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The Medicalization of Maleness

Posted by PlanetGrok on February 14, 2010

What the hell is “sex addiction”? The constant need to have sex? Isn’t it something all men suffer from?

I can’t imagine being a man and not feeling the need to squirt out my ball-juice on a very regular basis. Feminists and the medical establishment seem to have pulled a fast one on the MSM with this “sex addiction” scam. It is apparently mandatory now for every male celebrity caught cheating to check into rehab in order to cure him of his maleness sex addiction. Or else, no more sponsorships for you!

Tiger Woods and Steve Philips, one of you two needs to man up and start protesting this nonsense. This sex addiction scam probably started with a very real form addiction found in women, but woe be it to feminists to suggest that men and women might actually be biologically different! I mean, if a woman sleeps with 20 guys in a month, there’s obviously a problem.  Take, for example, this little chav freak. Obviously a problem there, and she needs some serious counseling. (I’ll volunteer, pro bono.) But I wonder what percentage of young men would sleep with a different woman every night if they had the ability?

Only every single red-blooded young whippersnapper worth his daddy’s O-face!

Women do not produce millions of sperm every day, and take significant time off from fertility to spawn little helions. Men do. We are not sick, we are built for this sex shit.

Now go forth and bang.


14 Responses to “The Medicalization of Maleness”

  1. Asian Game said

    Spoken like a true man who obviously has NO IDEA what it’s like to be in a woman’s body.

    Both men and women get really horny. Would all of us screw as much as we could if they could (and not be judged for it?). Maybe.

    Society, culture, religion, morals, ethics, health concerns and more prevent most of us from doing that.

    Not all men have the same libido. Neither all women.

    You’ve never met a woman you “couldn’t keep up with”?

    How unlucky!


  2. PlanetGrok said

    I don’t buy any of that blank slate BS.

    The historical double standard for men and women has a biological basis.

    • PlanetGrok said

      I should add, that if a woman has a higher libido than a man WITHIN a relationship, it doesn’t mean that she is programmed to want the same number of sexual partners as he. Men get the craving for that strange. Often.

  3. Thus Spake She said

    I guess I could take this oppurtunity to explain to you what women are REALLY like, but I wouldn’t want you to take us down from our angelic pedastals. Awww, what the hell…

    We go through periods of our lives where we feel high libido, med libido, and low libido. Low libido times is when we don’t miss it. However, getting it could trigger med-high libido again.

    We often go UNSATISFIED with our men sexually, and that does cause us to fantasize and contemplate and think “what if?”. However, those of us with a moral backgroung and/or with a lot to lose, will not ACT upon our thoughts.

    But I’m not convinced that there is a single man on Earth who can fully sexually satisfy a woman for her whole life.

    Our orgasm is not as easily achieved as your’s. And when we don’t get it, we fake it, to make you feel psychologically safe, but we wish there were someone around to “finish us off”.

    There, I probably transgressed some sister code here by giving you too much insight into us, but so be it.

  4. Thus Spake She said

    Because I can!

    (it’s a habit, i know it can be annoying)

  5. One Moniker said

    “we are built for this sex shit.”…….

    Oh how we wish this were true! Unfortunately most men lack sufficient bedroom skills.

  6. One Love One Moniker said

    Ha. Ha. which comment…. the one about my moniker? or the one about low quality sex?

    Neither are excuses. They are what they are.

    Quality over quantity, anyday.

    Problem is, quality is often rare.

  7. PlanetGrok said

    About most men lacking sufficient sex skills, ya nympho. That’s your excuse for your bed-hopping addiction.

  8. One Moniker One World said

    I’m currently celibate, and LOVING it.

    Like I said, if a woman gets stuck with a man who is bad in bed, or not even bad, but lacking in skills, she WILL fantasize about having a skilled lover, that is but natural. She may even contemplate meeting one. But many of us are still bound either by our own innate sense of justice and ethics, or by society’s expectations or religious moral indoctrination, so many, maybe even most, married or committed women will not stray.

    However, I am not convinced that it’s natural for EITHER men or women to have just one sexual partner their entire life. Is it better for society and psychological health? Probably. But is it “natural” in the biological sense? Probably not.

  9. PlanetGrok said

    My skepticism about your celibacy aside, you’ve finally made a comment I somewhat agree with. You’re on your way to becoming an honorary Grokian.

  10. One Moniker said

    Why would you be skeptical about celibacy? It’s no big deal. The libido varies throughout one’s lifetime and at times when the libido is “low” (what I would consider “healthy” contrary to pop-medical-propaganda), those are the times to enjoy the finer things in life by being celibate, rather than artificially trying to “pump oneself up” with aphrodisiacs or drugs.

    We should live in harmony with nature, not against it.

  11. María said

    After reading all this, I felt compelled to write… Believe it or not, really bad doctors and therapist are trying to sell that crap to women, too… ya see, my problem is that i was a carreer slut for a little while, and I don´t mind be called that… As a woman, I have no other choice to say that some males are pathetic… Sex for them is not all about pleasure, which could be nice for both genders, but a power thing… Do ya know why I quit my job??? I was sick of retarded males who wanted oral sex with no retribution, and yikes!!! no penetration. Then the morons had the guts to ask why I never climaxed!!! Basically, these idiots don´t understand that females do not have the physical strength to rape them, and even if I could I never put a gun on anyone´s chest to have any sex activity with me… But here’s the thing: males bought the myth of female “SEXUAL PURITY” too. Some of these pathetic (use the work again) males actually wanted me, after ten minutes of oral non-sex with me to be exclusive with them!!! yes the same morons that would stone their wives to death if they did half the same thing that they do to me… ironically, they were the same idiots that left me for old, fat trashy and maybe even uneducated women just because (“she pressed for a conmitment” or “she got pregnant”!!! I had to page a huge price in despise, isolation and even the treat of physical violence… Never by men, but by other women!!! One attacked me with a stick, and filed for sole custody of the children (2, one and four). naturally her ex had to side with me, and we succeeded in making sure she wished she had never been born! If male sexuality is to flourish, female has to be protected, as well. You guys cannot claim the high ground over females, and then pretend to be like everyone else… I think women, more than men, are HUGELY mistaken… Monogamy and marriage are what pits one sex against the other. It´s the problem, not the solution….STOP THE GENDER WAR, DUDES!!! Do you really want to go back to the culturally deprived pathethic, terrorist (9/11, anyone) Muslim countries where a woman can be jailed, and even stoned to death for just leaving her old, beating husband (and even stoned to death????) Ah, and if he plotted the whole thing with her, her male sexual partner can face the same punishment, too. I think that feminazis (I’ll call them that) bought all that stupidity from organized religions, aslthough I won´t mention any in particular.

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