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Mystery not so Alpha

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 20, 2010

This picture illustrates why I remain skeptical about the significance of game:

So there are people who pay money to look like these clowns? These are the top PUA’s around?

Thanks, but no thanks. Basic knowledge of evo-psych and normal social skills will get you laid. These guys are going to ecstasy fueled raves and banging sluts. Not too hard to do.

Mystery displays some serious underclass behavior in this picture by giving viewers of the photo a middle finger. I’ve seen lots of NAMs and WT do this on their social networking pages. I guess being  “Alpha” really is all about devolution to some.


15 Responses to “Mystery not so Alpha”

  1. Jamila said

    I’m not a fan of the word “slut” but it does appear to me that many of the top PUA’s are simply grasping for the low hanging fruit.

    It all seems to be very much a numbers game. If most of them are rejecting women outright who won’t have sex by the end of the third date then there are obviously plenty of women who get rejected by not putting out fast enough and what you left with is the more promiscuous women.

  2. One Moniker said

    Is he wearing a skirt???

    • PlanetGrok said

      Yes, a freaking SKIRT and a purple net shirt on the other one. I’ve read that some women like to try to hook up with gay men, so that’s what they might be going for here.

  3. Denise said

    [I am crazy]


  4. One Moniker said

    What’s wrong with game is that they are confused.

    First they say that “game works with all women”. Yet, low and behold, they still have to have rules like “dump her if by the end of the 3rd date you did not get sex”. So that obviously means that there are women out there on whom game did not work right?

    Then they say that women with the “highest sexual market value” are those who don’t sleep around, and game enables men to get with women with the “highest sexual market value”. But at that same time game is geared toward getting women into bed within the “7 hour” limit. Surely women who sleep with you within the “7 hour” limit do not qualify as “highest sexual market value” according to that definition, now do they?

    Therefore there is ANOTHER definition for “highest sexual market value” and that is LOOKS. The hotter the female, the higher her “sexual market value”.

    So that begs the question: where do hot females who sleep with men within the “7 hour limit rule” fall?

    Are the hot babes who don’t “put out” by the 3rd date considered low or high sexual market value?

    And remember, if she doesn’t put out by the 3rd date, you have to dump her otherwise you are an AFC and a loser.

    So what was the point of all of this again?????

    • PlanetGrok said

      I agree with the foundation of game taught by PUA’s – That women like a dominant man, and the descriptions of “alpha” and “beta” behavior are pretty spot on. I’ll admit I’ve learned a thing or two by reading their material.

      But the point of game for these guys seems to be to bang as many already promiscuous women as possible – that is not hard to do, with or without “game”. You don’t need a 2000 dollar seminar for that. I’m reminded of get-rich-quick schemes when encountering most PUA material.

      • Anon said


        You seem to think that a man HAS to dress like that to practice Game.

        They do not. There are many who do not, and if you did honest research, you will know this.

        But the hotties in clubs, who either bang the bartender or the band members, ARE drawn to men who dress like this. So it is more a reflection of the low quality of club hotties than of the men themselves.

        But I agree, a $3000 seminar is not needed. The seminar business runs on the market for introverted engineers who think a seminar will jolt them out of approach anxiety. It does not. There is no way around the brutally hard work required to practice this.

  5. One Moniker said

    Where the hell did you pull this photo from????

  6. Anon said


    Are you doubting that Game works? If so, you are not very observant.

    As far as the ridiculous appearance of these PUAs, that tells you all you need to know about how shallow and easily manipulated hot chicks are. That is more a reflection on the low intelligence of women than anything else.

    Why do Heather Locklear, Pamela Anderson, etc. fuck, and even marry, guys who dress like this?

    • PlanetGrok said

      I don’t doubt that game works 1st of all. I only claim the results touted by prominent PUA’s are overhyped.

      As for the celebs you note -Druggies go for other druggies. Studies have shown artsy women like actresses are the most promiscuous, and Pam Anderson especially is just trashy. There are plenty of hot women who AREN’T in the arts who would never be caught dead with these freak shows.

  7. Joey Giraud said

    I agree completely. Love the murder of pretty lies on Roissy’s site, and T.Raw is even more illuminating ( that’s where you found the photo, I’ll wager, ) but after reading a long thread on Roissy’s site it becomes clear that a lot of self-considered alphas are actually bottom-feeders. Women wih more on the ball wouldn’t be likely to fall for the cheap tricks of a Mystery.

    Real masculine dominence, as T.Raw points out, ain’t fuzzy hats and aviator goggles.

  8. xo said

    Too many assumptions…

  9. JD said

    OMFG Jesus
    I personally dont think any of you have actually read Mystery’s or even Style’s books.
    And so to let out your false belief you make up stuff.

    Well heres the list.
    First of all its basic evolutionary psychology, the routines created to attract these women are based on that.
    Secondly, mystery decided to dress like that to push the boundaried of attraction. i.e. How far can he go before ‘no’ woman will sleep with him. ‘so far hes doing pretty damn well!!’
    Thirdly, this is not what he is teaching, infact what he teaches ( the stuff that works ) isvery natural and honest. What he does in his spare time is experiment with new ideas and forwarding the knowledge of attraction.
    PUAs never say dump the girl is you havent slept with her whithing 7 hours, theres somehting called natural game and if you wish to carry on escalating with the girl after 7 hours you can.
    The 7 hours are just guidelines used for self improvement. you can call them goals.

    And lastly if you think that any woman in the right mind wont sleep with this guy just because he wears funny clothing, then you are ultimately saying that women are shallow creatures how only look at appearences.

    Damn i wish you guys could research your stuff before you make your mind up on people…

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