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Atavism in Action, pt 2

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 19, 2010

Obama thinks he can turn the spawn of these fine human specimens into our next generation of rocket scientists, engineers, and software developers.

“Nurture game proper”


3 Responses to “Atavism in Action, pt 2”

  1. WTF said

    Well, he chose an accurate moniker!

  2. One Moniker said

    Funny! But according to Obsidian, these are the types of guys that Lori Gottlieb should’ve settled for before she hit 30 and went in for a sperm bank baby!!!!

    I’d rather be single and lonely, FOREVER and life after life.

    • PlanetGrok said

      They are pretty ALPHA aren’t they? Such confidence and swag.

      I think sperm banks are a great idea for females considering reproduction. Most donors have well above average IQ’s.

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