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Women like ass, too

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 24, 2010

That’s right, as much time as we spend looking at women’s derrieres, we can forget that they look at our asses too. When an appropriate specimen passes by, we men mentally simulate the impact-absorbtion capabilities of the ass in question. Females do the same, but they fantasize about the male ass’s thrusting power (this simulation often occurs only in the hindbrain, so they may not be conscious of this). In light of this, I have found that developing a round, muscular ass has increased my sexual appeal significantly.

If you are not black, with little in the way of exercise you are prone to developing “nassatau” syndrome. This is basically when your buttocks atrophies away, and your lower back seamlessly integrates with your hamstrings. Women of any race do not find this appealing.

The best way to grow and maintain a muscular ass is with a steady diet of squats. But not just any squats will do. You need to do them right.

1 Most importantly, don the weight belt and fasten it tight. You are not too tough for one. Not only will you plateau without a belt, but you will definitely injure yourself if you insist on doing heavy squats without one. This is a lesson I learned the hard way.

2 Use a bench or other device to accurately assess (har!) how far down you go with each repetition. You should be, at a minimum, making your thighs perpendicular to the wall. Do not try to guess it by looking in a mirror. Set up a weight bench right behind you to the appropriate height and tap it with your butt on each repetition. What always happens without an objective measurement of squat depth is that over time, as you add weight, you will slowly but surely squat higher and higher untill you are barely bending your knees. Once you realize it, it will be too late and you will have to start over. Your body wants to cheat, don’t let it. Position your feet directly down from your shoulders, and

3. Close your sphincter. tight. Now lift. Repeat 5-8 times, and increase the weight when you can. Supplement with the leg press.

Get out there now and work that ass out 2-3 times per week. Enjoy all the new IOI’s you weren’t getting before. It’s worth it.


28 Responses to “Women like ass, too”

  1. andy said

    I do lots of squats with the correct form, but my ass still isn’t too impressive. Even with enough nurture, you can’t beat nature.

    Genetics do play a part. I am East Asian, a race known for pathetically small butts.

    Now the other cheek, black people naturally gravitate towards larger butts. They have big butts without squatting! Sometimes I’m envious. But I’ll take my brains anyday 🙂

    • PlanetGrok said

      East Asians and American Indian Hispanics are both very prone to nassatau syndrome. Even if you can’t develop a black-dude muscular ass, you should at least try to have a race-normed superior butt.

      It’s funny, and probably a subject for another post, but the Oriental Asian guys in my gym seem to have a real chip on their shoulder because they can not lift the weights that the whites and blacks can. Its the A.A.M. (Angry Asian Male) syndrome.

      They aren’t as bad as the Indian men though, who often struggle with curling 20 pounds or benching 50 pounds. But the Indians are more gregarious and don’t seem to have as much of that AAM chip on their shoulder, even though they do not wear deodorant and smell extremely funky, which is probably even more annoying than the menacing glares of AAMs.

      • Casey said

        take my brains some just weren’t FORTUN ate enough to have an education like white folks give them an education and one might just become president of the greatest nation on the planet. I’m white but sure have met some extremely intelligent black folk dumbass i’lll take my brains any day no matter what your genetics????? Wisdom will get you muscles where ever you want on your body you have to learn the wisdom of true bodybuilding to shock your muscles into growth that’s with any one!!! Pump blood into your ass to stretch the fascia of the muscle by doing high rep supersets combined with intense eccentric squats with heavy weight dropping down as slow as possible to shred your muscle fibers to pieces and then follow through with the blood pump to stretch the muscle where it feels like it’s going to explode SO KEY IS STRETCH THE FASCIA BY BLOOD PUMP AND RIP YOUR MUSCLE FIBERS DOING HEAVY WEIGHT FOCUSING ON YOUR NEGATIVE PORTION OF YOUR REPS you will have a nice butt if you do this with all glute exercises especially the squat I am a master personal trainer and deal with people that have the same issue you do i’ve gotten chinese girls to look like they have butt implants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!do what i said

  2. One Moniker said

    Finally a dude who “gets it”!


    Thankyou for agreeing with me about Indian guys too!


    I know a half-asian/half-white dude who has a nice round booty. So all is not lost on Asian and White guys.


    Plus, if you’re not Black and you date a Black dude, you have to contend with the fact that he might have a better booty than you. Some girls can’t take the pressure.


  3. andy said

    Another question, what do you mean by “close your sphincter?”. This sounds kinda of nasty and I never recall this being a part of proper squatting technique. I mean you surely wouldn’t want to “open your sphincter” for obvious reasons, but I’m not quite sure what you mean by closing it, lol.

    On the body odor issue, East Asians on average tend to have less BO. The deodorant market in East Asia isn’t very big. I don’t sweat under my armpits at all. As with all HBD issues, there are exceptions, and my good friend (also East Asian) has very bad BO.

    Is the Indian smell the curry smell or the BO smell? Or does their BO smell like curry? Sorry if I sound prejudiced. But I always think Indians smell like curry.

    • PlanetGrok said

      LOL, have you ever really pushed yourself when doing squats? If you have any gas in you, and you are wearing your belt tight, then your interior comes under pressure. You don’t want to be that guy farting in the gym. Say goodbye to any attractive woman checking you out.

      I have noticed that East Asians can work out intensely without any noticeable odor as well. Interesting. I wonder what the reason for that is.

      The Indian smell is both the curry smell and the BO smell. Combination of spicy foods and no soap (animal products issue for Hindus, I think?). One Moniker can tell you better than I can though. It’s something I’ve always wondered myself.

      My gym is as diverse as a Mac commercial, so it makes for some interesting HBD observations. I just thought of something related to this, but I think I’ll make a post out of it eventually instead.

  4. One Moniker said

    Desis (Indians) are amongst the most OCD people in the world when it comes to personal hygeine. In India many people take multiple baths a day, especially in the hot season, even if they are poor and do not have plumbing in the home but have to pump water. And with soap. Desis have nothing against soap at all and probably invented it. Natural substances are used in remote villages for cleansing purposes.

    HOWEVER, deodorant is a relatively new phenomena there and for the average village or small town Indian, is a bit on the expensive size. So it is not a product you will see in every Indian household, unless you are in a big city like Mumbai.

    Indians here in the US are different though. They do use deodorant, unless they are a villager fresh off the boat or something.

    I think the smell of the spices they cook with seep into their clothing and that is why they smell.

    I’ve never noticed Indian “smelling like curry” but maybe I’m just used to it?

    I don’t use deoderant myself unless it is organic and natural, due to toxic chemicals and carcinogens. There are natural substances you can use that will get the job done just as well.

    I’ve noticed whenever I rid myself of armpit hair, I smell better. Maybe guys wanna try that too?

    • PlanetGrok said

      There’s something besides plain old BO behind the stereotypical Indian scent. I think all the spices they eat come out through their pores somehow.

      Fully Americanized Desi’s do keep themselves up nicely and smell fresh and everything. I’m rather attracted to americanized Indian women, actually. Only the 1st/2nd generation Desis seem to have the odor/hygeine problem.

    • muffinman said

      The whole story about Indians are OCD about personal hygiene is simply not true. I’m not trying to generalize, but in my school most people that smells bad are Indians. One of the Indian guy in my class smells like a bum. You know, the mixture of sweat, aged oil secretion and sh*t. He’s been like that since years, probably no one wants to get near him to tell him to take a shower. Some east Asians also smells bad, but that’s more of an oral hygiene problem. Strange that I never smell BO on an easy Asian.

      • Wtf said

        The “story” about Indians being OCD about hygiene is true; a lot of them just don’t use deodorant. Some of them use powder instead (????)

  5. Jamila said

    I like cute, well-rounded bums. But NOT big a big ‘ol BUTT on a man. Something to where you can tell the guy does squats, but isn’t too serious about it.

  6. Andy said

    I think the Indian curry body odor smell is partly a psychological construct that is a result of my racist imagination. Even if an Indian doesn’t really smell like curry, I’ll think they do, because I associate certain smells with Indians. Is it real or imagined?

  7. Vincent Ignatius said

    I’ll add that front squats are good for developing good form and getting all the way down to really hit the glutes. I first started doing them after a back injury and now I’m hooked.

  8. One Moniker said

    PG, what do you make of this Sexbot and 3DVR stuff that The Fifth Jackass and Obsoletian keep harping on about?

    If anything I think they would make men even MORE frustrated because men will be getting an approximation of a girlfriend, but never a real girlfriend. What these dudes are hankering for is LOVE, because as far as LUST, they can already get that through porn and masterbation, as well as Adult Store toys and mechinisms. I mean, I’m assuming there is a dildo/vibrator equivalent for guys in the form of faux vaginas, right? But STILL men are not satisfied because a faux vagina, porn, a Sexbot, or their own hand cannot give them the “acceptance, respect, admiration, and affection” that these dudes appear to be literally STARVING for.

    If anything I see the 3DVR tactile imagery experience being marketed to women because of the TACTILE advantage. The vibrator industry is already a billion dollar business, imagine 3D TACTILE vibrators!

    And…………..3D tactile… tongues. OMG!

    Men are just going to lose out again, as something that was originally their intent and their idea, is going to backfire on them. Just like the Sexual Revolution.

    I guess women really DO have an evolutionary advantage.

    I’m not complaining.

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  11. Yea, guys asses are actually a big physical feature that attracts women, and seems to be the most overlooked from a guy’s perspective.

    I was just flipping through one of my body language books and noticed this nice little statistic:

    “When it comes to a woman’s favorite male body parts, women are also universally split into three groups – legs, butts and chests/arms with butts taking 40 percent of the votes for first prize.”

  12. Desi said

    Chest and butt, for sure. Even a little pudge on the stomach. Rather a “few extra pounds” than a “few pounds under”.

    There’s got to be something to grab onto when you are hugging or else it’s like hugging air!

  13. omalone1 said

    No way dude. I hate butt but love iron board

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    Women like ass, too « Planet Grok

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