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Beta of the Year

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 15, 2010

Paging Roissy

After 15 happy years with his wife, Alan Jenkins decided it was time for the ultimate expression of love.

So, determined to prove his devotion, he had a lifesize image of her face – along with those of their two daughters – tattooed on his back.

But Betas always reap the contempt for themselves that they sow:

Unfortunately for the besotted Alan, it also backfired on a monumental scale after Lisa, 36, absconded with a 25-year-old Latvian hunk she had met at work.

What does the cougar whore have to say for herself?

“I didn’t plan to fall in love with Kaspars – it just happened,” she said.

The Beta is not learning from his mistake:

He could be forgiven for wanting his wife off his back for good, but despite his heartache, he has no plans to have to tattoo removed.

“Lisa may have left me but she’ll be on my back forever thanks to the tattoo,” he said.

“But I’ve still got plenty of room on my chest if I get hooked up again.”

Somebody put him out of his misery now.


5 Responses to “Beta of the Year”

  1. Asian Game said

    And who says “older women” can’t land relationship with younger guys?!?!

    Anyway, she doesn’t exactly fit the “cougar” bill, as she is only 36 and her lover is only 11 years younger than she is, probably 10 and half years to be exact, and that counts as “same age range”.

    However, she is a cheater and foolish for thinking “falling in love” counts for something more than just an oxytocin overdose.

    • PlanetGrok said

      “Falling in love” is a euphemism for “I was REALLY FUCKING HORNY for young dick”. She thinks it is a way to save face. Ha!

      The look on that kids face is classic. It screams “Why the hell did I agree to this?”

  2. Anonymous said

    Nothing says lack of manlyness like defacing yourself with your woman’s picture (sorta like being branded as a steer).

    Being a 22-year-old with a sexually-aggressive stripper who’s 38, does an hour of high-impact 5 days a week and likes it HARD (as in rammin’ it), now that’s something. Let’s have more of that!

  3. Anonymous said

    Agreed, “I didn’t plan to fall in love with Kaspars – it just happened” is polite for saying “I was hot for his large mancock filling me jizz repeatedly while my whorishness tore out my husband’s heart for my orgasmic amusement.”

  4. Phoenixism said

    Alan might really cement his Beta cred if he would just add the Latvian lover’s hulky fixture to that tattoo monkey sitting on his back. A big happy family he’s no longer a part of.

    I saw “The Messenger” earlier and this story completes the coup of happy human misery for a Sunday.

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