heel only gets you so far.

  25. mike said

    I retract my statement about O-man being a good person at heart. I wanted to say something nice about him but I should have known better. He’s obviously an extremely petty individual who seeks to blame his laughable failure on the malicious attitudes of a greater power (white people).

    Guess what, O-man, you are a failure for the same reason that blacks worldwide are failures. Do us all a favor and take whatever wealth you managed to accrue in this white society and invest it back in Africa. Because as we all know, they’re going to economically explode any day now!

  26. Obsidian said

    Actually, I was thinking a good Pimp Hand would do the trick…and I’ve put guys your size in the ICU. Barehanded.

    Shall we arrange a meet to test it out?


  27. Obsidian said

    Hi Mike. How all the Crackers doing?


    • Lady Raine said

      Hi Mike. How all the Crackers doing?


      See, most White People don’t mind the dumb nicknames like Honkey and Cracker. (Personally I prefer “Kraut” since I’m German)….basically Obsidian you just proved how sensitive Black People are about BEING Black and you expected White People to be as sensitive.

      Sorry, but you ARE a racist. I know that for a fact by who you support and what you write. I also know that you feel somehow that White People should feel GUILTY for being White.

      Sorry, dude. I like being White. I’d never trade it in for even ONE DAY.

  28. OM said

    Planet Grok, please ban Obsidian’s IP address. The dude is an obsessive NUT, and he attracts other nutty commenters.

  29. Obsidian said

    Hi OM,
    I’m sorry, but I fail to see what being or not bein a Dandy has to do w/my interactions w/Ms. Romano and Lady Raine. They have set out to do damage to something of importance to me, which is Game. And I deem it important and necessary to make sure that the public record shows that someone from my side o the aisle opposed them in a cogent, reasoned and intelligent manner. So, you’ll kindly pardon my declining your request.

    I do thank you however, for setting the greatly misinformed PG straight on the basic facts of Islamic history and thought. Among a great many things.


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  31. heraclitus said

    i don’t care how smart obsidian may or may not be. his evisceration of romano and the raine trolle was expertly executed and done for all the right reasons.

    • Lady Raine said

      i don’t care how smart obsidian may or may not be. his evisceration of romano and the raine trolle was expertly executed and done for all the right reasons.

      Except that I never trolled any blog including this one, Obsidians, and obviously cannot “troll” my own.

      Obsidian posted TO US and the BEGGED for US to come and “answer his questions”.

      So I politely did so once at his blog and he had the balls to delete, edit, and change our answers.

      I don’t know what YOU are reading, but Obsidian has never “evicerated” me, Denise, or anyone else. He has only made himself look worse and us look better.

      Not that I need it. I already know that I’m about 100 IQ point ahead of him and most other humans on earth.

      Sorry, but the fact that you don’t “like me” (even though once again not a single blogger knows even ONE “fact” about me….and never will because I’m just THAT good).

      And I dunno why Obsidian is so focused on “defending Game now that LR and Denise are looking to give it a bad name” because there are tons of professional Psychologists and OTHER people who already studied and deemed Game as “unethical without question” and sought to let people know that a long time ago.

      There were people spreading “awareness” about how harmful, abusive, and Misogynistic “Game” is LONG before I ever heard of it….and long before Denise did, either.

      Basically he’s trying to stop a train that is clearly NOT going to stopped by some nobody with no education.

      “Game” is in every sense unhealthy for ALL the women that are subjected to it….and ALL of the men who are using it.

      It is unhealthy for both genders, is NOT positive toward society or toward “gender relations” and is only exacerbating the problems we already have with women being paranoid, suspicious, too demanding, wanting “commitment” right away so as not to be “fooled” by a booty-hound, etc.

      All those problems are NOT problems that WOMEN are creating. Those are problems that users, criminals, con-artists, and PUAs are creating by intentionally waging “war” against women as if we are some sort of enemy deserving of retribution for being born with a vag and a uterus.

      THEY are the reason that “nice guys” have to be shit-tested, take women on all these dates, and prove themselves over and over to NOT be a sleaze.

      Women are the ones who are shamed socially and BLAMED for having “casual sex” or making a mistake and letting a “cad fool her”. Women are told “keep your legs closed or you deserve it” and women are also given ALL responsibility for birth control and any unwanted pregnancies.

      Women have EVERYTHING to lose by “giving it up too fast” and men have NOTHING to lose.

      PUAs pretend to be “normal guys” and make the women think they genuinely “like” them because they think they’re too good to go get a hooker and pay for it. They’re too cheap to buy a hooker so instead they trick, harass, and subsequently sexually assault normal women who may have actually “liked” him and is now going to be “blamed” by society for LETTING HIM trick HER.

      PUAs are simply men who are lazy and unmotivated. They want to prey on women and take what they can get. They’re scavengers who are making life more difficult for everyone and they’re also making women even MORE suspicious and MORE unlikely to react well to being “approached for a date” in daily life (and rightfully so).

      Basically, PUAs want “fast and easy sex” but then they ALSO cry “but we don’t want it with skanks!”

      So basically they don’t want “sluts” who will sleep with them without a date…..but they ALSO don’t want women who WON’T sleep with them right away.

      They want “virgins” to ONLY give it up on the first date…to THEM. And without a date, without earning it, and without being honest.

      Um, sorry. That’s like wanting gold bars instead of dollar bills, but refusing to BUY the gold bars, install a vault to store them, or pay for insurance on them. And then saying “Well I WANT gold bars and I have a RIGHT to them…but I don’t want to pay for them, work for them, provide storage for them, or be responsible for what happens to them.”

      Yeah, well I want magical ponies and ice cream for life, but guess what? I’m not as stupid as the PUAs who think that somehow they have more of a right to “good women” and a “good life” than the people on this earth who actually WORKED to EARN those things.

      You want a quality woman? You have to court her, woo her, take her on dates, and act like a fucking man.

      You just want to fuck her? Then you either have to settle for what you call a “slut”….or you have to pay the piper.

      Those are the “double standards” that MEN set up FOR women and now you don’t like that anymore, so you blame women, look for a way to defraud us of our resources, and try to say it’s somehow the fault of FEMINISM?

      “Feminism” did not create the double standard that women should make men “earn” sex and to NOT be sluts…..and that men are EXTOLLED for being sluts and NOT having women “earn” the sex.

      That standard comes from MEN and from Pre-Feminist society. And somehow PUAs have found a way to twist that to make THEM the victims, women in general the “enemy” and oppressor,and themselves somehow more entitled to privileges like sex and romance than everyone else on earth.

      I seriously respect a man who pays a hooker because he’s HONEST and goes to a pro when he needs “just sex” instead of demanding the “cream of the crop” and “virginal women” but wanting it for nothing, for free, and from any woman they feel inclined to lie to.

      Sorry, to me they are just another bunch of lazy assholes trying to suck on the collective tete of society.

      Yeah, like we need more of THOSE.

      The problem is that MOST men who are PUAs are NOT men who are tired of being gold-digged and “used” for money or by women.

      If they had money or privilege or even a decent job they wouldn’t NEED Game.

      These are guys who don’t have anything other than their cock to offer women and they don’t understand that to women….cock is a dime a dozen and we can get some from “handsome and attractive” men anytime we want.

      Think about all women have to lose by sleeping with the “wrong guy” too soon. Why on EARTH would any woman put ALL THAT at risk….just to “get some dick”??? We wouldn’t. That’s because there’s plenty of dick that DOESN’T come with mental issues, lies, fraud, coercion, and abuse.

      THOSE are the men we’ll be dating and that is why PUA’s like Mystery are old, miserable and suicidal and guys like Roissy are over 40 (therefore off most women’s radar altogether for anything other than sex), has no children (darwinian failure and non-alpha status), has no wife or ex wife (again no provider/protector status = Beta), and is STILL renting a lonely condo at nearly 43 years old????

      They are alone for a REASON and that’s because they don’t understand that after awhile….women are going to catch on that they are “dirty” and sleep around and although you want to believe in your minds that women are “impressed” by that….we aren’t.

      I immediately categorize a guy who sleeps around as a “dirty dick” and a “no fly zone” for even a one night stand, let alone a DATE!!!

      No women wants to be “one of many” and most would never tolerate such a thing.

      These guys are alone for a REASON and it’s not because trolling bars at age 45 is “sexy”. Trolling bars and lounges anytime over age 23 for a man or woman is pretty desperate and pathetic and I would never accept a date from a dude in a bar, so I’d imagine that classy women don’t congregate there looking for “love” either.

      Women are now dating for “beauty” in men just like men always have because we are no longer required to marry or settle down to have a home or a family (children).

      That was the only thing that men could use to “land a woman” before was their status and money. Now those things don’t matter and most women just want a handsome, sexy, physically attractive man to have some companionship with.

      That’s how it’s ALWAYS been for women and from what I’ve seen, PUAs and MRAs are just men who cannot compete and keep up when the playing field is leveled and women aren’t REQUIRED to marry you for ___ or ___ or ____.

      These guys are spiraling out of control emotionally, hating on women, and shrieking like school girls ALREADY and they haven’t even been judged on for “beauty” on the same scale as women yet!!!

      LOL, I can’t wait to see what happens to these PUAs in the next few years. One day I can see them being mocked endlessly in movies and on old shows and our children will say “Why are those people so stupid? Is that a cult? Did men actually DO that?”

      I think that’s a safe bet because even NOW when I mention “Game” to regular guys and they ask “what it is” and I explain it to them….they don’t believe that there could be THAT many men who do stuff THAT ridiculous.

      The most common answer from men who aren’t familiar with Game that I’ve gotten is this: “Who would go through all that just for some pussy? Are these teenagers, you mean?”

      Normal men find it just as hilarious and/or disturbing as normal women do. There will never be enough slimeballs on this earth to make PUAs a lasting force. Fortunately there are far more good, educated, honest men than there are MRAs and PUAs who hate women and should just duck out of dating altogether for life (in my honest opinion).

      They can only go lower until they get the professional help they need or I suspect there will be MANY guys like Mystery who find themselves old, out of work, unattractive….no professional credentials, no education, nothing to offer a woman….with the extra-unattractive suicide attempts and generally miserable human being with mental problems that evidently even a WEALTHY PUA is too stupid to be aware he has and needs treatment for.

      I often wonder why these PUAs don’t see that not a SINGLE man who has taught Game has ended up “happy” and dating a single, younger, hottie.

      So far not a single one of them has gone on to live the imaginary lifestyle that they try to sell to men (you know…like saying that younger attractive women will EVER be interested in an “older man” who does NOT have wealth or extreme fame.)

      Hmmmm wonder when one of them is actually going to be able to LAND a woman who doesn’t leave him after the first 12 hours… guess is never.

      Let’s face it….PUA is for men that aren’t very attractive, handsome, or educated. Mystery is one of the ugliest men I’ve ever seen and Strauss looks like someone’s dad…Roissy is WAY older than I’d ever consider dating…and from what I’ve seen most of the PUAs are older guys that don’t understand that younger women with brains and hot bodies…want young men with brains and hot bodies.

      Not old, wrinkly, flaccid penises, low sex drive (women peak at 40…men at 18), less stamina, a less attractive physique, possible balding, and less in common.

      Right. Maybe someday, guys…until then…well…just keep the horsey in the barn and please leave normal women alone.

      There are tons of high-class hookers who will fuck you without a date. If you want sex from a non-hooker you gotta earn it.

      Sorry, that’s the way it is. You don’t like it? Duck out of the dating game and buy a sexbot or something (God I cannot WAIT until men have those and virtual sex so the pervs, dirtbags, and losers will LEAVE US ALONE AND NOT TRY TO GET SEX ANYMORE).

      Men don’t realize that most women are DYING for technology to take THAT nasty little task off our hands and the only men who would use that stuff are the men who are already the “creeps and pervs” that we are complaining about bothering us on the streets, asking for dates, complimenting and staring, bothering a woman at her job or at the gym, etc.

      I hope technology can keep those men OFF the streets, away from women, and at home jerking it to sexbots, virtual asians, and calling hookers.

      I will gladly buy all these PUAs a sexbot MYSELF if it means they will kindly disappear from society and save us the time of cleansing ourselves as a nation of their soiled poison and caveman urges and “desires”.

      You dick is not OUR problem. You don’t need sex to live and it’s not important in life. No one is EVER going to feel “sorry” for men who cannot control their urges and choose not to try. Women have the SAME SEXUAL NEEDS as MEN and yet somehow we manage to NOT lose our minds and go out and rape and massacre because we are just SO “sexually frustrated”….lmao…..

      Awwwwwww….da’ poor wittle babies….*pats them on the head*

      Don’t worry, there are more and more women who are willing to fuck you without a date and you’ll always have them, at least eh?

  32. Lady Raine said

    *Psssssst–Planet Grok*

    I used to have the stupid “nested comments” feature turned on without realizing it on my blog and that is what is making your comments section all out of order.

    The nesting overrides the “newest” and “oldest” ordering so you may want to change it for clarity (just a suggestion…I had to because my posters were complaining it was confusing).

    Just uncheck the “allow nested comments” option in your settings and the comments will just post in order from oldest to newest like normal.

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